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NFL Superstar Accused of Baby Mama Beatdown

12/31/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Fitzgerald -- the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals -- has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and his 11-month-old son after he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out.

Angela Nazario claims she brought the couple's son to visit Larry at his Phoenix home last October when the former lovers began arguing.

Nazario alleges in her legal papers filed in Arizona, Fitzgerald attempted to "defuse the situation" by raising his fist and challenging her to a play fight. Nazario admits she responded by swinging at him and "may have hit his face."

Fitzgerald then turned from playful to enraged, allegedly pushing Nazario down to her knees. She claims he "grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room."

Later, when she tried to leave with her son, Nazario says Fitzgerald "grabbed the back of my neck and slammed me down on the marble floor ... [I] was disoriented for awhile and could not get up, I remember he mumbled something about 'that's what happens when you try taking my son away from me.'" As she got in the car to leave she realized she had lost "chunks" of hair.

Calls to Fitzgerald have not been returned.

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Sue H    

There is more to this story--I'm not buying that it went down this way.

Fitz has displayed nothing but class and has been an amazing role model for kids in the community. I'm not saying that this means he isn't capable of such an act--I realize we only see the good side. But this chick has been trying to shake Fitz down since she got pregnant. Something just ain't right.

2131 days ago


What is this world coming to where people, much like yourselves, think's it's OK to hit a woman? A woman hits a man and he hits her back. WOW! What a big tough NFL type o'guy! He beat down NOT ONLY a woman but the mother of his child. It just says a lot about your character when you condone such violence. Oh and let's not forget to make this an issue of race. How we ended up there I don't know but some of you think that white women are easier to manage than black. I'm white with a black wife and she doesn't give me any grief. Maybe it's because she's an educated adult. I don't know.

2131 days ago


I looked this chick up and classic case of a gold digger. When will these dumb ass athletes learn? Anything that has implants and p***y they give into and end up in situations like these.

2131 days ago

K. in AZ    

Funny how Fitzgerald is about to embark on Playoff Game #1 this weekend and ALL OF A SUDDEN a woman sees an opportunity to dig for (more) gold. Why is that? Sounds awfully familiar to me... like Kobe Bryant's story breaking during his playoff season. No Way should a man hit a woman - EVER - but No Way should this person of the female species be allowed to smear #11's name this way without ALL of the FACTS in print. Media sucks and these are all shameless & shallow writers.

2131 days ago


have you ever thought why it took 2 months for her to break this story? did it ever occur to you that he might have threatened her and she was scared? when he pushed her down on the marble floor he said that is what you get when you try to take my son away from me. he is a jerk, and a control freak. he needs to be fined by the NFL and take that fine and put i in trust for his innocent child. what does the NFL do with the fine money that they get for the idiots behaviors? i know it doesn't go to feeding kids in america that go hungry every night.

2131 days ago


wow, another football player beating on a woman? that's really shocking

2131 days ago

R Sizzle    

Don't mess with a HOT Raiderette we will send the black hole on your ass!!

2130 days ago


Angie is a gold digger. She was a Cardinal Cheerleader before becoming a raiderette. She spent alot of the years in AZ trying to get Eric Swan then moves to Cali and hooks up with Piazza. All she wants is money and lots of it. That is why she was kicked of the Cardinals cheerleaders. Its messed up how this comes about so conveniently at playoff time. What a Bitch!

2130 days ago


Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing wide receiver. probably the best in the nfl. these (likely false) stories are plentiful on tmz and the web. Think for yourselves people, seriously, don't buy into the bs.

2130 days ago


That is hworm's boy for you. Total lack of character on Fitz's part. What a complete goon!

2130 days ago


didn't this same story come about last year with Randy Moss during the playoffs

2130 days ago

darling nikki    

Posted at 4:10AM on Dec 31st 2008 by B!tch

Add "dumb" in front of your name, and there you have it!

2130 days ago

Jonas are players. I hate players.    

>>Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing wide receiver. probably the best in the nfl. these (likely false) stories are plentiful on tmz and the web. Think for yourselves people, seriously, don't buy into the bs.

2130 days ago


#16 & #17, I respect your opinions and even agree with them. Still, something stinks about this story. It doesn't take two months to report a domestic dispute. Not saying Fitzgerald is a saint but that's way too long to go without reporting it. Where are the medical records of this? I am sure if she got the beating she claims she did, there would be some kind of report. In cases like this, courts usually don't play, especially if a child is involved.

I'll reserve judgement until more is revealed on this one. I need to see more evidence. But again, I can't argue with your points. Domestic violence should never be tolerated but I'll go one step further. It should never be tolerated by either side! Men nor women!

2130 days ago

Jonas are players. I hate players.    

Lovely, no quotes here. Fitz is probably the best WR, but with the history of the AZ Cardinals, I see one and done. He might be feeling frustration from the way the Red Birds had been playing for the last five games and the general feeling of playing for the Bidwills.

2130 days ago
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