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What Is Tony Romo Thinking?

1/4/2009 11:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"She's posing for pics again ... Yeah, she's got that stupid dog with her ... I don't know how much more of this I can take."


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I'm from Dallas and of course I LOVE the cowboys....BUT ROMO makes me sick! He made a horibble comment after the PHILLY game that pissed a lot of fans off. I guess losing a chance at a playoff game wasn't important but being seen with Jess is?????? WORD OF ADVICE....romo move to LA and be w/ Jess (she is cool), and Jerry Jones let's find a new QB..maybe Mick Vick when he's parole...LOL

2085 days ago


is it true he's a big John Mayer fan & he was looking for some dna for his collection???

2085 days ago

Why so upset?    

To # 21 - (Posted at 1:22PM on Jan 4th 2009 by this isn't CNN)

(This is a celebrity website. People make typos. Get over it. Get a life. Move on.
YOU are the real loser here. Spend less time worrying about trivial things and worry about real problems. Correcting mistakes on a celebrity website on a Saturday night? Pretty sad.)

"Spend less time about trivial things" ??
What hare you doing right now, trying to solve the real problems of the world?

Typos are ok - not knowing how to spell is another thing

2085 days ago


What a wimp. Can't get his team into the super bowl 2nd year in a row what the hell is he getting paid for.
He should hide his disgusting face.

2085 days ago


My golden retriever is smarter then the 2 combined. Sad but true... Arf, arf!!!


2085 days ago


Isnt tony supposed to be a FOOTBALL STAR!!!
not a freaking CELEBRITY!!!
hes not gonna be anything
if he dosent dump jessicas skanky ass!
and start practicing and training football!
because he needs it!

im so ashamed of him!!!
He let dallas down.

2085 days ago


I can totally relate to his feelings about the stupid dog. Whatever happened to purses? Now every bimbo in hollywood is carrying around their own miniature canine- the kind you'd just love to kick in the butt and throw off the Empire State Building. Fantasies of "A Fish Called Wanda"- the movie, little dogs leaping out of windows. I loved it!

It's not that I hate dogs. I hate people using them as fashion accessories or control freaks using them as substitute slaves, children, best friends, or spouses!

2085 days ago

Moan Ica    

Throw a bone and maybe she'll sit up for the camera. And maybe the dog too!

2085 days ago


maybe l should have played better football and spent less time with this bimbo and her dog

2085 days ago


she looks much prettier with less makeup

2085 days ago


What's wrong with Jessica ?

I don't understand why you can't leave her be, to be happy.

2085 days ago


Aw, leave them alone. I doubt Jessica had anything to do with the Cowboys recent loss. They are a cute couple and the dog is precious. TMZ, you seem to pick on anyone who is trying to have a relationship. On the other hand, I guess that is what sells we'll keep reading your silly little comments and keep coming here to comment ourselves. But hey! It's a good diversion from the woes of the world.

2085 days ago


Run Romo Run!!!
WTF does he need with this no talent fake boobed loser! She is a financial boat anchor. Her and her loser family!
Romo needs to tell Joe Simpson to get a friggin job and Dumb the dumb blonde baggage!!!

2085 days ago


You are all a bunch of sick jealous bastards. She's beautiful and you are all just jealous of her and her dog. If only you all were as cute and as rich as her. KEEP DREAMING PEOPLE!!!!

2085 days ago

Keepin it real    

Tmz are losers that got picked on last in gym class...They only support you if someone says a homophobic comment to you"brad garret"the guy from everyone loves raymond comes to mind.The black chick that they show on tmz all the time is a hypersensative idiot.Need less of these folks around and the world would be great.

2085 days ago
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