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John Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Didn't Work

1/5/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned more about the medical condition of John Travolta's son, Jett, and the medication that ultimately didn't work.

We're now told the grand mal seizures Jett suffered were "frequent and extremely serious." Travolta's lawyers, Michael Ossi and Michael McDermott, tell us "each seizure was like a death," with Jett losing consciousness and convulsing.

We now know Jett was taking a drug called Depakote, a strong anti-seizure medication. There have been reports Travolta refused to give his son anti-seizure meds because of Scientology but those stories are not true.

Jett had been having seizures on an average of every four days, until he started taking Depakote. Ossi and McDermott say the drug initially worked, reducing the frequency to approximately once every three weeks.

Jett took Depakote for "several years," but it eventually lost its effectiveness, according to Ossi and McDermott. They say the Travoltas were concerned about possible physical damage. And, Jett went back to having around one seizure a week. So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug. No one is suggesting withdrawal of the medicine in any way caused the fatal episode.


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Re: 9. TMZ is run by 18-22yr olds (as it appears from the tv show) so I get why grammar and spellcheck aren't in their vocabulary. ...sigh!! =)

2117 days ago


As a mental health professional, depakote is primarily used to treat bipolar disorder, it may also be used as a component in the treatment of seizures, there are other medications that would treat grand mal seizures and it does not seem to make sense that he would be given depakote for a serious seizure disorder, that does not add up.

either way a child died, and our hearts should go out to his family

2117 days ago


I agree leave them alone.. Let them grieve there son. Geesh some people are so insensetive, think if it was your family member, would you want people saying garbage like this? Theres one in every crowd..RIP Jett. and Prayers to the family!!

2117 days ago


thruth is they are relieved!!!!! now they don't ahve to deal with the HELL of severe autism, they needed 2 grown men to amnage the beast..sorry but thta is what autisn becomes,,no human behivors just aniamlitist behaviors..a monstor..
now than goodness it is over...RIP....stop with the paraers travoltas don't believe in Chritian prayer

2117 days ago


I remember one time when John Travolta was on Oprah (can't stand her.. and she will no doubt be running with this one as soon as tomorrow...) anyway said how his son was home schooled and that everyone slept during the day and stayed up pretty much all night... back then I thought it was so so strange that he let his children pretty much do whatever... was very non-chalant about the homeschooling... anyway, the whole thing creeped me out... the laid back attitude and then would NEVER have a straight answer about this religious beliefs.. just kept smiling at Oprah, one word answers....

oh well, she got a new car out of it......

2117 days ago

Um Hello???    

I'm sorry that John Travolta is rich and famous and that you're miserable failures who only can feel good by tearing others down.

No offense, but you are no better after the comment that you just made - tearing others down as well. Im just sayin'. If you don't like it don't read it - if you think TMZ is a cult get off the site and stop posting. Don't be a hypocrite.

2117 days ago

jen newman    

i agree with those who are questioning the fact that attorneys are speaking for the Travoltas. I always thought that their publicist or manager would speak for them.

now the family can blame the medication for his death, so that they can say Scientology is right being against medicatons. Can you imagine adults joining a "cult" founded by a science fiction writer who spoke of aliens?

Unreal how people actually believe in things like that... And their poor kids who have no choice but to go along with this crap... The only sympathy I feel is for Jett, who could have lead a better life with the right treatment and less scientology!

Jen Newman

2117 days ago

Former Fan    

So they tried ONE of a LITANY of neuro-pharmacological solutions then stopped using it when he became tolerant to the medication? Sorry folks, not buying into it. I take pills every day that are HARD HARD / TOXIC on my liver, and I get blood drawn every six weeks or LESS to ensure it's not killing me. The alternative is of course not to take the meds and to RISK DYING ALL THE EARLIER! I guess Jett's parents decided going commando and having a VERY short life was to be preferred to drawing out a long existence with a retarded child that embarrassed them in front of their $cientology "peers." Sick, just sick.

2117 days ago

Wow, LOOK at all the RACISTS...    

Well said #13 - So damn well said!!! Thanks - there's not much to say after that. Bless you for telling the truth.

2117 days ago

Lee Lee    

My heart goes out to this family.

My heart also goes out to the parents who gave birth to ignorant people who are making such rude comments, My God these people have lost a child. Leave them alone to grieve. They shouldn't have to give any info about the death, that is their own business. What business is it of any of you to point fingers? Were you there? Did you see what happened? Did you see them refuse to give him meds?? NO!!! as neither was I so I will not judge.

2117 days ago


Re: #13. So why you here? That's hypocritical. LAWL.

2117 days ago

Goerge Bush    

this whole thing stinks, the travolta's did there son harm. funny how the attorney's keep speaking up for them???????????stinks ---poor kid
well maybe their scientology will help them IDIOTS

2117 days ago


Okie dokie - Do you post on every thread on TMZ?
Do you have a life?
Do you have anything nice to say?
Have you ever been treated for a mental problem?
Have YOU stopped taking your meds?

2117 days ago

Wow, LOOK at all the RACISTS...    

I can't wait until they institute laws to shut hate generating sites like this down - it will be a matter of time. Watch and see - then what are you negative idiots going to do? You won't be so bad then, will you. Talk sh*t behind a computer, but won't last in the real world. How currently convenient for you. Have fun while you can!

2117 days ago


My 16 year old sister died from a Grand Mal seizure in 1999. She to was on depakote and had been on it for over a year when she died. My mother found her at six am and the autopsy showed she died at four only one hour after my mother had given her her first depakote of the day. The lab where we always had her blood work done every month called and told us that the doctor had never had her on enough depakote(she took 5 a day),and that her levels where always 38. The levels need to be 50-100 to even contol a seizure, something we were never told until after she died. My heart goes out to the family because i have been in their shoes and God knows it hurts.

2117 days ago
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