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Caught On Tape

Cops Attack Actors

1/6/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing the arrest of Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright last July, and it looks like the cops had their sights set on an ass-whuppin'.

Brolin arrest: Click to watch

It all went down in Shreveport, LA in July. Both actors were arrested for allegedly interfering with an officer. The tape we obtained begins with a passive Brolin -- his arm around fellow-actor Jeffrey Wright -- when a cop pepper sprays him in the face. But it gets more brutal -- when Wright is laying on the ground and it appears a cop repeatedly tasers him.

Today Blair Berk, the lawyer for Brolin and Wright, convinced prosecutors to dismiss all charges against all seven defendants in March, provided they obey the law until then.


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Can someone text me when the riots start? I need a Blu-Ray player.

2124 days ago


what you dont see on this is what happened prior to the taping and Brolin and his pals obstructed justice. That is a no no period! Did the cops go overboard sure but they are cops! They make their own rules people-get real! Getting in a cops face is just stupid. Josh and friends were wasted and NOT MINDING their own business. They asked for it.

2124 days ago


Well said, Estelle @ #27

2124 days ago


Wow I am sincerely disgusted and disturbed by this, mostly by the last part of the video. I see this as extreme police brutality against a human being. That man was laying on the ground, motionless and was STILL being tased! There is not one good reason for that, at all. That could cause death, and these cops shouldnt have the right to use tasers since they obviously dont understand the purpose of them (non lethal force DUH!!) or how they should be properly used. It shows a high level of agression toward a harmless subject. WTF? And then to threaten arrest "put your hands behind your back" for recording the video clearly shows that in their minds they were wrong for what they were doing. I doubt a news reporter would receive such flack. WHEN are we and people in the judicial system going to recognize and give credence to the fact that police are merely people, who make mistakes just as often, who pass a fairly easy test and are not "super people" and they do not posess highly advanced psycology degrees allowing them to have more perfect judgement. I hope these guys hire really good attourneys with a lot of common sense. Jesus Christ.

2123 days ago

Gun Toting Liberal    

How could anyone defend the actions of these police officers after watching this video? Based on the poll results, it's obvious that only a small minority of people are stupid enough to try making excuses for the cops. I'm sure the percentage of people who voted 'no' in the poll above (roughly 14% right now) is close to the percentage of crazy / retarded people who use the Internet. While the rest of us see this video as an example of police brutality, there are those who deny reality. Those boot-licking, ignorant, authority-fearing sheeple can stick the Taser up their @$$es for all I care.

Tasering someone who is handcuffed, and unable to cause any trouble because they're lying on the ground, is not only unnecessary, it's just messed up! IT'S BASICALLY TORTURE! The person being Tasered cannot do anything to defend himself, and the cops cannot expect this guy to be MORE subdued than he already is, so why hurt him? It's called "pain compliance", and it's a form of torture.

They keep telling us the Taser is a non-lethal weapon, which is only used in situations when officers feel their lives or health are being threatened. But these types of scenarios continue to occur because cops are given little training, and always seem to get away with this kind of abuse. When someone is handcuffed, and therefore NOT A THREAT, how can the officer justify his Taser use? I understand the use of Tasers in some cases, like when someone is resisting arrest in a violent manner, but this is insane! Cops don't have a right to just use the Taser whenever they feel like it!

The cops in this video shouldn't be able to work in any job which allows them authority over any human or animal. These cops should be happy if they have authority over taking your money for a Big Mac and Fries! The actors should sue the pants off of the cops, even though they don't need the money, just for principle. They should be sued so badly OJ Simpson feels sorry for them!

If you do a Google or YouTube search, you can see that police brutality and abuse is becoming a widespread problem. More people carry cameras (like in cell phones), so obviously there's MORE evidence than ever before. But believe me, there are MANY cases that go unreported. Welcome to Police State USA, brought to you by any and ALL governments. I just hope the people of America wake up before it's too late.

2123 days ago


In case anyone has forgotten what really happened that night, here's what I found out from a police buddy of mine. They were called to the scene when one of the crew members become intoxicated and was harassing other customers. The bartender and owner both asked the crew member to leave. He refused so the cops were called. When the police were trying to remove him from the property, Brolin and Wright interfered with the police and tried to stop them from removing the crew member. Big mistake. You don't interfere with a police officer who is doing his job. That is why they were placed under arrest. Then of course comes the video. Brolin and Wright were both resisting arrest and that's why force was used against them. Just because your famous doesn't mean that you are above the law.

2123 days ago


Strong reasons make strong actions,and in the end you get the results.

2123 days ago


also when you look at it wright was not handcuffed yet when the lady says he was shocked, and the only reason he was not cuffed was because he was not fully and passivly coroporating.

2123 days ago
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