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McMahon Accused of Harboring Brutal Poodle

1/6/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ed McMahon and his wife Pamela sicked a vicious attack poodle on a process server -- allegedly. Here's how it all went down...

The Date: Saturday, January 3.
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: The McMahon estate ... (until they're kicked out)
The Poop: A process server was there to serve McMahon's legal papers. We're told the process server went up to the door -- Pamela answered -- and when he attempted to serve her, the server claims Pam released the poodle on him and it attacked him. The L.A. County Dept. of Animal Control confirmed the process server did have a dog bite on his right knee.
Status: Active Animal Control investigation.
Fun Fact: The process server is not a total wuss ... it was a standard poodle, not the "toy" variety.

Statement from Ed's rep, Howard Bragman: "Dog bites man is not news. Call me back when it's man bites dog."


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that bitch of a wife of his should get a job and quit spending, because then he goes and begs everyone for money like the loser he is

2113 days ago


Actually they appeared on The Dog Whisperer with their seven dogs. I don't recall any of them being purebred Standard Poodles but one of their dogs was a little antisocial with some of their help, a gardener and a poolboy as I recall. The dog just probably got away from her. It's not the dogs fault if he is not properly trained.

2113 days ago


The Terrier Gus was the one who was trained. "The Poodle was the one who was foaming at the mouth" mad. Ed just needs to face the fact that all his money was sucked dry by his wife Pamela.
Karma's a bitch

2113 days ago


mistysmom, where do you get your information? Any dog can be aggressive if they are not properly raised and trained.

2113 days ago


ED McMahon was so highly respected at one time. Shame he let his personal problems become so public. Obviously, the couple is in serious financial distress, They can help themselves by draining the pool and Ed can push a lawnmower while his wife pulls weeds. What's wrong with that? Beneath their dignity? I don't think so, not when they appeared on Larry King and let it all hang out. Time has long gone to face reality and admit the affluent days are over. Just admit it, and work on it!

2113 days ago


Who's the real B*tch at McMahon's house, it's his wife, not the dog!

2113 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Aren't they evicted yet? First thing they should do is get rid of the dogs, that should save them some dog food money. Ed is a real dumb ass. He had like $100 million at one point and didn't think to pay off the mortgage?? He deserves it.

2113 days ago


Is this the best you can do? This made AOL headlines today? Geez leave the poor guy alone. This is pathetic

2112 days ago


I hope the server sues the pants out of that witch's closet !! They might not have much, but I'd take her clothes and shoes just for the fun of it, if I could! A STANDARD POODLE IS THE SIZE OF A GERMAN SHEPARD and can be very intimidating. Its not the dog's nature to be mean, but they can and will be protective. I had one and she scared plenty of people, even though she was gentle and good with strangers. People weren't accustomed to seeing such a large poodle, so she kept them at their distance. I loved her and will have another one day,

2112 days ago

Proud American    

This is what happens when a old sugar daddy buys a young woman he knew he was buying her she had a hiked up pay tag on her She was in for the long hall .HELLLLO

2112 days ago

Proud American    

the processor should sue him that animal was not at fault. what if the processoer smacked the dog or kicked it out of response tot he biting. The Macmahn would have been trying to sue him. Face up take your medicine. Their are people worst then you are and they don't have rich people to call on for help.

2112 days ago
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