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The Chick Sucked Into Barkley's DUI -- On Tape!

1/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So here it is ... the surveillance footage that cops believe shows Charles Barkley blowing through a stop sign -- and picking up the mystery woman he allegedly claimed had a very special oral skill-set.

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The tape -- which also shows a cop car from the DUI task force pursuing Barkley -- was shot from a nearby building in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 31. You first see a woman walking down the street. A short time later, you see Barkley's SUV blow a stop sign, and head in her direction. It appears the SUV stops up the street and picks her up.

Then a cop car comes into frame and chases after the SUV, stopping it for good.

The time code embedded in the footage is one hour off from the time marked in the police report, but we've learned the camera was programmed for Pacific standard time -- not Arizona time -- which is an hour ahead. We're told the camera could only program Pacific, Central and Eastern time.

Barkley is set to face a judge for his DUI arrest on January 20th ... As for the chick, we're thinkin' Sir Charles simply blew that one -- how's that for irony?

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No Avatar


drinking and driving will make you commit acts of pure stuoidity.....DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

2064 days ago


Goggley goop for a bowl of soup????

2125 days ago


it funny the cops didnt stop either

2125 days ago


It looked like he stopped then made a fast right turn!!

2124 days ago


sorry that should be gobbly-goop for a bowl of soup...you see in Alabama they barter with the street walker'z....oh,never mind...that'z turible..turible...turible...........

2124 days ago

Mrs. Ferrer    

This is a funny story ... Charles is the man!!

2124 days ago

Dollar Store Diva    

I'll have a double deep sea w/cheese please..................

2124 days ago


The man is a danger to society and his family. He could have killed an innocent pedestrian in that cross walk, and lord knows what hes brought home to his wife over the years----my goodness he was trained by the best, Magic, Michael, Dennis Rodman in how to get his pipe honked.

This Race Baiter is done for Life now---thank goodness...There isnt a network, sponsor, show, group, person or place that will have this jerks name anywhere near theirs. He only now conjures up Oral Sex, not basketball, or being the governor of Alabama or his thoughts on an Auburn Coaching selection.

Have a nice time at home now Sir Suckley. And hope you get the Arizona tough DUI sentence if found guilty of that charge.

Its a lovely day when an icon who never should have been one falls from his own doing. Cant blame the White Man on this one Chuck----gots to blame your venereal disease self for wanting that oral with the White woman. You will pay for it the rest of your days.

2124 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

I don't know. To me it looks like nobody stops for signs after midnight out there -- cops included. The super streach limo only sort-a stopped after going half-way through the crosswalk. The video really doesn't show Sir Charles blowing the sign or the streat walker blowing Sir Charles. Could it be Sir Charles is getting jobbed by the zebras? They have a bar there called "The Pink Taco". Good spot for a Mojito.

2124 days ago


That seemed like a bush league traffic stop. Unfortunately, Barkley was under the influence according to the report.

2124 days ago


So Barkley did all this just to get his knob slobbed by a streetwalker? Professional athletes aren't really the smartest bunch, are they?

2124 days ago

Time Geek    

Actually, the time issue is because Arizona doesn't recognize Daylight Savings Time (i.e. it never changes
back and forth), so March to November, the time on the cameras is right, and the rest of the year, it's off
by an hour. It would be pretty stupid to write computer code that couldn't handle Mountain Time. Think
about it.

2124 days ago

Mike Hunt    

What an incredibly clever headline. I was wondering if the journalistic genius responsible is in 7th or 8th grade?

2124 days ago


Charles Barkley is an ass!!!. That's all that I have 2 say!!

2124 days ago


every time I think TMZ can't go any lower, they do - a sick writer indeed. How old are these reporters anyway, 15?

2124 days ago
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