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Totally Deaf

to Big Debt

1/8/2009 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino apparently doesn't care she's going to find herself homeless because she's up to her eyeballs in debt.

North Carolina sheriff's deputies tell the New York Post they've been trying "at least a dozen times" to reach Fantasia about $65K she owes on a loan, without success. What's more, no one's even showed up to represent her in court about the big bill, and her mom and reps haven't offered any explanation.

Her million-plus-dollar Charlotte home is going on the auction block Monday.


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PEPSI Generation    

I have a way she can make back that mooko!!XXX

2079 days ago


No worries Mate! Come January20th Your president would be sharing the wealth. WHAT A JOKE! I pity the fool...

2079 days ago


I saw the episode of MTV Cribs with this house and wondered how she could afford it. Then they show her brother and a dozen hanger ons, showing off a ton of motorcycles and ATV rides. Live below your means, or face the consequences....

2079 days ago


It's sad that she's blowing the opportunity that was handed to her. I guess she'll be back in High Point soon...

2079 days ago


I think she brought too much house come on girl why did she then get a 200s or 300s home and call it a day but she wont a expensive cribb that she can't really afford!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2079 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

From rags to riches back to rags, I guess we need a sequel to the movie she did about her self,I thing another person did that,carryed his posey with him thay is

2079 days ago


I realize some of you cant get over the fact that a black man (Obama) will be Your President. Drag your head out of the sand and GET OVER IT! Obama IS the NEXT PRESIDENT! IF you don't Like it catch the Next Flight and Move your sorry racist hating A$$ to IRAG where your NO LIFE A$$ will be snuffed out as soon as you set foot off the plane. REMEMBER it WAS your own Bretheren(WHite Folks) that put him in the Top seat. If all the blacks in the country (34 Million?) voted had not in been for the White Population, he would not have won. So if your so upset about him winning, you have no one to blame but your own race. also remember, Delta is ready to fly your sorry A$$ OUT of the USA anytime your ready. Do us all a favor and by a one way ticket to anywhere in the Middle EAST so they put you out of your misery and spare the world of your racism. I am sure they will Really Welcome you since your so un happy living in the USA with a black President..good luck Loser.

2079 days ago



2079 days ago


I voted for Jennifer Hudson on Idol and she should have won it, not Fantasia. Success is not about race dear ones. Jennifer is doing fantastic. She has had that horrible family tragedy to no fault of her own but will continue to be successful. Fantasia was given another chance on broadway by Oprah and she proved she was too lazy to show up for most of the shows. Katie who is married to Tom Cruise with plenty of money is working her butt off on broadway. She has never missed a show. Those who work hard and manage their income well live rich rewarding lives. . Those who don't lose all. I feel sorry for Fantasia's little girl. I have sure Fantasia could have gotten advice from Oprah on how to manage her income but she probably didn't want it.

2079 days ago


notjustanothername you calling me racist Yet you mentioned you posted Obama's name who has NOTHING to do with the the world a favor...drown your racist pig azz..better still take some Rat poison then drown your own racist rat azz!

2079 days ago


WTF! How in the hell did Obama get dragged into this?? All you idiots out there are too stupid to realize that this Americal Idol winner has an album dropping at the same time the house is on the auction block. duh!!! --Wow--all those people out there that voted for her will feel soooOooo sorry for her and want to help her by---OMG--- buying an album to try to help her..PeOPLE!! Wake up!

2079 days ago


HA HA call me whatever You little pea brain desires..dosnt change the fact..OBAMA is STILL YOUR PRESIDENT LOL LOL now munch on that ya racist slime ball.

2079 days ago


While Fanny has a beautiful voice, I think she gravely lacked common sense and the knowledge to learn how to invest her money properly. Unfortunately, she came from nothing and accrued instant fame. As a result I guess she splurged on all of the things she always wanted in life and right away. Remember, she could not read and after she one Idol, I think she learned how to read. Sadly she should have also taken some finance classes. This is what happens to any person of any color not just one race who does not have a good financial understanding. It's unfortunately happened to the best of celebrities and everday people. Her priority should have been thinking of her daughter first. I hope the hangers-on can bail her out of the financial mess. Not only will she be broke, she'l be poor again with poor credit. Very Sad ....

2079 days ago


crack americuz drug of choice!hope they have good homeless shelter''z in clarlootte

2079 days ago


Fantasia missed a handful of Broadway shows toward the end of her run. She had a benign tumor on her vocal cords and had to have surgery. As far as her financial troubles go, we only have speculation on these types of site to go by. The real truth will be told in time. There's nothing more annoying than people who spout off on issues they have failed to research. Not to mention that they look like fools.

2079 days ago
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