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Photog Could Get Sacked Over Skier's Shrinkage

1/10/2009 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SkierThe dude who took the incredibly awesome photos of a skier being dangled with his dangle hangin' out -- could lose his job over the incident.

Marty Odem -- a photographer who works for a company that shoots pics of skiers at Vail Mountain ski lifts -- says he's already been suspended over the pics and believes he'll probably get fired over the incident. The photo company says the pics violate the skier's privacy. No pun intended.

Odom wrote on a snowboarding website that he took the pictures on his day off and was carrying his own camera. Even with the threat of losing his job, Odem claims "the photo is worth it."

And it sooo is.


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Can't Stand Obama    

The company is just pissed that they don't have exclusive rights to the pictures.

2110 days ago


28. Grammar Rehab Center found on this post:
how much more money he can make as a start up papper THEN as a boring photog
any pic is valid when YOUR in public.
It is no differant THEN a celeberty at an awards show
"THAN", (...different...celebrity)
Posted at 5:20PM on Jan 10th 2009 by Grammar Rehab Center

Grammar Rehab Center,
ware halve yoo bean? whee halfvent sene u fore uh phew daze, hapee two sea yoo bake.

jethro isaphool, MD, JD, MBA, PhD,
dene of cunilingus, vahgieNa univursitee

2110 days ago


michael jacson did not like this photo cuz the guy'z too old.......

2110 days ago


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2110 days ago


#3 Mary,

spot on the money!

2110 days ago

vail local    

UPDATE! the photographer was in fact ON THE CLOCK and in FULL UNIFORM when he took the photos. His boss showed him the proof he had and he now admitted to the Vail Daily (our local paper) that he LIED when he said he was off duty and it was on his personal camera. Oops... In addition the man who was hanging upside down was in fact over a creek so had he falled in would have been on rocks and water. Not a soft snowey landing.

2110 days ago


To the photographer: Tacky, tacky, tacky! Hope it comes back to bite you in the azz dude.

2110 days ago

a realist    

#9 is so right! Plus this over a stupid pen*s, that's a peni*, from afar. The photographer should have remained anonymous if he was concerned about backlash from his company. The company is wrong in this case because he was on his own time with his own camera. Why is his co. involved anyway?

2110 days ago


why is it that journalists seem to lack any sort of morality or decency?

it's bizarre.

2110 days ago


F'n Commie with his little red star..

2110 days ago


Another person headed to the unemployment line... Great for what??? A picture most of the county was happy to look at!!! Let the guy get back to work... imagine what pictures he is missing out on:)

2110 days ago



2110 days ago


1. the travoltra's didn't deny their son his anti-epileptic medication. If they had, they'd have denied the autopsy too because scientologists are generally not for any time of medical intervention.

2. TMZ is so gay if they think a shot of some guy's wee wee is this cool that they can't stop talking about it. Have we come out of the closet like Gayken TMZ?

2110 days ago


Number 1 - Leave the Travoltas
ALONE!!! This story has nothing to do with them.
Climb back in your crib and suck on your blanket. Post something when you grow up!!!

2110 days ago


I'm not one for frivilous lawsuits, but this man has been humiliated around the world. I hope he sues the ski resort and the photographer. Then we can ask him if it was "worth it." Stupid, arrogant, short-sighted, heartless loser.

2110 days ago
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