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Polanski's Minor Setback Gets Major

1/10/2009 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roman Polanski Director Roman Polanski's attempt to get his 31-year old child sex case disqualified by all judges in L.A. County has failed.

Polanski was asking the L.A. Superior Courts to disqualify all judges because he thinks they are biased against him. But Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza isn't buyin' the argument -- claiming there are 600 judges in the system, and at least one of them will be qualified to handle the case.

But here's the catch -- If Polanski decides to show for his upcoming January hearing, he'll be arrested on sight.

Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor in 1977. He fled the country -- the girl was 13.


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a pedophile AND a coward. what a winning combination.

2115 days ago



2115 days ago


This child rapist needs to stay the hell out of America. He puts Sharon Tate's memory to shame.

2115 days ago


Roman Polanski will always be a child rapist in the eyes of the American people because that is what he is. He lived his life as a child molester and he is going to die one. There will ALWAYS be disgrace associated with his name.

2115 days ago


Did he know the girl's age?????
Sometimes females say they're over 18 when they're not.

Of course, America has enough homegrown pedophiles already. No sense adding a foreigner.

2115 days ago


11:35 AM EXACTLY!! Roman Polanski should NEVER be allowed to return to the United States unless he's willing to face the consequences of his actions. He's a vile individual and should be treated accordingly.

2115 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

He needs to get arrested and locked in a dark cell with a 300# cellie who's and hates chester types!

2115 days ago


Maybe Bush can pardon him?
Lord knows he's pardoning all the other crooks that crawled out of the woodwork during his administration.

2115 days ago


Many of those Judges, many corrupt and severely bias also have Hollyweird "stars" in their eyes. Roman the Child Effer should have waited to return when the economy was better. Hollyweird and California it's self are cash strapped. "Those" people who run Hollyweird are very different than "those" people who run California. So Roman you would be a cash cow in a state with no money. You have to be totally insane to think you're going to be treated fairly. You have the wrong last name, you're not gay, you don't meet Hollyweird's standard of being attractive and you string of un-watchable movies doesn't help either. So again it boils down to this, the best you've ever done was that 13 year old who turned into a very hot women. So keep that memory in the spank bank when they send you to jail.

2115 days ago

arte help    

Let's save taxpayers money and just string him up in the nearest tree!!!

2115 days ago

Rip It Up    

Tragic pervo.

2115 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The only good child molester is a __________ child molester!

2115 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Once a pedophile... always a pedophile.

I'm surprised John Walsh doesn't have him on AMW every week.

2115 days ago


Important that he suffer as long as he is alive. Believe he has no remorse for his actions. Yet no country will extradite his sorry ass!

2115 days ago

joe m.    

Its "Biased" not "Bias". I person can be Biased (with and -ed). Bias is the favoring of something. Jeez can't TMZ get journalists who can actually understand English. If it was a quote that someone said I could understand- but all they have to do is write- so no excuse. The further dumbing down of America.

2115 days ago
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