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Barack Bowled Over With His Wii

1/11/2009 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In less than two weeks, you'll be playing your Nintendo Wii with a bunch of your buddies while Barack Obama will be playing his -- as president.

The New York Times reports Barack has been spending time with his daughter's Christmas gift mastering some virtual bowling.

With the success Obama has had with Wii bowling -- let's hope his work on a prosperous economic stimulus plan goes just as smoothly.

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I bet you "Obamites" wouldn't be so "into" him if he was just some old white dude.

2112 days ago


"Shirliana", you are a classic representitive of all those who worship this guy. Your obviously very well educated, I can tell by your exquisite grammar, spelling, and your innate ability to form a comprehensive sentence. Keep up the good work.

2112 days ago


John . . Excellent post Joyce has been on several posts, & reflects an obvious lack of Education regarding the American Government, and precisely how it functions. She, and many other posters are miserably misinformed, and impose their innaccurate views upon the public. Joyce's arguments are flawed, because they are not based upon absolute fact.

2112 days ago


John & Obama is A Con Man____________________I concurr . And Joyce____I am still waiting for you to answer to my question. You made an ignorant & racist coment on a post a couple of months ago. I have repeated my question to you on subsequent posts______________but still no response from you. You have the effrontery to make a racist comment, but lack the front, or "bottle" to face up to it.

2112 days ago


Joyce 31, do you have the intellect to comprehend that this change does not necessarily equate with, or gaurantee Competence ? As evidenced in yout post, you do not.

2112 days ago


and when he finally looked up from his intense game of The Pong, georgey boy said, "huh, what's The Wee, and how can we steal billions from it?"

7 days, 20 hours, and 47 minutes until we have a SMART president again---yaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!

2112 days ago


hey john!

"In case you haven't noticed, DEMOCRATS rule the HOUSE!?"

apparently YOU havent noticed, the REPUGS are the ones who ruled congress for TWELVE YEARS until enough of us finally decided to boot them out. and if you think the dems were going to be able to get ANYTHING accomplished with those criminals in the white house, then i've got the perfect investment for you, just call my buddy Bernie in NYC, he'll get you 18-20% returns for years.

of course we all know there are loser crooks in the democratic party, but the neo-CON repugs have created an all-time low for this country, they are a disgrace to our great country! and time will only uncover more of their evil deeds, there is no question that bush/cheney will go down as the most unamerican, criminal, and WORST administration in U.S. history.

2112 days ago


To All Obama Fans:

Well we can all “hope” for “change”, but exactly what change has Obama actually presented to the American people? I certainly have not seen any “change” thus far regardless if he is still only the President-Elect. He wants to be in the limelight and he has obtained a celebrity status from our wonderful media. However, I understand that he is the President for the next four years and we can all look forward to January 20, 2012, when he will be out of office because he can only vote “present” and does not have the experience to run our country. It is funny to see how many people are oblivious to the fact that he is a celebrity and he is thriving from that. People think that President Bush is bad the worst is yet to come my friends! So bring on the change, however change can be positive or negative, which type will Obama bring to our nation? God Bless America!!

2112 days ago


Kim, it is obvious that you have not educated yourself with the anatomy of th American government, how it functions & administrates, parameters of decision making & power. Unfortunately, people like yourself are a dime a dozen.,gums flapping with indignation, but without knowledge or comprehension. Back seat driver. Buddy with the 18-20% .for years. You are an easy mark. Obama for 4 yrs,.............You were an easy mark. Obamama is a loser crook in the Democratic party. Acorn. the mortgage crisis......for example.

2112 days ago


Watching a black man get all this attention makes you haters burn inside don't it? One black man in the entire world gets a little praise and your racist skin crawls. What does that say about yourself? It says you're weak. We watch white people get praise and achieve things all day long and it don't bother us one bit. I have news for any RACIST reading this, making all these ignorant comments all over the web doesn't quit legitimize the whole "Superior Race" argument. It actually makes you look stupid.

2107 days ago
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