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Howie's Doc -- Something Sounds Wrong

1/13/2009 11:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has details on the medical scare than landed Howie Mandel in the hospital last night.

Here's what we know. Early in the day, Howie underwent a "cast physical" for his show "Howie Do It." After listening to Howie's heart, the doctor said, "I don't like something." Never the words you want to hear. The doctor said he heard an irregular heart beat and gave him an EKG to confirm.

Prior to the physical, we're told Howie never felt that anything was wrong with his heart.

Later that day, however, Howie began feeling ill from something he felt was heart-related. Our sources say the doctor had given Howie medicine to control his heartbeat and cautioned him not to take it on an empty stomach. Howie, however, took the med without eating anything.

We're told it definitely was not a heart attack and Howie could be back at work today.


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Silly bugger!

2086 days ago


first suckas!

2086 days ago


He looks like hell. He should grow out his hair, shave that stupid-looking little shrub under his lip and remove the earrings.
This is not the Howie I first admired. He must be into self-hatred. No other explanation, IMO.

2086 days ago

Lord Xenu    

When they end DEAL OR NO DEAL, they should have it snow on the set which would begin shaking like it was an earthquake. At which point the camera pulls back to reveal a child shaking a snow globe containing the DOND set.

2086 days ago


Are they sure this wasn't just a scene from Howie Do That?

2086 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Whats with the red glowing pimple on the side of his face? Is he radioactive?

2086 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Don`t watch those big tat models so close and you`ll be jast fino.

2086 days ago




2086 days ago

Isabella S.    

What the hell? pobrecito! i hope everything is fine...

2086 days ago

two cents    

Psychosomatic!! Doctor mentions his heart and then he feels heart pains. This is the same man that is obsessed with his OCD. Obviously, he has mental issues and needs stronger meds. Good grief. Grow a pair Howie and try to act like a man. What a baby!

2086 days ago


This story Must be BULL!!!!! Everyone knows Howie wouldn't let a doctor touch him!!!
Germaphobic Moron....
Just saying........................

2086 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Mandel is freakin lucky. St. Michaels hospital is literally across the street from the Sheraton Hotel. Yea, his visit was free. He's still a Canadian citizen. US and Canada allows dual citizenship. Douche bag better make sure his OHIP card is up to date tho... Haha.

Reality shows are freakin stupid. I'm sure Howie Do it is no different.

2086 days ago


Howie has big OCD problems. My son is OCD, and all he'll need to hear is that something might be wrong with him, and he'll immediately have some symptoms. I wonder if it's the same for Howie?

2086 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Living in Toronto.. I know this aint fake... you frigging morons.

He is in a hospital near my place.

Maybe the awful show itself put him into a health spin.. and he is
sick about it.

2086 days ago


Posted at 10:37AM on Jan 13th 2009 by Scientology Kills

Hey misinformed! Do you or someone you love have a mental disorder such as OCD or bi-polar disorder (the list is endless)? A mental disorder has nothing to do with growing up or growing a pair. I'm a 50 year old woman and have a disorder and let me tell you, if I grew a husband would be freaking surprised. Everyone thinks mental disorders are just something that one day you wake up and say oh, I'm going to be OCD or bi-polar or whatever. It isn't that way at all; it builds over years and it's idiots like you that make a mockery of a disease as serious as any physical disease. And something that is Psychosomatic is just as real as the sniffles are for you.

Howie rocks. I've always thought he awesome from stand-up in the 80's to his ventures today. I love the fact that he doesn't hide his disorder and tries to help people understand it. Obviously you missed that class.

2086 days ago
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