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Tina Fey

One Dolla Won't Make

Me Holla

1/13/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We offered to throw one whole U.S. dollar her way, but Tina Fey refused to whip out her Golden Globes at the airport -- she's a little more high-priced than that.

Tina Fey: Click to watch
Regardless, after spending 15 minutes with her at the JFK baggage claim, Tina only proved what everybody already knows -- she's the coolest chick in TV, period.


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Feeling So Hollywood after reading these comment, all I have to say is some of you people are freaking retarded! Her acceptance speech was a joke!!! To those who said she was a smart comic, you were right!! Certain people on here didn't get the fact that she really wasn't talking about REAL online haters, she made that up! WOW, the fact that some people thought that was real, then came on here to complain about it just proves how stupid they really are. Oh and I loved the dude that typed in all caps to show his anger... you seriously have NO life if you are going to get angry on a TMZ comment board.

2045 days ago


Tina Fey is one of the hottest ladies on tv in my opinion.
funny as hell also!

2087 days ago


waz up wit the dude sittin next to her...creepy

2087 days ago


I can not stand Tina Fey, Never could. Her Palin impression and her TV show only make me hate her more. Thank god she will be irrelevant in 2 years.

2087 days ago


Scarface won trophy. She should send it to Palin.

2087 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Plain, average looking. Soooo not hot. Semi-talented but not hugely so.

2087 days ago


She craps like us, going into the ground like us, doesn't love her life anymore than us, drives a nicer car maybe, just
a person.

2087 days ago


Hey Borat......she won for 30 Rock not for SNL and her Palin skit. You morons that dont find her funny ....its only because she's a smart comic...youre probably too dumb to understand comedy that doesnt involve boobs and farts

2087 days ago


I hear dianefan hates her. The fact that that bothers Tina Fey is the funnest thing ever!

2087 days ago


You guys could've chosen a better video still.She looks like hell there.

2087 days ago


Number 7..No that's totally not the case. I've only seen her on SNL, and 30 rock. I'll admit I haven't given 30 rock a real fair chance. But SNL is just bad. And it's not my intelligence, I love it when comics have something relevant to say..I just don't care for the way she says it.

2087 days ago


#7 is completely right. Tina Feys comedy is for intelligent people. There is obviously quite a few idiots posting on here today.

2087 days ago


the tmz photog was more boring than watching paint dry.

2087 days ago


It's amazing the cheap shots she took at Sarah Palin. But the few less then flattering online comments she has gotten and she reacts with a hissy fit after winning an award. She may have some talent but she is also a good example of a whinny ass hypocrit which equates to a no class act who even in winning an award reveals herself to be a thin skinned loser who can dish it out but can't take it.. Kind of like that snot nosed kid we all grew up with who was always teasing and name calling. But when it was turn around time that kid was the yelling foul the loudest. No amount of money, talent or reward can buy class. That is the problem with most of these unappreciative accidental celebries.
And in that same vain (get it vain), why do these celebrities feel the need to be rewarded with these awards. Could it be stroking the ego? Think about it. Most all of us work hard and do a good job in our own careers, and many of these carrers actually impact the lives of others in a truly positive manner. But how many of us feel the need to be rewarded everytime we do that job. For most of us the reward to ourself is just doing our jobs well and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

2087 days ago


She brought up people who criticized her Palin performance at her award ceremony for 30 Rock - feyfan. I love that they are spinning it that she was joking, lol.

Yep, just another play yard bully who can't take it.

Also, I am shocked that TMZ thinks she is the coolest chick, next you'll be telling me they can't stand Sarah Palin.

2087 days ago
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