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Tom Brady Hitches a Ride

1/14/2009 12:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He plays for New England, but Tom Brady has plenty of Authority in NYC ... Port Authority.

Tom Brady: Click to watch
After swapping phone numbers with fellow Michigan alum Jalen Rose inside the terminal at JFK, Gisele's errand boy was picked up in an official Port Authority van. The reason -- Tom flew in commercial, but was flying right back out on a private plane. It's normal for the Port Authority to shuttle people from one to the other.

Still, it's nice to see someone do something for him for a change.

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Well considering how he's pussed out on the Patriots and become some kind of professional celebrity news fodder I'd ask for protection too if I were him. Some deranged Pats fan might take a swing at him.

2107 days ago


Thank you TMZ, I was starting to have my Brady withdrawals!

2107 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

TMZ don`t report the news they build it by harrassment and satellite optical and sound projection.Bit-PlayerSS and mobsterismsMARFE TURUS me forever and you still don`t know scat about WAR gameSS.I say bring it on Dad knew all about the hollywood MOB war games.

2107 days ago


I think that anyone anywhere would use what is given to them.. .So if they let him use it... go for it.. dont say that if you were put in the same situation of any kind.. A friend that owned a business and she gave you something or let you use something that normally they dont do because they knew you... ITS THE SAME THING..... .I Look at these just for fun..but it is so annoying when people complain or talk about peopel that are HUMAN .... not just famous...

2107 days ago


That s abuse!!!! He is just a former player that dumpted a pregnat girl.

2107 days ago


Port Authority now providing taxi/limo service???? Must be nice to be a multi-millionaire and not have to pay for car service, just get the tax-payer funded Port Auntority to give you a free ride. PA employee should be fired for this free ride.

2107 days ago


TMZ's Brady obsession is getting really scary. Does Harvey have some sort of mancrush?

2107 days ago


Ana Lua ..first off.. NOT A FORMER PLAYER.. he is still a player.. Second off people break up all the time even when there pregnant or not... We do not know why they broke up.. Why does that have anything to do with this picture.. just wondering...

2106 days ago

ana Lua    

I agree with Turd Ferguson!!

Kristin, I call him a Former because, he will never be the same player .Its over!!! I am a Doutor I now that.
Maybe its Karma. LOL

And I don t like him. I think he was cruel to Bridget, after 3 years.

Its Karma!!!!!!!

2106 days ago

I love Tom Brady    

Congrats to Tom & Gisele!I wish Gisele is so lucky she makes lots of money & will likely marry Tom Brady. I wish I was Gisele.

2106 days ago


ana Lua so you personally know Bridget? just wondering... I don't know either one of them.. and I am not going to believe any newpaper or magazine.. It is for fun to read. ... but to say he was cruel must mean that you know her and know what he did...
and as a Doctor.. .saying that you know.. I dont see how.. EVERY case is different and to say he will never be the same... who are you to judge... You say Karma... I say..We will see what happens... This is his life and his body... only he will know what he can do... until then..... I am going to believe that he will do the best he can do.. and his personal life is really should be HIS personal life...

2106 days ago


gee, is it any shock that state and federal budgets are in deficit

there is sooo much wasting of taxpayer money

YOU paid for this millionaire ball player's ride, people

2106 days ago


If he's using his celebrity to get a free ride off of taxpayer dollars, then his personal life IS the taxpayer's business, sorry. Please, he uses his celebrity to score millions in endorsements. He got his new studly modeling image because of his association with Gisele Bundchen. I don't feel sorry for celebrities who whore themselves out like that. If his privacy was so important to him, he'd make different decisions. Football players don't need celebrity to perform on the field.

2106 days ago


Just like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman getting free rides from the US Marshalls Service. Now this Barney Frank lover getting the Police as Chauffer treatment too.

Every Patriots Fan is also a Barney Frank fan....thanks for ruining the Economy Barney, and thanks a lot Patriots Fans for continuing to re elect this drip. Dont ever tell us how tough you all are when this is your real hero.

2106 days ago


rye #13.... my point is that they did it for him... it nowhere said that he begged for them to provide that for him for free.. They did it because THEY wanted too.... I just don't understand how we can comment on the things he does when we do not know the true situation...and me posting earlier about his personal life being his personal life I was talking about his love life and if he is dating a model then he is dating a model ... if is dates an actress then he dates an actress.. Why and how can we say who he can date and put that against him.. Going back to celebs getting stuff for free and things being paid by taxpayer dollars.. Who wouldnt be on that list,,, free gifts, clothes, samples....etc... the list goes on.... Its life... and life isn't fair...

2106 days ago
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