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Tony Makes Jessica Beg For It

1/15/2009 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Romo has finally done what some Cowboys fans think he should have done months ago -- shut Jessica Simpson out.

Tony & Jessica: Click to watch
In a move that makes him cooler than he gets credit for, Romo locked Jess out of the car, leaving her stranded with a band of snap-happy pappers.

Though most would have just left her there, Tony eventually opened up.


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That is so rude! I don't think "most" would have left her there. Why do I read this crap! Ya'll have the weirdest takes on things.

2109 days ago


OMG that is relaly stretching the truth. Even though he should have opened the door for her, I would not say he locked her out.

2109 days ago


he'z a horrible pocket QB & cant hold for a FG but thiz waz hiz altime snap he'z ever taken....unlocking that door...GO MARK SANCHEZ!!!

2109 days ago

TMZ Fan    

WHY IS HE WITH HER? She is so annoying, STUPID and has no talent! Does he realize that if he marries her, he gets JOE "the perverted, overbearing, desperate for attention, forever tan" father in law and the annoying ASHLEY "I lip sync, am married to a bisexual who has no talent and overall annoying?" Jessica went from Nick Lachey (98 degrees boy band, beefcake, cheap ass, D-LISTER), to John Mayer (attention whore, forces his women to have anal sex, degrades them and tells stories after he breaks up with the women). Her shoes, purses and crap at Macy's suck. She's just so annoying!

2109 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

Oi, gevald, I gotta schlep home and spank my Shvantz

2109 days ago


Lol...I would have left her there, that's for sure!!!!!

2109 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Hey..!!!...maybe jessica will lip sync one of her awful songs at her wedding??
Country-wannabe...LMAO !!!!!!!!

2109 days ago


That is probably not at all the case. TMZ is just trying to invent a story. He is probably unaware it is locked and she is waiting for him to open the door it happens all the time. They clicked it at the moment and they are trying to make a "story" out of nothing--slow day for TMZ!!

2109 days ago


Romo, Cheese land is looking for you now that you have been proven you cant win the big one, nor for that matter, the little one as a football player....Jessica is gonna love living in Wisconsin....gag

2108 days ago


If you look at the profile of the girl in the picture, it is not Jessica Simpson. The guy in the back dresses like Tony, but it is not him either.

2108 days ago


He is still mad that the Philadelphia Eagles beat his team good to get the Eagle to the playoffs and the Cowboy's to the parking lot of someplace where you lock you girlfriend out of your car. Nice guy huh?

2108 days ago

Moan Ica    

Whats up with those "man hands?" YUCK !! No wonder she can't keep a guy. And the phony hair extentions - - not lookin' to hot Jess. I'm surprised she didn't break into a little song and dance number while given a few minutes on camera! So talented (not) !!

2108 days ago


Ummm yeah he did not lock HER out, he was locking the PAPS out. Get it right TMZ!!!

2108 days ago


He should have waited for her & escorted her out to the car like a gentleman.............especially because the media is always swarming around. Jessica seems like a really sweet girl as well as a beautiful woman........any guy would be blessed to have her by his side. I too like comment #1 thought you really "stretched it" to say he locked her out......that was lame & doesn't make you look really least tell the truth.

2108 days ago

truthfully yours    

Why the constant snide remarks and hatred toward Jessica Simpson? What has the girl done to deserve this? Amy Winehouse gets more compliments out of TMZ and their commenters.

2108 days ago
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