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Claims He Was Set Up

1/16/2009 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny KnoxvilleJohnny Knoxville is a self-confessed jackass -- but says even he wouldn't knowingly bring a grenade into an airport.

In a statement on his website, Johnny says the wardrobe gal from a commercial shoot a few days back actually packed a "prop grenade" in his bag -- and he never knew it was there.

Law enforcement tells us Knoxville gave them the same story at LAX yesterday when he was stopped and cited for carrying a real grenade sans ammo.

Knoxville writes "Ah f**k was I bummed when I realized what had happened... They [the cops] were cool as they could be to me, considering the situation, and it is no one's fault but my own. I should have checked my goddamn luggage through and through."

Despite the hold up with security, he still made it to his flight on time and is now in Miami.


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That's BS I'd like to see that happen to a non celebrity, They'd be SOL in cuffs, being called terrorists!

2109 days ago


i LOVE Johnny

2109 days ago


Knox was set his stupid mama who didn't teach him anything about life. He will be one of those idiots who will soon go away into the sunset and we will only hear of him again when he, like a spineless snake, raises his head. Knoxville, take a bath and shut up. You did it for the attention and, look, you are getting it. PLEASE go away.

2109 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

You're supposed to check your own luggage first, never let it out of your site, and make the statement that you did so to an airport rep.

Just because some people know you doesn't make you immune to the rules.

Negligence is no excuse after 9/11 dumbass.

2109 days ago


What a moron. I have to agree that if it had been a non-celebrity, they would be spending time in jail while awaiting a hearing. Personally, I would have loved to have seen him cuffed and stuffed into the back of a police cruiser. J@ckass!

2109 days ago


Always the "victim"!

2109 days ago


I dont find that funny at all....After all the stuff that happened on 9/11 this jerk want to pretend and not own up to his stupid jackass moves.....He should of been fined a big load of cash. Nothing more stupid then some jerk trying to be funny to hold up tons of people at the airport for his own kicks. Just cause this ugly, saggy retard is a movie star he gets a slap on the writst.....Its not right!!!

2109 days ago


he should definitely have to pay up for this.. why in the wold is F*ck censored but God d*mn is ok to say???

2109 days ago


Seriously lighten up folks it's Johnny Knoxville you mean to tell me no one at the airport knew who he was? lighten the eff up, we need to stop being so damn paranoid about all this terror nonsense already

2109 days ago


What an idiot!
And no, not everyone knows who this dumbass is...or cares!

2109 days ago


Fugly, dumbass-jackass!

2109 days ago


YNone you're an idiot. we have to worry about the terrorism activities going on, or are you one and just trying to get us to lighten up. knoxville you're an idiot as well. check your own baggage, you're not that big of a star. i love your sense of humor, but this is taking it way to far. now all your copycats will try to do the same and make the airports harder to get through again. geesh celebrities, just because your famous, doesn't mean you don't have to use common sense!!

2109 days ago


dzammm! if i brought a grenade into lax i'm pretty sure i'd be getting waterboarded in gitmo right about now. lucky sob.

2109 days ago

Diana Lara    


2109 days ago


YOu got PUNKED...haha, hows it feel? Blaming the hat check girl, how classy and cowardly...another one who doesnt serve nor love their country. His arthritis should soon be hitting given all the abuse he put his body through since a very young age...seen some of those old NFL retired lineman, limping, with canes, pain pills and can hardly walk? Thats Knoxville very shortly, all from his own doing.

15 minutes up---move along now...or go do something good for society, and your country instead of yourself and BAM and Steve O, 2 other non serving and bad mouthing their country cowards.

2108 days ago
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