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Nick Hogan: Killer Outfit

1/21/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing a Fat Albert Mushmouth ski hat, Kanye West shades, a pretty silk scarf from Talbots, an Alice in Wonderland tea party checkered coat and Rosie O'Donnell's mom jeans, Nick Hogan hit up Sundance on Monday, looking like the patron saint of douchebags everywhere.

He actually has the nerve to walk around like that.


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DJ Architect    

Stop covering this idiot. He should be rotting in prison instead he he out and about trying to thug it up.

2099 days ago


That is easily the ugliest outfit i've ever did his GF let him leave the house like that?

2099 days ago


Thanks TMZ, I needed a good laugh.

2099 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Yipppp-ey!!!!!! the circus is back in town!!!!!.......When does this clown start his act???????

2099 days ago


He is a cute guy and he looks really good in this gear. You're all jealous of this yong guy because he has second chances..

2099 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

he's beyond pathetic. tmz you gotta get pics of him driving lol! he's so stupid, he'd probaly drive on public roads again.

2099 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

9. You just cant stand young people can you Peerez?? This kid manned up and took his punnishment like a man. He may not have a lot of claas but still has more class in his little finger then any Pap or any one else involved with these crap gossip rags.

Posted at 4:18AM on Jan 21st 2009 by Prince Von A Hole

this isn't perez hilton's site dummy, duh!!!

2099 days ago


OMG this outfit is retarded. WTF? LMAO Total douche.

2099 days ago


Oh yeah, and# 2. "^^oj's in jail cause he killed a white chick, duh.

No, OJ is in jail because he committed armed robbery. DUH

2099 days ago


HOW could he not wear this kind of clothes??? Look at how his Dad and Mom for that matter, dressed. His Mother is a joke.

She needs to stay out of the sun, has it not dawned on her yet that all that damage on her face is from tanning? Her skin is like leather. Then the fake EVERYTHING. She is a mess right along with the rest of the clan.

Seriously, girls stay out of the sun or this is your future, would you rather look like Pam Anderson or Nicole Kidman? Don't give in to thinking your SUPPOSE to be tannned, its summer. You won't regret it, trust me. My peers look like crap and I still have a nice firm soft looking face.

2099 days ago


what a cornball

2098 days ago


I will admit I am no fan of the Bollea/Hogan family. Before "Hogan Knows Best" Nick and Brokke were literally unknown to the public. It should have stayed that way. Terry and Linda made a huge mistake putting themselves in the limelight. I can't help but feel sorry especially for the kid. Here are his folks, 2 major nitwits. One with a kid the same age as her kids, theo other a washed up wrestler/actor rubbing lotion on his adult daughters ass. The kid did his jail time and I am sure he isn't the first kid to cry on the phone asking to come home or to get me out of there. Sadly he was raised by people who did a lousy job at parenting. I hope he gets his act together. Gets his butt in school, changes his name and his outlook on life. If he doesn't he is lost. I feel Brooke is lost...she is just a jump, hop and skip away from nude posing..if she hasn't already. Truly sad. As for Nick, he will have to live every day of his life knowing he was responsible for the needless tragedy that ended his friends life. Hell of a way to live.

2098 days ago


who cares, hes absolutely NOTHING

2098 days ago



And to think the poor tramp next to him with her head sunk low has to be thinking "Kill me Now".

Not just trying to be mean either. That has to be the most ridiculous look possible. lol
Put this picture in the urban dictionary under "Tool".

2098 days ago


Hey come on, go easy. At least he wasn't driving! Although he could be accused of another DUI : Dressing under the influence!

2098 days ago
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