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"Sully" Gets the Bird in D.C.

1/21/2009 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger -- revenge tastes like chicken.

TMZ has learned the most famous pilot on the planet made his first public appearance in D.C. last night, at a low-key dinner with some members of his heroic flight crew and several passengers from Flight 1549. The name of the restaurant -- Hudson... Seriously.

Sully was a rockstar, shaking hands with a steady flow of admirers in the restaurant -- which by the way, is great.

Now the best part: As if to take revenge on the birds that brought down his jet, Sully dined on buttermilk fried chicken.


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Jill from Western Australia    

Hello Chesley and all your crew...watched Fox for hours as this MIRACLE on the HUDSON will ALWAYS be a HERO for saving EVERY life on that plane.

Please ignore left wing comments that you did it to see O' about CHANGE...I think not...the HATRED continues..Bless George & Laura they not only kept America safe but also Australia and many other countries.

The money spent today would have looked after your homeless...not to mention you illegals who you POLITICALLY welcome to BOOST the Dumocratic Votes...shame shame shame

2069 days ago


Ok, TMZ, you've had your fun with this, now leave this poor man alone! I know we're all very proud of him, but please stop having your photographers follow him!

2069 days ago

Missing Reagan    

Now THIS is a hero. Not some slick used car salesman type politician.

2069 days ago


stop talking Jill.. the more you talk the more foolish you look... get over it... if you don't like it - just stay in Australia. America doesn't need you :)

2069 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The plane should have Not been taken up...bad turbine that later flew off not from bird strikes but from a bad rebuild and stressed airframe.The AIRLINES and all flight crew should be grounded untill they get it right.I would`nt fly on the plane that CRASHED and I would`nt fly on a sullly fight.Retire allready.Lucky once lucky again?.They are more lucky than anything else,the airframe could have broken a plane that was designed to land in water did but it was a ditching that cost the airlines millions and millions and could lead to the fireing of sully.FAA still looking into it.NOT one is in the clear yet.Airlines says look a hero while they still send up more bad planes and jets.

2069 days ago


Yo da man Sully!

2069 days ago

sane person    

Howard Robard Hughes, You must be a lawyer fishing for clients. Except for being an airbus there was nothing wrong with that plane. Canadian Geese will take out ANY airplane if ingested in to both engines. GET A LIFE.

The pilots of US1549 did an excellent job of getting the aircraft "one the ground" in one piece. The entire crew did an excellent job of getting the passengers evacuated safely. All those who responded on the water did an excellent job of getting those people out of the cold water and to medical attention. ALL should be commended, not just the captain.

Again "Mr" Hughes and all of you who have no idea what the hell you're talking about. The New York Times would like to offer you reporting jobs, call now.

2069 days ago


But has he earned his red wings?

2069 days ago


This guy is not just a hero he is extremely intelligent, he did not panic when things went south on that plane I don't think anyone is to blame they hit a flock of geese! How can you predict that! He was able to keep a cool head and execute a check list of about 10 things before he put that plane in the hudson!! He did what he was trained to do in case of an emergency~! Its a good thing he payed attention in flight school. Years of experience is what enabled him to land in the water its not an easy task, he could have easily rolled it and flipped the plane thus breaking up into pieces and many people dying. He has got to be the one of the best piolets out there and I would fly with him anytime and I hate to fly~!

2069 days ago


Shane - I agree - this is a HERO. Not some slick used car salesman type politician. Speaking of politicians - Senator Chuck Schumer of New York earmarked through $200,000.00 to a group called Geese Peace - they have helped the Canadian geese population grow uncontrollably in New York. Another bad earmark.

2069 days ago


Jill from Australia is right about illegals being politically welcomed to boost the democratic votes - or maybe it's to politically thank them for the votes they just received. The democrats have already dusted off some old legislation for s-chip, removed all the changes made by republicans, and are rushing to push it through to thank them for their vote - the payday? - free healthcare.

2069 days ago


My friend is a bartender at Hudson. Shout out to Joe R! Great charcuterie plate and wines! Oh, and Sully did a heroic thing! Good for you man!

2069 days ago



2069 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

One of the airbusses turbines had stalled BEFORE the 1549 fight and that turbine is the one that broke off.The turbines are built to withstand many bird stikes without breaking away from the engine mounts.Landing the jet aircraft without the turbine the broke away is really a great feat of flying skill....but landing in the water-the palne is designed for that.Better pretripping and better radar readings would have saved millions and millions of dollars and stopped anyone from being hurt and people did get hurt!.The jet should have been grounded after the stalling of one of it`s turbines and the FAA should review all of those type airbusses as well as the crews reactions and actions by taking the jet up in the first place.I for one would`nt have been on this fight if I had seen the logs on the jet itself.Sully could be to blame also the FAA is NOT done with it`s reviews.I would`nt fly on his fights myself that is.Should`nt have happen next time should be stopped BEFORE it happens,If one has been though a plane crash and lives you sure as shielt don`t want to take any risk at it the next time.GROUND the airlines and the crew faster than they can kill or hurt anyone AGAIN!.Sane as it gets!. and safe as it gets. Learned that from DAD-Howard Robard Hughes JR and mother-jean peters.

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Safety should be#1 as the FAA is in place for that reason!.There should be no need for death bed flying by the seat of pants HERO`s that the press puts halo`s on.NW times,LA times? they are all owned by the same companys that own the airlines and coverup the truth to save themselfs dime.Sully will be found to have been in falt as well as the airlines and more unsafe jets will fly untill the next time!.Time to retire and count your blessings you had had your share!.

2068 days ago
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