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War Over Peter Falk

1/21/2009 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peter Falk's wife and daughter now have squared off over who should be taking care of Columbo.

Falk's adopted daughter, Catherine Falk, filed legal papers last month claiming Falk has dementia and Alzheimer's and can't care for himself. She wants a court to appoint her conservator.

Now, in legal papers filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Falk's wife, Shera, expressed shock at Catherine's audacity. She claims Catherine has had a bad relationship with Peter and even sued him in 1992. She says Peter has never even met Catherine's children nor did he attend her wedding.

Shera, who's been married to Peter for 31 years, claims she provides constant care for Peter and that he's "happy and healthy under the current conditions at home..." Shera does not want a conservatorship because she claims it creates a "stigma".

And Shera included a sworn declaration from the late Johnny Carson's wife. Joanna Carson says Shera always has been there for Peter, adding, "Shera always made it a point to cook for Peter. Italian was his favorite so she always made sure to have a meal ready for him when he got home." She adds Peter liked her Italian cooking so much he wanted her to make the meal for their wedding at the Bev Hills Hotel. She did not.


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I KNEW the daughter was shady when I first heard he had alzheimers (I can't spell it) months ago. Let the wife do it! Gut tells me, and what I read, the wife is suited for this and has his best interest in mind!

2068 days ago


Oh man. I met Peter Falk about a year ago. It was a highlight! grew up watching him. Love that man!

2068 days ago


I do not know how people like the so called daughter can live with themselves. There is a whole other breed of people living in this world and it is scary.

2068 days ago


someone wants to take advantage of daddy's vulnerable state. she wants to manipulate it so she can get her greedy, grubby hands on any monies. hope a judge see through her transparent act of "concerned daughter"

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Put him on the show he would make more sence than the TMZ staff.I went to school so now I work for TMZ?.Spike LEE knows you are DUMB DUMBS with some GUM GUM!.

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Someone should have punched out his other eye also.He`s a mobster creapo who belongs 2 TMZ`s netwrksx of nitwitSS

2068 days ago

Carrys F.    

Who's the money hungry bitch? His daughter did not invite him to the wedding and has never introduced her children to him and SHE is the best caretaker? How would she even know? She clearly has no information more than I do. It's always about the cash.

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Wheres his double when TMZ needs HIM!.

2068 days ago


Sad story. Of course the daughter has no right to impose on his current conditions! I say butt out.

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

His double`s name was glen reed from lincoln Ne and he was a mobster school teacher.Dirty dirty dirty mobsters CB/S TMZ and this OLD school mobsterSS crewSS of overlardSS on CBS radar`s= MOB gay dar.Remember waht happened last timesz?.Spike LEE knows you are dirtballSS.

2068 days ago


sorry,im just a fat ugly homo living on welfare who starves for attension.why dont you respond to my post?why?

2068 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Because you AN`t me.........

2068 days ago


elder abuse aint no joke.....stop that whinch b-4 it'z too late............

2068 days ago


They SA is mobsters on radarSS say shunt your mouth N bend dover.OverlardSS=+ CBS

2068 days ago


Although I agree the estranged daughter is probably just after money I want to know why if his wife is taking such wonderful care of him he was wondering the streets by himself, obviously not in a state of mind to be doing so last year! Maybe she (the wife) needs some additional help. I really hope THAT is brought to someone's attention. She certainly shouldn't let him go ANYWHERE by himself, just think of what could have happened to him! Poor guy!

2068 days ago
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