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Creepy Playground Donation

1/25/2009 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin LazardWhen is the gift of playground equipment disgustingly creepy? When the former actor who made the donation was busted for allegedly exposing himself at the exact same park a few years prior.

Justin F. Lazard -- who appeared in hit movies like "Species 2" and "The Giving Tree" -- gifted $28,000 in equipment to Library Park in Lakeport, CA, which had its ribbon cutting ceremony last week.

Problem is, Lazard is the same guy who was tasered by cops in a 2006 incident, in which he was allegedly sitting on a railing at Library Park pleasuring himself with his genitals exposed, according to the Lake County News.

Cops told the LCN that when they approached Lazard, he refused to stop doing what he was doing and then actually began fighting with the fuzz.

Lazard faces one count of annoying/molesting and one count indecent exposure. The trial begins in March. Lazard faces up to a year in jail if convicted, and he'll have to register as a sex offender.

The creepiest part? The park's plaque, which reads, "This playground is dedicated to the children of Lakeport, CA, Creating Childhood Memories. Donate by Justin Lazard 2008."


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joe glanis    

it sounds like the guy had a psychotic episode, He need a hospital not all this. The cops grabbed him and he was still jerk-ing off?? He was mentally out there not a perv. You guys are the pervs thinking everyone else is.

2049 days ago

Natalie Goldina    

I was with Justin Lazard in January of 08 he was recovering from very bad drug addiction. I cant believe his already got married in July '08. And got his wife pregnant wnder if that why he married her.???

2037 days ago


I was freinds with him when we were younger, holy crap!! He is from a really well known family in NYC the papers there are going to have fun with this.

2075 days ago

Bleep Blop    

What a great, uplifting story, TMZ! I now know who to call for a babysitter when my 2-time felon brother-in-law can't make it for "prior obligations!".

2075 days ago


FYI: This guy, famously, got his big break by playing up and coming undercover cop Joey Chandler in the last season of Miami Vice, back in 1989, with Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. The guy's father is famous foreign correspondent Sydney Lazard. He was born into money, privilege, and had every opportunity on the planet, and he pisses it all away because he wanted to jerk off near a playground. Label this story under "How to flush you life down the toilet"

Here's the link for a story about this, which goes into more depth about everything.

2075 days ago

lisa lisa    


2075 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I am still trying to figure out why this generous man was arrested...typical closed minded Americans... My God your country is a MESS!

2075 days ago


Hey Mike number 4! What planet are you from? Is it normal in your world for a grown man to jerk off on a playground? Not a little creepy to you? We're all just wondering WHY he's donating money now and WHY the city put a plaque up with the losers name on it. I shudder to think what you're world is like.

2075 days ago

Just a Bill    

I bet the swings were all sticky,Hollywood flake.

2075 days ago


What are you talking about??

This is great. He gave 28grand for the playground. 28grand.

I think it is great that his name is on it, A great way to stick it "no pun intended" to the the bastards that prosecuted him. He got the best of them, and they can;t change it.

HE WINS. And gets the last laugh.

He shouldn;t have to register as sex offender...he had sex with no one...that is what is f'ed up .

If no one was hurt, no harm no foul. And HE WINS and rubs it (pun IN-tended) in your face....all the California fruit and nuts should love it.....

2075 days ago


Joey Chandler was on friends you busted moron!!!!!!!

2075 days ago


He's certainly donated it to try to improve his image before the upcoming trial.

2075 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

10. Joey Chandler was on friends you busted moron!!!!!!!

Posted at 8:51AM on Jan 25th 2009 by Busted Azz Human
From IMDB:

"Miami Vice" .... Joey Chandler / ... (3 episodes, 1988-1989)
- Leap of Faith (1989) TV episode .... Joey Harden aka Fallon
- Miami Squeeze (1989) TV episode .... Joey Chandler
- Line of Fire (1988) TV episode .... Keith
Yep, you're an idiot!
And I wonder what Chester the Lizard was watching when he was strummin' the Lizard? Kiddies perhaps? Oooohhh, they'd just love his ass off in jail!

2075 days ago

A little nauseous    

Ok , Ok..I'm just going to give the individuals who seem to be offering the pedophile a big THUMBS UP! the benefit of my doubt..chances are they're just trying rile you guys up so let's simmer down and ignore the sensationalist attention whores and move on to my actual opinion of this guy. grown man whacks it in a park unless he is sexually aroused by his!
YES he should register as a sex offender because he did expose himself in a public setting,before children..You don't think those kids will be scarred for life?Seeing some strange mans' wanker hanging out??

That his name is on the plaque is incredibly disturbing but he DID donate the not much can be done about that.

Jeebus people...if you are sick enough to have those kind of urges have the good sense to keep them to yourselves...

2075 days ago


world is full of people like this......

2075 days ago
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