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NBA Star's Son May Have Witnessed Murders

1/25/2009 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddy CurryThe mother of NBA star Eddy Curry's son was fatally shot in her Chicago apartment last night along with her infant daughter -- and Eddy's infant son was there when it all went down.

Curry's three-year-old son was found unharmed in the apartment and is the only known possible witness to the double murder, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The victims, Nova Henry, 24, and her daughter Eva were discovered by Henry's mother at approximately 6 PM.

A man claiming to be Henry's uncle says Nova had been having problems with an apparent boyfriend – but police aren't elaborating as they continue their search for an unnamed "acquaintance."

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SOUTHSIDE...thank you for the link! I had not had the opportunity to read that article. As far as there being another suspect in the case who had motive...there is absolutely NO ONE! I can say that with TOTAL confidence! However after speaking with ny cousin...I am starting to really doubt if Eddy is as innocent as he would like to make himself out to be. There are still so many things that we dont know. I am getting bits and pieces of new info all the time. I saw Noah last week. He is doing good. He was playing with two toy dinosaurs...I asked him their names and he said ones name was T Rex....and the other ones name was Mommy....I wanted to just explode with tears...but I just put on the biggest smile I could and gave him a huge hug. We tooks some pictures and ate chicken strips and fries....He's is doing as good as I think he possibly can be. But he really does miss his Mommy and his little sister. I just had a son on new years eve. He is 2 months old and my oldest son who is 9 is terrified that something like that may possibly happen to me. Its just really messed up. I cant imagine how Noah must feel. And before I go I have to say the comments these people are writing about my cousin...a person they know NOTHING about...The comments are KILLING me...becuz the person they are making her out to be...that is NOT who my cousin was...NOTHING like it. Not even close. Hope you are doing well southside. Take care for now.

2055 days ago


Shannon - I'm glad Noah is hanging in there and getting adjusted, and a belated congratulations on your new addition too! It's sad to think that your older son should even *have* to be worried about more bad things happening, but I hope everyone feels safer now that the person who made so many threats is in custody.

Don't let th e negative comments on the blogs stress you out too much. Remember that any of us who base our opinions solely on what we see or hear in the media, without personal knowledge of the people and situations involved, are basing these opinions on incomplete information. Cherish the happy memories of your cousin and her sweet little baby girl, and enjoy your family.

2054 days ago


Thanks Southside....I really am not that sure if Noah will be involved in the trial...I have not talked to my cousin in about two weeks. Thats a very good question though. One that I didnt even think to ask. I will make sure to ask her the next time I see her and that should be pretty soon. Im really thinking Eddy had something to do with this... I cant really go into details though. Lets just say Eddy was pretty much nothing more than what I like to call a "child support check father". He paid his child support and thats ALL he did! Bottom line! He has NEVER been the doting father that the papers make him out to be. NEVER!!! I dont know exactly why Noahs life was spared, but I can say other than child support...Eddy has never been around. They say he had a private viewing of Nova and Ava... I honestly dont even think he attended the funeral. I didnt see him. My cousin didnt see him. No one else in my family saw him. No one saw him! They said he had a private viewing, but the news crews were out there from start to finish and not one of them caught him going in or coming out the church??? Come on! And Fred is in protective custody...I SOOOOO wanted him to be in general population....I think we both know why lol...anyway if I have anything new to report I will do so and I hope you do the same. Take care.

2052 days ago


Hi, Shannon! Hope you and your family are enjoying YOUR new addition, and that maybe he's letting you get some sleep by now :) I saw the news yesterday and today about the custody hearing. Though I know it was upsetting to Lonnie, I am thinking that it might be the safest temporary arrangement, for the present, for both of them. I am disturbed by the fact that Fred's political connections in the courts and correctional system are giving him some unusual advantages right now. The "protective custody" thing you mention is just one example. He has also gotten a judge to agree to his use of the law library to prepare his defense. If getting Noah with Eddy's family right now, at least until the trial is over, will keep everyone safer, that might not be a bad thing. Regarding the withdrawal of financial support, we also have to remember that our real adversary here is someone who may also have access to Nova's personal information that would enable him, or someone on his behalf, to divert funds for his personal use. I know that no one in your family would have wanted funds meant for Nova and her children to benefit him. We know that there was already some dispute about money that Fred thought Nova "owed: him for legal fees, so we can't assume he's above anything here.

I am hoping that once the trial is over, both families can come together and devise a good plan that will really serve Noah's best interests, in terms of letting him be involved with both sides of his family. For now, he is the only surviving witness to a double homicide, and his adversary has influence that is apparently able to reach far beyond the prison walls. Whatever it takes to protect him, and your family, has to be the immediate priority.

2041 days ago



Fredrick Goings has now been taken into custody and officially charged with the murders. Hopefully this has brought some peace and closure to the family, and they will, at least, no longer need to be fearful for their own safety.

2067 days ago


YES!!!! Me and my family are SO happy that they got that S.O.B....according to my cousin Loni (novas mom) the police took their time with this case because they wanted it to be air tight (considering Fred is an attorney and knows the tricks of the trade)...they didnt want to leave any room for him to possibly slip through the cracks. I am so glad that this part of the process is over. Now I am anxious to see what type of sentence he gets...I believe Illinois has the death penalty...I hope that is exactly what he gets and I would love to have a front row seat if it should happen! Southside Of Chicago...thanks for keeping everyone posted on whats going on with this case :)

2066 days ago


Hi, Shannon! I know your family must feel very relieved that they no longer have to fear for their own safety. What's interesting is that apparently Fred Goings has found an attorney who is actually going to try to present a defense on his behalf. Here's the link to the update article.


2066 days ago


What the hell is wrong with people that they feel they have to murder someone and an innocent baby who did nothing to them?

2095 days ago


How sad :(

2095 days ago


It'z call'd DRUG'Z baby!!!

2095 days ago


Note the article reads "her infant daughter -- and Eddy's infant son"
Another baby-daddy maker. Sigh.

2095 days ago


This is very sad. It's bad enough that a woman and her baby were murdered, but for a child to witness something like that is devastating.

2095 days ago


Obama's mafia did it

2095 days ago


Very suspicious that Curry's son was not touched. His ex and HER daughter are murdered and HIS son is not harmed at all?? If it were drug related, they all would have been murdered. Sounds like another case of "kill'em so I don't have to support'em". It wouldn't be the first time a pro-athelete did something like this.

2095 days ago


Don't you writers know the difference between an infant and a toddler. Three year olds are NOT infants. An infant is a newborn baby . I agree with the previous commenter..it is suspicious the toddler was left unharmed. All this killing of woman and children is starting to freak me out for real!

2095 days ago
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