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Beckham Sued -- Accused of Beating Photog

1/26/2009 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham has been sued by a paparazzo who claims the soccer star and his bodyguard beat him up.

We just found the lawsuit, filed last month in L.A. County Superior Court, in which Emicles Da Mata claims on December 7, 2008, he had stopped his car on a Beverly Hills street when Beckham reached through the driver's window and grabbed his camera and attempted to wrestle it from him. Da Mata was holding the camera at the time.

The lawsuit claims Beckham's bodyguard -- also a defendant -- then beat him repeatedly, grabbed the camera and threw it in a trash can. The picture on the left shows two of Beckham's bodyguards on top of Da Mata.

Launch PhotosDa Mata says he was injured and is suing for assault and battery, as well as emotional distress. He's seeking unspecified damages.

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Trooper Tom    

Its about time the Beckhams went back to England and stayed there, he is a has been soccer player hasn't done a damn thing on the field since he got here, his poser wife is one ugly wench best known for shopping and striking a pose haaaaaaaaaa

2061 days ago


I can't stand the Beckams but enough is enough! Laws must be passed so that everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not. I admit I enjoy reading this trash but not at the expense of peoples dignity. The paps have no dignity, if it were their mother or sister being crowded, pushed and camera's shoved in their faces they would put a mighty hurt on people. The questions they ask make me embarressed for them, because obviously nothing seems to embarrass them. They should have to pay the celebs for the right to take their pictures. The celebs should sue the paps if they use their picture without paying. They could also sue for right to privacy, and obstruction of their right to walk without fear of bodily harm. But the most pressing question is, Why does TMZ hire these idiots with the asinine questions? These people you hire only make you (TMZ) look like idiots yourselves.

2061 days ago


Ok, TMZ gets the story... What camera guy didnt get his ass kicked for you to get those pics?? lmfao.. they shoulda kicked your cameramans ass too.. these people cant get a moment of peace. good thing i wasnt there and under beckams employment,, he woulda looked a lot worse..tff. damn paps go around getting in peoples faces,,yelling things at these people to get a reaction from them.. Well,, how'd ya like that reaction biotch?? lmao

2061 days ago


If celebs have to get used to the papps being in their face constantly then the paps shoudl get used to being knocked around once in a while. A person can take sso much until they blow up. I think the law suit should get thrown out.

2061 days ago


and thats why paps follow, you stupid dummies

2061 days ago

tmz is the pits    

A police report was taken at the scene, but no criminal charges were ever filed in the incident. So what does this lowlife, I mean pap, do? He sues Beckham because he got what he deserved from the bodyguard who was doing his job.

"They just can't do this," the pap said. "They put me on the floor, they got my camera and they threw it in the trash can. They can't do this to us."
Sounds like a whining little bitch to me.

Ok, so when you apply for the job of celebrity stalker, a.k.a. the position of a paparazzo, you damn well better know the hazards of the job.
If you’re being a pain in the ass, you had better expect the celebs bodyguard to do what they're being paid to do. The paps claim that they're just doing their jobs when they stalk and harrass celebs so why shouldn't the bodyguards be allowed to do their jobs without some whiney pap complaining?

2061 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Stop whining, you puky pap. You chose to go into a business where people want to beat the crap out of you for being such a persistent jerk. Either take it like a man or get a real job.

2061 days ago


I hope he beat him good. But if he is still able to write his name on a lawsuit, it wasn't enough better go back and do it again.

2058 days ago
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