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Jessica Simpson: This Is How She Rolls

1/26/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Double-belted into her mom jeans, former pop singer/reality TV star turned attempted country crooner Jessica Simpson appeared at some sort of chili cook-off concert in Florida this weekend.

It is unclear if she was there to perform or just judge.

UPDATE: Thanks to the folks at WKIS, there is footage of Jess performing "These Boots Are Made for Walking" at the cook-off -- and lets just say, it takes your mind right back to the days she rocked out to the same song in that extremely tiny red bikini...

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch


No Avatar


Oh my god!!!!!, she cannot sing. she is horrible!!!!! please stop.
I need to poke out my retinas after watching that video.
I Guess Tony is a chubby chaser

2074 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Lets face it people....That voice was made for walkin'.....walkin" right right into private life and never onto a stage again,
get a clue jessica, you sound like you have a mouth full of dodo....@.....@

2074 days ago


i don't think it's the girl....i think it's the pants that are horrendous! they're trying to push those highwaisted jeans on all of us, and if a young hottie like Jess doesn't look good in them, what hope is there for the rest of us????

2074 days ago

montana mike    

you'd have to triple the size of that red bikini now. she had a great body in that movie, but it looks like she has 3 great bodies now

2074 days ago


Man, if anyone thinks she's "hot", their retinas must have burned out a long time ago.

2074 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I howled - definitely not low-fat chili. Get that girl into a cheezy 70's porn flick, quick!

2074 days ago


Jess, what happened? I know we are all getting older, but, geez, that doesn't mean you have to just give up altogether!! This is the worst--and she's had a lot of "worsts" over the past few years. Maybe she's borrowing clothes from Romo's mom?

2074 days ago


What a shame. All she ever had going for her was her boobs, face, narrow waist, and a flat tummy, - talent was attempted but never really an issue. This is like the residue of what once kinda was. The term "lard-ass" is definitely in her future.

2074 days ago


She looks like a blonde J-Lo and very cute with extra wieght, but those pants went out in the 80's. Just not flattering jeans at all. Girls take note, your butt wont look good in these.

2074 days ago


Yes, the outfit is horrendous but she is hardly a cow. She's probably still a size 6 or so, it's just a horrible outfit.

Half of you people making fun of her would probably have to lose 50 lbs just to look half as good as she does with a little extra weight on her. People in glass houses. . . . .

2074 days ago


Jessecia has the body type where she gains in the waist fast and furiously. She isnt really that big-- the pants just make it worse- the belts cause the belly to bulge over them.... Sad thing is those are probably designer jeans that she paid too much money for----- A quick trip to JCPenneys buy some jeans for 30 and the probelm would be solved.. Oh and fire ur stylist because if they let u go looking out like this they need to be fired or they need to go to the optomotrist

2074 days ago


FUPA!! She makes some really bad wardrobe choices. We all know she can be hot...what was she thinking?? Even if she is a little heavy, if she wore the right outfit it wouldn't matter!

2074 days ago


What a horrendous get-up! Does this nitwit not have a mirror? I hope she's not into designing clothes because nobody would buy that crap. The jeans are beyond sick and the two belts look idiotic. Also, the bimbo needs to keep her tongue in her stupid mouth. It's beyond time to retire!

2074 days ago

fancy & classey    


2074 days ago


These remarks kill, we have a small window for these women to be too skinny or too fat... I am sick of seeing Kira Knightley's sunken in face, the Olsen twins, is unrealistic and it unattractive to see bones sticking out... other ethnic groups have more tolerance of women being a normal size or larger. Rip on Jessica's singing ability or lack thereof, rip on her fashion, but he size is okay.

2074 days ago
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