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Travolta Suspect -- The Perp Walk

1/26/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ambulance-driving suspect involved in the Travolta extortion case was handcuffed and escorted into a Bahamian courtroom earlier today.

Tarino Lightbourne: Click to watch
Tarino Lightbourne is accused of conspiring to extort $25 million from John Travolta. Details about the plot are still sketchy, but we know it involves a document related to the death of Jett Travolta. The prosecutor said officials haven't retrieved the document yet and are afraid if Lightbourne is released on bail he'll destroy it.

Lightbourne is still in custody. The prosecutor is asking the judge to refuse bail.


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Sad, so sad that on top of losing their precious son Jett they have a "dear friend" who tried to make money off of their grief.

2060 days ago

tippy katz    

shut up, idiot! I can tell by your whining that
you are a democrat!

2060 days ago


Dear Dallas...........I'm a Republican........... & my "babs2bone" is a play on words that my Husband sings when he is playing his guitar......he sings babs to the bone instead of bad to the bone because my name is Barb. But have a nice day Dallas & try to say something positive once in awhile.......there's enough hate in this world, why add to it?

2060 days ago


this is an interesting case and all but does anyone else think the travolta's should be asked a few questions regarding their son. I know they feel horrible and all but its hard to treat a kid for an illness you think is made up or fake because some crack shot science fiction writer said it was. AUTISM is real and your an idiot to say otherwise. Does anyone one else think scientology played a role in this unfortunate event??

2060 days ago

tippy katz    

Shut up Jay, you idiot!
I can tell you are a democrat!
And all autistic people are democrats, too!
small-minded! Dang!

2060 days ago


Where do they hold them in jail down there----the para sailing waiting area, or tie him to the bannana boat ride dock?

What a joke..stay away from that place, they act like a 3rd world country down there---oh wait, they are.

2060 days ago


Shut up Dallas, you idiot!
I can tell you are a A$$HOLE!

2060 days ago


Uhh #4, Jay, why is anyone still buying into this crap about the Travoltas not treating Jett for his medical conditions? No, he does not need to be questioned, as he made sure Jett ALWAYS had the best medical attention available. I don't buy into Scientolo-crap myself, but a lot of the (mis)information out there about the Travoltas withholding medical attention is just anti-Scientology propaganda, much like their pro-Scientology propaganda. Bottom line, it is all BS.

This whole case is still much ado about NOTHING, so far. Everyone is making up possible stories to go with it, but no one KNOWS anything now. It is a big non-story.

2060 days ago

tippy katz    

OH, and Jay...
I know because I was there

2060 days ago


#2 & 5 Dallas - could YOU be any more lame-brained? Does hiding behind your computer, telling people to shut up and calling them names make you feel important? Well, you aren't... in fact, you are very impotent.
You obviously don't know what autistic or democrat or republican or small-minded mean. Nothing else could account for your ignorant rant.

2060 days ago

Born Bahamian    

To W:

The Bahamas is not a 3rd world country. Get your facts right. We are a democratic country where our voices can be heard. We own homes that are of high value and standard. Our educational system is far better than most (we use the British system which is one of the oldest educational system in the World). We have JAILS just like you do.

Perhaps you need to visit The Bahamas and get a better understanding. It's small minded people like you who just stays in the USA and figures the entire World is a third world country; no travel experience at all.
BTW, you should learn how to spell....

2060 days ago

tippy katz    

dear born bahamian:
don't be too hard on W. Sure he's an arrogant idiot, but
he probably IS W: George W Bush. Nothing better
to do with his time than post on TMZ.
And he's had kinda a hard week.

2060 days ago


not everyone with mental and developmental delay has autism.

2060 days ago


You can't extort people if you don't have harmful or hurtful information. Not saying this is ever the right thing to do, but what information are these people in possession of that has the authorities interested? Photos of paramedics/EMTs working on Jett Travolta are potentially disgusting, but of little long-term interest.

Don't die in the Bahamas, period.

2060 days ago

Born Bahamian    

To Marianne

Your comment "don't die in The Bahamas" is quite stupid. Do we really plan to die.

I can also say don't die in the USA because of your ambulance chasers. Look at California with the paparazzi...always looking for a story. On that note, I can say 'don't visit California'. Upon Jett's death, The Bahamas was flooded with INTERNATIONAL media just looking for a story.

It is clear that you have an interest on the interest is that these people are brought to justice and they will be. I'm glad that Mr. Travolta came forth and report this matter. It's because of people like him that will help in exposing people who want to extort money from them. I'm happy he did.

2060 days ago
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