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Mischa: From the O.C. to the L-Word

1/27/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa Barton kissed a girl and she liked it.

The former actress celebrated her 23rd birthday in Paris on Monday by swapping spit with a lady friend.

Marissa Cooper would be proud.


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I do NOT think it looks like Mischa kissed a girl and LIKED it x)

1982 days ago


I don't think either of them liked it. It's the most awkward kiss I have ever seen.

2059 days ago


I think Mischa is about to blow chunks.

2059 days ago

arte help    

Wish the other girl was hotter though......

2059 days ago


OK, I don't understand lesbians...if you like girls, why not a pretty girl? Why be with a girl that looks like a guy? You might as well be with a guy, yes? And this girl is a nobody, now. Reminds me of Lindsay Lohan and her career demise. They always go lesbian when their careers bite the dust!

2059 days ago


It's painful to look at and TMZ owes us an apology.

2059 days ago


Looks like she let a very small child do her makeup.

2059 days ago


This talentless Never-was will do whatever she can to stay in the media. She's in her 16th minute of fame and knows it. If it really was a kiss-not-for-show her mouth wouldn't be closed. She knows what she's doing and is probably very happy the pic was published. She wears bad outfits purposefully, publicized her DUI last year. Poor thing knows her moment is over and is trying to grasp onto her fledgling carrer. She's an idiot.

2059 days ago


That kiss is like a kiss Good friends would give one another....there is no open mouth and you can see they are both out of it. It's an innocent peck between 2 friends, if your a girl, you've done it.....doesn't mean your a lesbo cause you peck someone.

TMZ always looking for some type of dirt to entertain their Judgemental audience.

2059 days ago


looks like 2 Lama's kissing O_o

2059 days ago


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2059 days ago


And why is this BI**H famous? She can't act, she's ugly and
she has not career prospects? Wow TMZ you can't find anyone
famous or interesting to write about?

2059 days ago


Both have eyes closed and look like pulling back how are they enjoying this?

2059 days ago


Her mother looks terrible. That will be what Mischa looks like twenty years from now.
Oh and she is a mediocre "actress".

2059 days ago


She is just a nasty drunk !!

2059 days ago
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