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You'll Never Guess Who This Turned Into!

1/27/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before transforming herself into one of the most stunning creatures in the world, she was just another 35-year-old blonde babe in 1990. Can you guess who she became?!

Who dat?


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This is great advice from anyone wanting to look young.
In my teens I had bad acne and was put on Retin-A and used it for 4 years or so, Retin A contains high dose of retinol that is why you need a prescription, and it is proven by peer to peer reviewed medical journals (google JAMA a medical journal and retinol), to fight off wrinkles because it keeps the collagen firm and keeps it from detoriating (collagen is what keeps your face lifted and pervents the effects of gravity pulling your skin down and losing the fullness in your face and neck.
Then when I was 22, I started Renova a high dose retinol, at .5% strength for 2 years, it peels and dries your skin at times, a person usually has to swtich to using every other night, but again it is proven by science and peer to peer journals to keep wrinkles away and help fade wrinkles if you have them. Renvoa is now made at 0.25% strength which is lower dose and a person's skin does not dry or peet very much. You can still get .5% in generic form, they all work the same name brand or generic. You still need a prescription since it is high dose retinol. Also, it is not expensive. A large tube of generic Retin-A or or Renvova is about $58.00

Movie stars I am sure use some expensive creams, but all of them are on Retin-A or Renvoa, it is the only think proven by science to keep collagen firm which in turns keeps wrinkles away and I can vouch for it!
I am 27 now and people tell me I look like I am 18 or 19. I also stopped tanning at at 18 and (you cannot tan while on Retin-A or Renvoa), I am white as a ghost but I use self tanner, I drink a lot of water, don't smoke, and drink Organic Concord Grape juice for the past 4 years, which is filled with reserveratol (the anti aging anti antioxidant, which is now gotten popular and was even on 60 mins this past sunday).

2062 days ago


um, old men need viagra because they can't get it up anymore, don't try to blame it on women, loser...

2062 days ago

two cents    

B!tch needs to demand a REFUND!! She looks 83, not 53, Demand your money back. Good grief, she's hideous.

2062 days ago


I have to second your Retin-A comments. In fact, I was going to write something similar.

There is nothing like Retin-A to keep the skin young. I'm 7 years older than Versace and I look better now than she looked at age 35.

I usually buy the full strength 0.1% Retin-A in Mexico where you can get it without prescription at any pharmacy for abt $30.00

And I usually buy 10 tubes at a time every time we vacation south of the border.

The thing with Retina is that you use it until it irritates the skin a little and then you have to stop for a few days and use emollient creams. Repeat.

And you MUST stay out of the sun unless you are doused in SPF 30

Best stuff EVER!
I also use it on my neck, chest,legs ect.
No other skin treatment will keep you as young looking as Retin-A.

2062 days ago

Avid Gossip Lover    

Definately a VAL KILMER look-alike! WOW!

2062 days ago


wow, she was human once

2061 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Looks like John Ritter, in drag.....LMAO !!!

2061 days ago


Why in the world didn't she leave herself alone?? Today she looks like a man pretending to be a woman. She looks much better in the "before" pic!!!

2061 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

You call this grotesque GORGEOUS??? She is the UGLIEST mess I've ever seen. In fact, when she goes out in public she should wear two paper bags over her face--in case one breaks. And she should NOT be permitted to be seen by little children. They could be emotionally scarred for life.

2061 days ago


Hey #3, LMAO!!!!

best comment ever

I just wet my panties

2061 days ago


She looks like Val Kilmer!!! OMG

2061 days ago


Damn.....she looked a hell of a lot better then. Donatella Versace has become the scariest looking mutant that I have ever seen. She looks like a cross between a woman and a creature.

2061 days ago


STUNNING?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Someone needs glasses and STAT!

2061 days ago


You might know her palstic surgeon better from his previous job...inventing Mr Potato Head.

2061 days ago


Another lousy plastic surgeon strikes again.

Surgeons should stop being so greedy, if you aren't good at certain surgeries don't do them.

2061 days ago
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