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Bart Simpson -- Drawn Into Scientology

1/28/2009 12:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bart Simpson is officially cheating on Reverend Lovejoy's church -- with the one created by L. Ron Hubbard.

Nancy Cartwright -- voice of Bart and a multi-million dollar donor to Scientology -- has recorded a Scientology robocall in which she uses her famous character's name and voice to push an upcoming L. Ron Hubbard hoedown in L.A.

We called the phone number for the event that Nancy gives out, and the person who answered was surprised a non-Scientologist got the message -- thanks, YouTube.


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Dw. Dunphy    

Where was Scientology when Isaac Hayes was sick and still had to go out on the road just to survive monetarily? He took a bullet for them after the South Park blow-up, but all he received was maybe an extra floral arrangement at his funeral.

2040 days ago

Robert Lindblad    

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard while he was still sane told his son
"You know how to get rich... start a religion." admitting that Scientology is nothing but a fictionally created story.
Scientology is nothing but a corporation that thrives off the ignorance of it's followers by selling them and whoever else books, and courses on how to "improve" themselves spiritually.
One of their expensive scams is that they will sell you for extremely large
amounts of money a series of books that in the end are supposed to teach you how to walk through walls.... and after spending long hours of self deceptive meditation, a lot of money, and reading you become brainwashed to believe that you can actually walk through walls and when you try to and end up bumping your nose against the wall you are told that you couldn't do it because you're not ready yet however there are more books and courses available that will someday make it possible for you to do so for larger amounts of money butt not really.
Scientology = manipulative corporate scam brainwashing moneybaggers club
Scientologist = manipulated misguided fool

I know someone who got sucked into Scientology, I didn't know he was a Scientologist until one day, about 4 years ago, he said "Rob here's a book you should read." He passed me Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard. I laughed and said "L. Con Flubbfart ha forget it." For the first time in the years since I've known the guy he displayed anger and I'm talking very angry!!! Verbally with an agressive face.
After that display he went on to talk about the ability to walk through walls, he hasn't reached that level but he plans on getting there etc...
I've also heard of that course from an ex-Scientologist and neither of them know each other
Here's a website that describes some of the unusual deaths of Scientology members

Here's an interview with L. Ron. Hubbards' son

2096 days ago


I hope she is ready for her career to go in the toilet because as we all know when you start promoting this rediculous cult people turn against you CAUSE YOUR NUTS

2096 days ago

two cents    

I love the smell of footbullets in the morning. Lmao! I bet they were suprised that a nonclam heard the message. I wonder what the response is to the owners of The Simpsons. Shouldn't there be a clause in her contract because "Bart"'s voice belongs to the show, n'est pas? LOL

Wait until 4chan get a load of this. hahaa. Stupid STUPID cult. lol!

2096 days ago

Homer Sexual    

Hi Church of Scientology I'm looking for a member. First name Mike, last name Crotch. He's friends of another member, first name Hugh, last name Jass.

2096 days ago


Whack job religion at its finest. But.......come on folks if all of a sudden we all had heard the many stories about God and the Bible, we all would call those followers whack jobs too.

Immaculate conception? Dead men just getting up and walking out of a tomb? Noah's Ark? Adam and Eve? To me soooo many of the stories Christians believe I laugh at. The certaining that so many people have that there is a Heaven for example, and a Hell.

I have zero certainty about what happens when we die, but, I am a realist, and science folks is way advanced compared to when the Bible was written and I wish we all went somewhere when we die, but, my common sense says different.

We are all part of this wonderful accident, I am happy to have been a part of it. Each of us has value, even the Scientologists.

2096 days ago

arte help    

The real reason for Jett Travoltas death is because his parents don't believe in modern science, just like the Amish. Scientology is a very dangerous religion.

2096 days ago


Well, I guess I won't be watching the Simpsons any more.

2096 days ago


Bart Simpson is MUCH too smart to become a scientologist! Nancy Cartwright, however, well...

2096 days ago


Scientology is not a religion. It is a cult/business.

Stopped watching the Simpsons years ago, and the fact that a network would allow a cult to be pushed to viewers is ridiculous, and irresponsible

2096 days ago


#7 Homer Sexual;

Give a gal some warning before you make spit out her coffee! Pricless. Too funny. I get it! I hope you have time to another one today, I'll be waiting! Talk about belly laugh.

2096 days ago


4. I love the smell of footbullets in the morning. Lmao! I bet they were suprised that a nonclam heard the message. I wonder what the response is to the owners of The Simpsons. Shouldn't there be a clause in her contract because "Bart"'s voice belongs to the show, n'est pas? LOL

Wait until 4chan get a load of this. hahaa. Stupid STUPID cult. lol!

Posted at 10:50AM on Jan 28th 2009 by Mrs Lord Xenu

You have a point there! My friend's step-uncle is dating a woman that does the voice for a very popular cartoon character that my friend's son loves. My friend asked this woman at a family gathering if she could call her son on his birthday using the voice of the character and this woman told her that under her contract terms she was only allowed to use the voice with permission from the shows owners/creators. This woman said that she wouldn't even try using the voice without permission because if she ever got caught that would be the end of her cartoon voice career! I have to wonder if Nancy Cartwright got permission to do this or not. Would love to know if the show's owners are aware of this & what they have to say about it.

2096 days ago

Lord Xenu    


All Hail Lord Xenu !!! 10 million bones in da bank ! Its a good day to be an Intergalactic Warlord.

2096 days ago

A Real Housewife from Compton    

I have feeling that Issac Hayes would still be with us had he not gotten involved w/Scientology. At least he had the sense to cut them out of his will before his passing last year.

2096 days ago

Triple Play    

She should be fired and replaced with someone who doesn't use her celebrity to promote the Scientolobots

2096 days ago
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