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There Are More Strip Clubs in Tampa Than ...

1/28/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a fun fact for all football fans headed to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl -- there are more breasts in that city than at KFC!

Strip Clubs

We did some extensive nudie bar investigating and found out there are a total of 43 strip clubs in Tampa. That's more than the city's hospitals (12), high schools (41), fire stations (21) or synagogues (13). The only place that rivals the clubs is McDonald's, which also comes in at 43.

If there's grass on the field, play ball!

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I live in Tampa and that fact is definately not all together true, as that includes the surrounding areas. But, there are many strip clubs here. There are also great beaches, shopping, amusement parks, and many other things to do. And, you can't beat the weather so there is much more to Tampa than it's strippers!! I agree that you should definately try and stay the next weekend for Gasparilla!!! Bring on the pirates!!!! Arrrrrrr

2073 days ago


1. Tampa
Similar to Atlanta but not as many skyscrapers and very spread out. The club areas are actually suburbs, Ybor City and Channelside. The area surrounding University Of South Florida is where you can get your car shot up, raped or killed.
Tampa rocks, get your mind right.

2. Tampa
The best city in Florida; Rated the 9th most dangerous city in the United States, due in large part to the area surrounding the University of South Florida, where crime rates are very high.

Most commonly known as the 'S.O.G.', the south of gandy region creates a squar landmass which is commonly ruled by the Port Tampa hood. South Tampa region goes all the way from macdill air force base up dale mabry highway till it reaches a short distance of gandy. From Gandy, the rest of the boundries are till Bayshore bulavard and than Weshore Bulavard, creating a 'squar' like area. South Tampa consist of a few elementary schools, the most common Weshore Elementary in port tampa, Only a small picking of middle schools most common Colman, Madison, or Monroe, and one high school Robinson. South tampa is usually a calm hood where drama is mostly consisted at. Snitching is usually acustomed and is tagged on almost every stop sign, 'Stop Snitching'. The area is shared beyond some gang members most commonly know from the D.P.G., P.I. Mob, Blood, and 8 Ball. The drug usage is not that much of a problem, marajuana is commonly sold and smoked as a relaxer or element of chilling. Zanex or 'Zannies' are the newest drug being handed out in the area but is only seen durring parties. The community is tight, everyone is familiar with everyone's drama and news. Enemies such as West Tampa and Carver City aren't much as a threat no more since more and more of the west tampa community is moving out of Monroe Middle School. Class of '10 had the most drama and is now seen as the future of South Tampa. Most drama is know associated with Gang colors or just ordinary drama strucken durring football season after a friday night football games where all of south tampa is usually gathered at from the hours of 7:00pm til 11:00 pm. Overall, south tampa is a chilled community where time is consumed mostly by chillen with people down the street. The most common streets of south tampa where anyone is seen and met are dale mabry, interbay, weshore, macdill, himes, manhatten, montgomery, sterling, and gandy. Most commong hang outs are Macdonalds on interbay and dale mabry, and robinson games at night. Weshore mall was West Tampa territory but for several years now is South Tampa/Port Tampa's territory. Blacks/Hispanics of Puetro Rican and Cuban is a common race as well as mix. 30% is Black, 32% is hispanic or latino orgin, 25% is white, and 13% is other.
Old English 800 is the hood drink, Newport shorts are the hood cigarette, and stolen bycicles are usually the hood ride. The most commonly know housing complex's are Clipper Cove, Clipper Bay, South Bay (The Minnies), Ohio Appartments, Camden, Casa Blanca, and the project hood Remberant Gardens which no longer exsist.
South Tampa is known to many as 'T-Town,', 'Jook City', 'Newport City', 'The 813', or 'Trigga City'.

2073 days ago


Tampa, Florida....city of ho's

2073 days ago


Ice ice baby # 18,

You really painted a pretty picture of the place didn't you.

2073 days ago


As one who was born and raised in Tampa i do have to say......there are too many strip clubs. but who cares...........GO STEELERS

2073 days ago


Yes!! Gasparilla!! I can't wait...

2073 days ago


Remember to smile because you could be on the Mons Venus camera live feed.

2073 days ago


You forgot to mention all the hookers in Tampa. I used to live in Tampa/St. Pete areas when it was nice, but it's gone down hill the last 6-7 years. You can't help but, go down a major road and see a strip club or an adult video rental store. They even have them in little strip (no pun intended) malls right next to convenient stores and shops. Coming down 275 South from North Tampa and into Pinellas County, they are every where. Try driving down Ulmerton Road in Clearwater/Largo. There are more dumpy used car lots, adult video rental joints, strip bars and wing joints then you can imagine. Not to add the traffic, out-dated narrow highway system, and roads that should have been repaved years ago; as well as the crime. It seems like everything a "Bush" touches ends up in the crapper. (Jeb Bush was Governor.)

2073 days ago


You can't compare Atlanta to Tampa. Atlanta cracked down on strip clubs years ago. The strip clubs that they do have in Atlanta are really classy. Visiting Tampa 2 years ago, I was suprised how dirty and run down it was. Looked like the entire place needs a pressure washing. Tampa - How about planting some palm trees and putting a little paint on down town.

2073 days ago


wow, all of the people that have those experiences with the hookers and seedy car lots must have been visiting some family in bad neighborhoods because i don't see that. i have not seen a hooker in years. i guess you have to be in a certain place at a certain time. hmm, what were you doing?

2072 days ago


so what? portland, oregon had over 300 strip clubs in the mid-nineties when I lived there. more per-capita than any other city in america. not sure now, though.

2072 days ago


TMZ,why say this about a city that is the best kept secret in florida.yoy need to look at your show in the way people
see it. your show would not even exist without all the smut you report.just look at your front page today.oh yes i forgot
if you people didnt focus on the smut you report i guess you would have no viewers.see you on the golf course or maybe not lol

2071 days ago
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