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Barker/AM Jet Owner Blames "Defective" Runway

1/30/2009 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The legal blame game in the Travis Barker/DJ AM crash continues, with the owner and operator of the plane suing the the airport and the tire company and the company that designed the jet for more than $12 million.
Travis Barker
In court papers filed in South Carolina, Inter Travel & Services (the owner) and Global Exec Aviation (the operator) have placed blame on the "defective" jet and the "defective" runway at Columbia Metro Airport -- claiming those were the two main reasons the jet plowed nose-first into a raised embankment.

Barker's assistant and bodyguard were killed in the incident, and Travis and AM were critically injured. Goodyear Tire also was named as a defendant in the Federal suit.

Barker already has sued Learjet and Goodyear. AM has filed against the same defendants, in addition to Inter Travel and Global. The estates of the plane's co-pilots also have been sued.

The NTSB has yet to issue its judgment on what caused the crash.


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I can understand suing a company that may have some fault in the accident but going after the pilot and co-pilots estate is just plain nasty.

2054 days ago


Honestly, all of the people who are bitching about them filing a lawsuit, because they should just be 'thankful they're alive'. Have YOU ever been in their position?
I was in a bad car accident 2 years ago (a supposed 'accidental' incident.. pfft), and I broke my femur. The LAST thing I was thinking whenever I was in the hospital, hooked up to various machines, so drugged up I passed out regularly, was 'oh I'm so lucky to be alive, I should be happy, and move on with life'. Trust me, whenever you're in extreme pain - you get pissed. Yeah, I wanted revenge too, so I'm suing.
Things like this happy, sure, but it's not something that you can easily just get over. They knew the people that died, and who knows what they witnessed, happening to these people..
It wouldn't just be physically scarring, but extremely emotionally scarring too..
So stop bitching about them suing, you would all have effing done it too.

2078 days ago


There just isn't any 'accidents' anymore are there? Let's play the blame game and see who gets rich.

2100 days ago


What a bunch of idiots. They should be kissing the ground of the runway, they are lucky to be alive.

2100 days ago


Id sue too!

2100 days ago


Could you imagine almost dying in a plane, i'd sue the pants off somebody, make them pay for my bills etc.....and all that.

2100 days ago


DJ AM's claim to fame is that he:

1) Used to be really fat
2) Dated another Z-lister, Nicole Richie
3) Grabs records by their outer edges and places them on a rotating turntable

Now we can add a new item:

4) Heartless, money-grubbing douchebag that sues the family of a dead person who died in a horrific accident

2100 days ago

Interesting point    

you guys are idiots, travis and AM arent suing anyone else, this is nothing new, go bitch at the plane company you worthless maggots

2100 days ago


I work for Travis and he DID NOT sue the pilots estates you bastards. He is in contact with them you idiots!

2100 days ago

Interesting point    

So what, hopefully Barker and Goldstein take home a huge chunk of coin. Good for them.

2100 days ago

Interesting point    

#5's claim to fame:

1) ummmmmmmm

Now we can add another item to the list:

2) lame, fat, lazy, ugly, unmotivated, hater/keyboard jockey

2100 days ago


I think whoever is at fault here should be punished. I'd sue them just like anybody else does, cowardly bastards. I don't know what world everybody else is living in. I lost my husband to a plane crash...i know.

2100 days ago

Interesting point    

whaddya know, internet losers not reading the article, just looking at a picture and commenting. no wonder our country is going in the crapper. people hating on AM and barker obviously didnt read that this article is about the company that owns and operates that jet. how come there arent any comments hating on the companies for suing?? thats right, because the people hating are the most idiot group of dimwits the internet has to offer.

2100 days ago


I guess the value of DJ AM and Travis Barker lives has a monetary value. These two are willing to put a price on their life instead of being thankful that they made it out alive and unharmed. These two are pathetic. They already have millions but are probably going to sue the pants off the pilot's family whom has already lost probably more than just a husband, father, uncle, and friend.

2100 days ago


Blame it on the rain, blame it on Rio, but don't blame the real people...the drunk pilots!

2100 days ago
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