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Vick -- Out of the Doghouse "Any Day"

1/30/2009 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickMichael Vick is just days away from the sweet smell of freedom -- the kind you find at a half-way house.

Vick's lawyer told a Virginia bankruptcy judge this morning he expects Vick to be released to a halfway house "any day" -- which means he could be out from behind bars several months before the end of his 23-month prison sentence at Leavenworth.

Vick could end up serving the rest of the term in Newport News, Va.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would not confirm the early release plans, but his lawyer seems pretty damn sure of himself.

Think he has plans for the Super Bowl?

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Wow! There are a lot of hateful people on this site, down right satanic....What happened to forgiving people, my gosh he didn't murder anyone or rape or kidnap anybody. It amazes me that people care more about animals than people. It's okay for folks to go hunt and kill deer and not go to jail. Tell me something people why isnt' our ex Pres not in jail for messing up the economy, now that is who needs to be in jail. Come on people, puhpleeaaassseee! Go Mike Vick! I'm ready to see you throw that football again and throw it at dem haters.......lol

2051 days ago


My dog means eveything to me, she is my world. She was found wandering on the side of the road. Animal control picked her up. Then they found a wonderful foster family for her till she could be adopted out. I found her on Petfinder.com after my lab died of pancreatic cancer. That being said, how anyone can even dump a beautiful dog off to fend for herself, much less the evil horrible things this creature did on a daily basis to those poor dogs over a long period of time, is way beyond me. And he manages to sleep at night too. Well, Karma is a b***h, and I can't wait till she catches up to this despicable being. Johnny T, I like your way of thinking.

2031 days ago

Kat Kat    

He should ROT...people are commenting that it's a race thing...that is crap. His colour has NOTHING to do with his actions.
He should be tied up naked, and have an angry dog rip his balls off, see how he likes it, then he should be tortured everyday to feel the pain a million time over that those dogs felt...we'll see how big of a man he is then.

2028 days ago

Kat Kat    

and this it to "Who cares about a bunch of dogs" It's not JUST a bunch of dogs you idiot. and YES people make a huge fuss too over sexual offenders. Those are different situations. If you are going to analyse, analyse the situation at hand. Do you own pets? I'm thinking from your stupid comment that you don't. How can you honestly think that what he did was something that you can ignore? Yes you hear about it more because he is a famous person, so it seems like they are making more of a big deal about it, and rightly so, he should be made an example of. He has been given a privilege to play the sport he plays, to be an example to millions of young people and older infact, and he throws it all away by doing this, so YES he deserves to be made a show of. Your comment of hoping that he continues on to do better in the NFL is crap. That just tells people yes you can do wrong, you can torture dogs, commit criminal acts, and be deserving of playing a great sport, and paid lots of money to do it..WAKE UP you fool.....So I guess if I read a new story about your ass being tortured, I'll say ahh who cares, it was just some dumbass.......

2028 days ago

Kat Kat    

and to Moni...umm hello, no he didn't rape and kill anybody, BUT he did what he did, and should be punished accordingly. How can you compare what he did to a rape or killing? Just because he did something outside of that, does not mean it is not bad or terrible. He still commited a dispicable act, and should be made to pay for that, and made an example of for THAT specific crime. IF he raped somebody, then we would discuss that, so whyy even compare. He is famous, of course you are
going to hear more about it. These statements are talking about animals yes, people and animals are equal. They deserve to be treated with respect just as much as we do..THAT is the argument that people are trying to make..However, people like yourself are not even worth the time of day....Grow up.

2028 days ago


I just think it is a shame people are quick to kick a person when they are down.He is already suffering for what he has done and will regret it for the rest of his life.Ease up people. I pray for all of your sake, you are walking the walk. Not just talking the talk. Forgiveness people!

2013 days ago


look out nfl....here he come'z....the bigg dogg iz back.............

2090 days ago


LOL. I tell ya, white people in this country are a frigging trip. A man can go to a woman's house, get into a fight, beat her to within one inch of her life, and then for good measure, shoot her six times. And when he and she gets into court (if it ever makes it that far), she will be lucky if he gets 6 months probation and a $100.00 fine. But if that same man lets two dogs fight, or leave the dog out in the cold, then the hammer drops. 10-20 years in prison and everthing else they can think of. And they think that in the eyes of God, they are the good ones because they stopped him for mistreatment of dogs.

2090 days ago


He should have made sure he went to trial here in CA and he could have been out months ago.

2090 days ago


Are you friggin kidding me? I don't care if your white, black or friggin purple if you abuse or kill an animal you deserve to go to jail! He shot, slammed on the concrete, and drowned these dogs. He deserves to go to jail. If he can do this to an animal then he is capable of hurting or killing a human being. Get off the race crap. You people are a piece of work!

2090 days ago


I hope someone makes this piece of trash's life a living hell.

2090 days ago


He's a piece a crap.
They should use him at the police academy, with body protection, to train their attack dogs.

He is truly a Piece Of Sh##

2090 days ago


6. He's a piece a crap.
They should use him at the police academy, withOUT body protection, to train their attack dogs.

He is truly a Piece Of Sh##

2090 days ago


Hello MadeinUSA... You are a joke and a bigot. I am a white female working in the automotive industry (in Michigan)... is that MadeinUSA enough for you? I am sickened by your racist comments. Michael Vick made a mistake- he is paying his debt to society. You are not his judge or his jury. I trust he has learned from his horrible mistakes (and judgement) and I hope he goes onto live a full, happy life! I wish you the best in your trailer park too, MadeinUSA.

2090 days ago


What a piece of crap. I hope his life is a living hell.

2090 days ago
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