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Shaquille O'Neal -- What I Did for Love

1/31/2009 1:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

First the staged moon landing ... now this!Shaq and Kobe
In perhaps the greatest, longest running publicity stunt since the inception of the WWF, Shaquille O'Neal tells ESPN, "I always did love Kobe. It was all marketing."

That's right Lakers fans, telling Kobe to "Tell me how my ass tastes", was all teasing. And that whole kooky thing during his rape trial when Kobe accused Shaq of cheating on his wife and Shaq responded by basically calling him a snitch and a rat -- ACTING!

Shaq, we saw you in "Kazaam." You're not that good.

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Fubunki PunkChat    

Shaq: Kobe! com'eer a sec
Kobe: What's up?
Shaq: My wife's about to leave me and I can't convince her whether your joking or not!
Kobe: You gonna quite cheating? 'Cause I told you one of those ho's are gonna sue you one day, and loe and behold, they're suing you!
Shaq: I Swear! I havn't done it since she initiated the lawsuit!
Kobe: Alright, I'll quit talking about it. Why do me make me lie to my wife? Huh?
Shaq: C'mon, you say what you wanna say a--
Kobe: I do what she needs me to do, and you need to do that with your wife so I can quit covering your ass or I'll just have to tell my wife that I have been lying about YOU and what YOU did to YOUR wife, and I'll never hear the end of it.
Shaq: Well why do you have to tell her anything anyway?
Kobe: My wife is friends with your wife. Tha's why. Don't you get how much they talk?
Shaq: Well what's she gonna do to you?
Kobe: She'll put me in the Dog house, then she'd pick up the phone and get you kicked out of YOUR HOUSE!
Shaq: Oh.
Kobe: So, you gonna quit, or am I gonna have to tell my wife the truth?
Shaq: I'm quitting.
Kobe: Good! Wanna do some drills?
Shaq: Thought you'd never ask!

2092 days ago


COME ON!!! Who actually said yes to this???? GEEZ!

2092 days ago

Carrys F.    

People are so stupid. They'll believe anything. Why do you think celeb gossip sites are so popular?

2092 days ago

t wolf    

the more convincing to the masses that fiction or drama is actually true,the better the sell,this is catching fire all over
the tv media,in sports,politics,everywhere,this is replacing daytime soap operas,movies,tv shows,even the game of
sports itself,Market reality is taking over everything

2092 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Shaq is just sucking up to Kobe because he wants to be on a winning team. His suck ass needs to retire and move onto his new career. Wiping the boys down after they are done showering.

2092 days ago

Jitesh Patel    

Well i believe shaq partially i do believe that alot of this shaq kobe feud from the early 2000's was blown out of proportion by the hollywood glare but they definately had there squabbles, if you really think about it when in history did you have such big time superstars on one team and with such huge egos if they would have only managed to make it work the lakers would have one at least another 2 or 3 since there NBA FINALS LOST TO THE PISTONS IN 04' prehaps they would have beaten boston with kg and ray allen in last years 08' finals but thats what inflated ego's do plus these two got in big time trouble with women first shaq's wife and him cheating and kobe allegedly raping a girl that stupid fool should have payed for a local highclass prostitute i really think kobes a cheapskate anyways it takes 5 like addias so popularlly says in there commercial if shaq and kobe believed this who know how many trophys they could have been hoisting in LA

2092 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Buying it? I'm not *reading* it. Next.

2092 days ago


shaq must be trying to get back to L.A.

L.A. should allow bynum to continue to develop with the peeps they have already.

Watching the Suns collaspe in the playoffs with all that veteran talent was ridiculous. Nash was the only one playing like he wanted to win.

2091 days ago

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