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Christian Bale Rant

Bale Went Ballistic

2/2/2009 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


You may remember that Christian Bale went nuts on the set of "Terminator Salvation" a few months back, threatening to stop production and beat some serious ass.

The incident was audiotaped, and it's amazing. It happened on the set after a director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. Bale lost it, screaming, yelling and threatening to quit if the bosses didn't fire the dude.

Film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

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uNclear hysteria    

to poster #3120... very well stated!!!! i agree with you wholeheartedly!!! amen , brother! you have to check out a spoof t4 movie trailer on vimeo... it is actual movie scenes with Bale's actual rant dubbed in as the other actors "voices"... it is effing HILARIOUS!!! p.s. i think Bale is a douche now!!!!

2046 days ago


Check out Family Guy with Peter Griffin filling in the other side of this complete idiot's insane ramblings...Bale is a TOOL...

2046 days ago


Alright, I understand he was rough and rude; however, when you think about scenes in terminator movies they are complicated and trying. And as an actor and a team they could have done the scene seventy times and they were probably tired. They probably had call at 5 in the morning and they are running the same fricken scene over and over again where set up and prep take a long time. And what if everything went well except for someone walking around during a take. I mean they have lights and people who are suppose to keep people including the production staff out of the way. So, yeah as the actor I would be pissed. Yes, he did go too far but filming an action movie is long and trying. People have no idea how stressful it is to make a two hour movie.

2046 days ago


Nobody here ever lost their temper and talked to someone in such a manner, regretting it later once you calmed down? It's so easy to point fingers and judge, especially a celebrity (the envy!), who DID get audio taped because he's a celebrity (we don't), so we don't get to hear ourselves plastered all over the internet sounding like an ass. If the guy did this all the time, we'd have heard of this before (my God, look at how we're hearing of this) He had a bad day. HE's said he was sorry and realizes how stupid he sounded. Again, none of us have ever lost our tempers and yet, all the judgemental comments about Christian Bale, a very talented actor, yet HUMAN! And we know nothing about this guy he was yelling at. He may have done the same thing before, we'd never know. YET let's all JUDGE Christian Bale and call him names, etc. WHAT FUN that is. Keeps the focus off our own mistakes. Oh that's right.... none of you here make them, not the way you're writing! Yeah, he lost it. Not only does he have to deal with that recalling it himself, but now he has to deal with EVERYONE playing it over and over as if they never heard anyone threaten to KICK BUTT and for no better reason but they're in a MOOD. NOPE, never heard of that before! Come on people. They're real people just like everyone else!

2045 days ago


I was just here upset about everyone knocking Christian Bale for, oops, having a bad day and because he's an actor, having an audio tape of this mistake circulate and critiqued by all and in a way "not so nice" and sooo judgemental. Not happy about it. BUT I'm back because I just found this and maybe some of you didn't hear this, only having listened to his day on the set where he did get out of hand, not having been there. . . he actually spoke about this on the radio, called in himself to discuss. Please, listen. Then, say all the terrible things you said after hearing his side. It won't be as easy. IF so, you're all worse than I thought! I knew I was defending something for the right reasons, and now KNOW I wasn't wrong for taking the time to do so - see, cuz' I don't do this stuff. Spend my days commenting about actors and other people's lives. Only when it gets to me (really gets to me) like reading many of the remarks here about Christian Bale, big fan or not, knowing he's ONLY HUMAN!

Please do click and listen to his side of the story. Thank you!

2045 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

all these recent posts by ''friends of bale" and their "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!" speeches (oops, i mean "LEAVE CHRISTIAN ALONE!!!") really make me laugh...
btw, when you" friends" call bale and all you get is his voicemail, please tell him i said his fake,phony low, deep american accent voice(batman and now john connor) acting choices really suck! he should stick to his normal "Welsh nightmare" screaming at other people voice... it's much less annoying and easier to listen to!

Thanks! and much love to you all!!

2044 days ago

Irish Bob    

Good man Christian, that's exactly what I would have done. No I would have went for the guy sooner and flung him out. If any of you guys were trying to record a message for your answering machine and someone kept Fooking it up by making noises you'd hit the roof so shut up giving out about it. What happened to him is 50 billion times worse cause more than likely the world is gona be watching. The world won't hear your answering machine. It's obvious from past movies he has done and what he has done to prepare for them that he's really dedicated. Anyone who moans about this is just jealous and isn't thinking about it properly. I know if I'm just talking to someone and anything moves in my peripheral vision I look to see what it is. How can anyone be expected to act out a scene with that going on? He apologised for it, more than likely feeling that he was not in the wrong and in my opinion he didn't need to. That lighting guy should have known better.

2044 days ago

Fan of the Arts & Artists    

Christian Bale is an extraordinary actor. And, he is an ACTOR nor a performer or celebrity. There is a difference. Gossip and innuendo are the province of denigrating small minds. Within the arts in general, it seems some of the greats have not been easy people to work with or be around. I don't know about Christian Bale, but I do know that walking on the set during a scene is pretty amateur! Anyone ever thought (oops, I just assumed!) about what it takes to "get into character"? You want a performer who just delivers lines and is worried about his "image" or what the gossip video rags like TMZ think? Then don't go see Christian Bale movies or search for "fan groups." However, if you are interested in ACTING- the bringing to life the character, the story at every level of the mind and senses, you'll find few to rival Bale. He is one of the most interesting and promising talents in America. I don't care a fig about his personal life or pirated, illegal tapes or gossip. I'm interested in his art. His artistic reputation is built on talent and delivery - not gossip!

2043 days ago

Dave Twohig    

The first time I heard that I said what a terrible way to treat another human being. I vowed not to ever rent or buy any movie that has un-Christian Bale in it. I continue to keep to that pledge.

1618 days ago


BTW #13 ^ up there it's BALE. Not Bayle.. No y in his name.

Anyways. GO BALE! If that was me I would be cursing & yelling at him too. He's just a guy trying to do his job. Why is it such a big deal? Because he's famous? I just yelled & cursed the crap out of my hubby the other day, should it be blasted & have people complaining & talking crap?! No. I think Bale is an amazing actor & he can yell all he wants to somebody screwing with the outcome of a movie I'm going to watch. Like he said, he had his head in the scene & here comes this idiot (who should KNOW by now what NOT to do) and screws that up! Bale SHOULD have kicked his arse!

1612 days ago

Fern's Cliff    

One day someone will come along and screw Bale's head into the sidewalk. Who in the holy hell does he think he is??? He's definitely a "small time," disrespectful egomaniac, and I wish somebody had wiped the floor with his ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS ass. Disgusting. It would have been perfectly understandable if someone would have punched his ignorant face so hard that his brains caved in and slipped down and fell out through his *******.

1514 days ago


You know who really deserves some holy **** rained on them?

The douche who recorded this. ALL actors/actresses have prima donna days. The director knows this, the production team knows this, everyone.

The person whose career is truly over is the person who had the nerve to record this and send it to the media. They will most likely never be hired again.

Seriously, one of the stupidest things you could do. Instant career suicide.

1484 days ago


c'est un bon acteur,de plus il a presente ses excuses non?. il est simple discret et tres intelligent, c'est pEUT Etre cela qui derange. bonne suite pour sa carriere. UNE FAN DE FRANCE

1459 days ago


cant believe the number of pro christian comments on here. Just imagine: That DP is your father. There's no excuse for trying to dominate someone like that when other options are available (and DONT say they aren't, there's the director right there, guarantee you christian never mentioned it)

1443 days ago

jay holleywood    

**** Christian Bale! if he would have talked to me like that, I would have kicked his ass and then helped him up and kicked his ass again!

1367 days ago
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