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Christian Bale Rant

Bale Went Ballistic

2/2/2009 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


You may remember that Christian Bale went nuts on the set of "Terminator Salvation" a few months back, threatening to stop production and beat some serious ass.

The incident was audiotaped, and it's amazing. It happened on the set after a director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. Bale lost it, screaming, yelling and threatening to quit if the bosses didn't fire the dude.

Film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

Christian Bale: Launch Photos


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for Comment #50

Long hours and tough work? Oh, so THAT'S why he's getting paid millions of dollars. Seriously, if moving out of his Bubble and having to work grueling hours leads to that kind of behavior, he's more amateur than the man he's ranting and raving at. Notice, of course, that the man walked BEHIND the Director, not in front of him. Unless it's a close-up with a closed set, people are moving around all the time. It's their JOB.

You can kiss Bale's butt all you want, but to excuse his behavior because of long hours shows how utterly idiotic you are. All Actors work Long Hours and have grueling Production Schedules. All of them. It's no excuse.

1997 days ago


they dont call him patrick bateman 4 nothing???american psycho.anyone??now i know how he played the part so well,the guy was sh**thing in his pants????

1997 days ago

Atomik the Duck    

It's difficult to be certain one accurately has the context here. Assuming from the reference to it being a second time, and the DP's seeming to some degree to beg off, it wasn't unreasonable for Bale to have gone somewhat over the top. He was apparently committed to the scene, as indicated by his desire to shoot again immediately, and it was ruined by the DP's distracting him. Bale is certainly asserting in no uncertain terms that he feels it wasn't merely an accident, but that the DP fundamentally failed to 'get' that the point of the exercise was to get the performance on film, not merely to light it properly absent other considerations. It's this, clearly, that infuriates him. I don't see that as some would have it, as spoiled behavior, but the rage of someone trying to get it right, who cares about getting it right, being false-footed by what he perhaps rightly sees as less-than-professional conduct.

1997 days ago


You're an idiot! It should be leaked! He should be shown for the azz he is! You must be Christian the drugged up azz. Maybe you'll feel better if you go take some more of your dope. Sorry, everyone knows how you are, get over it!

1997 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

Drugs make you act like that, he needs to clean up. I would never pay to see a movie he had anything to do with.

1997 days ago


WHOOOOOAAAAA! He's a fuggin PSYCHO! I'd prob still do him, though.

1997 days ago


To 54 Liz--

Nah, sounds like Bale needs to GO ON medication!!

Can anyone say prozac or zolof 10x fast?

1997 days ago


NO, he's needs off his street drugs and then be evaluated. Then maybe he might need some antipsychotics or some valium for his nerves. Just because he's angry, doesn't mean he's depressed! He just sounds psycho!

1997 days ago


What an arrogant prick.. someone should have kicked HIS ass... he needs to be put in his place...

1997 days ago

Sin D    

What a T O O L ! Who does he think he is / Ya ain't that good dude...

1997 days ago


What an immature tool. Time to hire a new Batman.

1997 days ago


I can't be "in the scene" with you wandering around!!!

What an idiot. So incredibly full of themselves and freaking out over NOTHING...he's getting PAID to be in the movie, not paying to make the movie so why is he freaking out???

He is an OKAY actor but the only reason Dark Knight made so much money was Heath Ledger...not Christian Bale...unfortunately because the movie got so big he got a big head and thinks he's the bomb...NOT THE CASE...

Get a grip on reality. You're not special enough EVER to talk to people like that.

1997 days ago


how dare any of us, even be in his precense, he is an artist, he's BANNED

1997 days ago


All you losers who claim that your gonna boycott and won't see another movie of his... I'm gonna smack you when I see you in line for Batman 3.

1997 days ago


I totally agree with CB. You're trying to do your job and some idiot goes strolling through the set -- loo lee loo, dum dee dum...and he's the Director of Photography.

I thought it was hilarious. Try working sometime and some idiot ruins your thing. Oops! I accidentally erased your stuff. Oops! I accidentally lost your stuff.

Its infuriating when you have to work with someone who's a space cadet. I don't know what it takes to act, but capturing the mood of the scene is probably important--it helps to not be distracted by some unprofessional nincompoop.

The Director of Photography walks through the set while they're filming--its too funny. I thought it was great--I would have done the same thing--but with more swears---GTF Out of Here you stupid idiot would have been my choice of words.

1997 days ago
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