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Christian Bale Rant

Bale Went Ballistic

2/2/2009 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


You may remember that Christian Bale went nuts on the set of "Terminator Salvation" a few months back, threatening to stop production and beat some serious ass.

The incident was audiotaped, and it's amazing. It happened on the set after a director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. Bale lost it, screaming, yelling and threatening to quit if the bosses didn't fire the dude.

Film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

Christian Bale: Launch Photos


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I agree with Bale. The guy should be aware of what is happening on the set. I would be pissed too, especially since, as Bale said, it was the second time it happened. He went on a little to long, but the dude probably deserved it. My guess is that he watches where he walks next time he is on set. Bale did a good job teaching him a lesson!

2057 days ago

TMZ should be Terminated    

Bale RULES!!!
People in Hollywood have done a lot lot worse that this, and were never beat down this badly by the press.
The only reason everyone's making a big deal out of this is because Christian Bale doesn't like to be under the spotlight like the rest of Hollywood.
And the media is furious at him because it's just "Un-Hollywood" to have that much star power and not strut around and party all day.
Bale's one of da finest and most modest actors of his generation. Unfortunately in the backwards slanted skewed out beyond imagination world of TMZ and all that followed the Tattler, that is not a good thing. Especially when it's just cool to say "who do these snooty spoiled rich actors think they are" without thinking- wait, he's a human being too.

2056 days ago


I would do the same thing, put it to him, trash his lights and fire his a$$

2049 days ago

Chris Buddie    

I loved the batman movies and thought there was no better choice for the human roadents role and i also loved the terminator trilogy therefor the most anticipated film for me this year was terminator salvation but now im dissapointed christian should ask him self "what would arnie have done"

2081 days ago

That kinda maderuined my day    

Wow... that is kind of shocking. You know what the best part of it is? At the end when he says "Me and you- are done....professionally." That means it's still okay for them to have some nookie later, even though they got in a little tiff at work.

2079 days ago


Big Deal, he got mad & cussed somebody out.
Another Day in Life.
Who knows what has happened prior to this to cause the blow out.
Always two sides to a story.

2079 days ago

Vincent Suarez    

Christian Bale kept talking about how the guy he was yellin at was unprofessional but he is the real unprofessional person because peoples true colors are shown when they are really angry. personally, i think he should be fired, but of course they aren't going to do that.

2022 days ago


I don't care how 'bad a day' you've had, when you treat people like this it shows a lack of character.

2078 days ago

k-von LA    

And all this from a guy who can barely act -- what an idiot!!! With that said, what was that DP doing walking around in the background and then walking into the scene as Mr. Jackass was mentioning??

2078 days ago

allan dk    

great piece of work..
Honestly, sometimes you really do work with idiots, however, we the ordinary people know better than to blow steam off like Christian does. I think actors and artists differ from normal people in their self perception, and (apparently) they need to "act" like that in order to tap into their toolbox of emotions - I guess it's just what they are, no rigth or wrong. And considering Mr Bale's notorious temper this real-life scene had to come at some point...
The funny thing in all this is the ligth guy (called Shane?).. he just won't let it go, and he keeps adding to the fire. I love the mumbles just when Bale has calmed down, and it gets him all fired up again.
Bale is an actor, and I bet you all that some of the other stars have similar temper or strange behaviour, They are actors, not masters of communication :-)

2076 days ago


Yeah, what he said was totally wrong - he admitted it publicly. But I have some sympathy for the guy. Not because he was yoinked out of whatever state of mind he was in by someone behaving as though they'd never been on a Hollywood set before. But because these film actors are up working 20+ hours/day. It's not that the guy is just some prick who will snap because you touched his Twinkie, he's freakin EXHAUSTED. Don't tell me you've never thrown a b*tch fit at someone cutting you off in traffic at the end of an EIGHT hour work day. Yeah. Not feeling so high & moral anymore, are ya'll. :P Gotta love the morons online throwin' stones at people they don't know....

2076 days ago

brandon W    

why is everyone so mad at him for this, he lost his temper because hes tryin to do his job and hes really focused in it. he doesnt think hes better than anybody or any of that. it happens to everybody, hes not perfect.

2075 days ago


Finally listened to this for the first time. I really don't see how people are so hard on Bayle. This wasn't the first time the jackass screwed up his scene. From what I got it was the 2nd time they had to stop a scene and sounds like he keeps messin around on the sidelines during other scenes to where Bayle is wondering if he's about to screw up another scene. I'd be pissed also. Trying to make a multi-million dollar movie and dude is screwing it up. Movie execs are probably happy with Bayle because this jackass is wasting film and money by screwing up scenes.

2074 days ago


haha i love how everyone is hating on Christian Bale
while im pratically the only one whose laughing

Christian Bale kicks ass

Freakin' Christian Bale
this dude freaking coo

2071 days ago


If he had talked to me like that he would come round up in a hospital bed "period"..famous or not....what a retard does this to a other grown up? and i would sue hes ass for harazzment and treath...

2009 days ago
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