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"T4" Producer -- Bale's Tantrum Was No Biggie

2/3/2009 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to listenIt turns out Christian Bale's expletive-filled, volcanic explosion on the set of "Terminator Salvation" was a "non-event"... according to a guy who wasn't the brunt of Bale's tirade.

Bruce Franklin -- assistant director and associate producer on the film -- told us "Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene ... his reaction was from the heat of the moment."

The target of Bale's attack -- a director of photography named Shane Hurlbut -- was not fired from the movie, despite Christian's threat that if Shane screwed up one more time, he should be kicked to the curb.

Franklin said Bale was under a lot of pressure because of his crazy "Dark Knight" promotion schedule, and that the crew -- Hurlbut included -- ended up shooting for another seven hours.


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The rant went on too long but it makes you wonder what this crew member was pulling to set it off like this; you DON'T walk into a scene, not ONCE but TWICE if not more! What an idiot....and this was a big production. I would have been furious and appalled as an actor/actress watching this and it sounds like the guy was flippant about it. The director/producer should have been losing his mind, footage lost is money lost. It's interesting that Bale flipped but if he was playing an intense scene, was in character, or lost the edge of a scene because doofus was dancing in and out of the frame. I don't blame him for becoming very, very VERBAL about it. He seems to be wired pretty tight anyway, leaves quite a wake, etc.

2072 days ago


omg... its really not that big a freaking deal... sounds like the guy was in the way of the shot and in the scene... and Christian gave a piece of it!!! well said Mr. Bale... if some one is hired to do a job do it right... and its not like the dude he was yelling at didnt have a voice in it... he had much to say as well... two grown men solving their problems openly whats the FAULT in that... at least he didnt Chris brown the dude.

2069 days ago

Suzie Cue    

i was laughing the whole time. Efffen funny.

2068 days ago


i will still see the movie

2089 days ago

Doom Cat    

Of course they are going to stick up for him. They don't want people to not go and see the movie because they think Bale is an ass, which I am sure a lot of people are going to do.

2089 days ago


I am a huge Terminator fan and the first thing I thought was that he must have been so in character that he lost it. It Sounds like this happened last summer anyway. I'm sure everything is fine. Who cares.

2089 days ago


Castrate him. simple answer.

2089 days ago


There's nothing wrong with this creep that I couldn't fix with an ax handle.

2089 days ago


You got it B.B.B. The whole thing revolves around money and a producer (the money guy) of course will say it is nothing. I bet if the director or a fellow "star" was talked too like that, we would get an immediate appology from C.B. Not in this case because the other guy was not important enough and could be replaced. No matter how you spin it, Christian was WRONG and should issue a public appology S.T.A.T>

2089 days ago


Just knew they would pull out the old excuse of him being under a lot of pressure. Oh excuse me, Mr. Actor man who makes millions of dollars. Maybe you should try one of our regular people jobs and see what real pressure is working one of those jobs. And by the way, your a** would be fired so fast at a normal job if you pulled the crap you pulled on the set of your movie. No matter if he was under pressure or if he's a method actor or what, bottom line is he's a human being and should behave like one. Anybody who berates someone else like he did is just not a good person and he deserves to be treated like he treats others.

2089 days ago


What a JACKASS!) I Mean Bale!

2089 days ago


The guy WASN'T replaced so what are you complaining about? He just said they worked together for another seven years that day..

2089 days ago


I think it didn't need to go that far, and I will not pay to see that movie. I don't really care how good it is the was really uncalled for... sorry Christian...Thumbs down for me..........

2089 days ago


I love Christian Bale. I think that the Director of Photography should have known better, like Bale said, would he mess up his lighting on purpose during a shoot. These actors are temperamental and are living/working in the moment. Sometimes you can't capture that twice. Like the DP doesn't know better, like CB said, he's a non-professional!

2089 days ago


What everyone forgets is this was right when Christain was also dealing with having to face the death of Heath Ledger whom he had become very close to, all over again. It was said at the time of the incident that he had become despondent at the time of Heaths death and didn't take it well, then to have to promote the movie without him, caused a near nervous breakdown. This was all reported on this site, just a few months ago, EXTENSIVELY. When this event took place. And no one seems to be acknowledging that. We have all dealt with the death of a friend or loved one poorly. Cut the man some slack. This is a non story.

2089 days ago
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