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Jessica Melts Down in Michigan

2/6/2009 2:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson stunk it up on stage again – and it didn't have anything to do with high-waisted jeans.

According to fans, including the Grand Rapids Press, Jessica had a minor meltdown on stage, unable to finish songs and forgetting the lyrics to her single "Come On Over." She apologized to the crowd, and even told the audience during her last song she felt like walking off stage.

One theory for the shaky show was the absence of BF Tony Romo.


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Well...if she is having a melt down during her set or at the end of a song, honestly it just shows that she is an amature, bush leaguer and so on.
Seperate the pros from the minor leaguers. The pros do have an off night, but only the members of any band would know it...This melt down tells me that she has no respect for her so called fans.

2054 days ago

stewie griffin    

no talent

2085 days ago

northern gypsy    

keep it together J.S. no need to wear your heart on your sleeves...
if it is bf've got to kiss alot of frog's before you get a prince !!!

2085 days ago


First, she is not only spoilt brat but so overrated like Beyonce. They ain't no singer like Whitney, Celine but an entertainer. All they all do is to manipulate people through their beauty. They have no talent whatsoever. When they open their mouth to talk without their PR's, they are not only irritating but annoying. Jessica is nothing but a whinning no talent girl. And by the way, her sister, Ashlee needs to back up and take care of her son. When you are in the limelight and makes your money through that, you should expect some scrutinities. It comes with the territory. No one cares about me or what i do in my life because i'm not a so called dummy celebrity like them. They need to get themselves together and stop complaining because the scrutinity comes with the territory. WHINNING, SPOILT BRAT SO CALLED DUMMY "D" Level celebrity. Jessica Simpson is so yesterday since she left her rating machine, Nick Lachey. They were good together and she messed it up because all the hype got into her dummy head.

2085 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

SlowN slowN slowN dwn.Zzzzzz

2085 days ago

Nuke em & we own em    

>>>>I'd do her in a heartbeat.....even let her sing to me when her mouth wasn't occupied

2085 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

IT just goes the know the old old HOLLYWOOD rule TMZ?.IF you want to eat in hollywood you can`t eat!!!.I`ll still love you LONG TIME!!!.COWGIRL in the sand.

2085 days ago

artie help    

she's beautifully a snowflake,

2085 days ago


Jessica "loses" it because the boyfriend isn't in the audience?? How unprofessional is that? She's got to stop pretending she has any talent and find a new line of work.

2085 days ago


If her mind is in her boyfriend that's not good. She needs to be more dependable on herself not on anyone else.

2085 days ago

Illinois person    

She pulled the same stunt when she was asked by the Kennedy Center to come an honor Dolly Parton. She made an ass out of herself then too and they had to cut her out before the program was on TV. Stop bringing Romo's name into every time your true talent (or lack there of) comes to light. Your own dad has Romo's back so to speak so you've lost that battle as well.

2085 days ago

Melissa B    

That is so rude to say, I want to walk off stage! B;tch - you better finish performing for me! I bought tickets for a reason!

2085 days ago


Someone actually paid money to hear her sing? I dont know who has the worse voice, Jessica or her bimbo sister, Ashley.
Talk about a no talent family.

2085 days ago

Mitchell Parker    

There are so many like her that don't deserve their celebrity status because they have nothing to offer in the talent department. Jessica Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian. All talentless zeros who crave fame and attention.

2085 days ago

Angelina hater    

First of all GAI the correct spelling of Spoilt is "Spoiled and secondly your opinion doesnt count because your ranting about nothing. Your a hater and that sucks for should hate on Jessica get a life of your own........

2085 days ago
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