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Obamas "Stunned" by Etta Slam

2/6/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Etta JamesBeyonce might be mum on Etta James' wacko verbal slap, but Barack and Michelle Obama, apparently, were taken more than a little aback.

A White House insider tells the Chicago Sun-Times the First Couple was "stunned" by James' remarks. "It never crossed anyone's mind that there was anything inappropriate about Beyonce singing that song," admitted the source. Worse yet, "I'm sure some of the younger people involved didn't even know she is alive!"

Etta said yesterday it was all a big joke. Hilarious.


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=-D Agent Matta    

=-D Well I honestly threw a gay fit when I heard that Beyonce' of all people was going to be playing Miss Etta James. I saw the movie and felt that she did a good job. The thing that I don't like is that Etta is a Power singer. We all know beyonce is more of a screamer. It sort of pissed me off that they would let her do that. Maybe Alicia Keys or someone else who can sustain a note. I don't know. I feel where she is comin from though. She did deal with alot of racism, she is half black after all. Sort of like saying the "N" word, a unique right of our brotha'z and sista'z, she can say he do got some big earz. God I'd rather have a president with big ears than one a small brain! Obama! Obama! Obama! I love you Miss Etta!

2045 days ago


In your day Etta you were the singer owner of the song "At Last" gotta keep it together girl--Beyonce owns that song now..

2087 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

This is over. Etta has appologized but good ole TMZ thinks they gotta try and keep it going. WERE OWNWE FREE AN A HAF YEARS ODE.

2087 days ago

Valerie S OKC    

I don't remember hearing an apology.

2087 days ago


Etta only apologized because people were pointing out what an ass she was making of now she's trying to cover it up with "it was all a big joke". It' sure didn't sound like she was joking.

2087 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The REAL MINI me lsownN SlowNN dwionsad,,

2087 days ago


Uhm, Obama shouldn't be worrying about Etta, he's got bigger problems.

2087 days ago

She is hot    

LOL,,,,,this is just to funny!! She dissed the pres!! That girl must be crazy!!! Oh, but she was just "kidding"!! The next 4 years are truly going to entertaining with this man and woman in the white house! LOL,,,,

2087 days ago


I really thought she was dead. How can you make a joke saying the President had "big ears & he is not my President", I do not think anyone should find that funny. You would think with the years of racism she experienced she would have been a little more humble in the moment. Younger generations remake songs all the time, she should have honored to have a movie & her song redone by a huge star like Beyonce.

2087 days ago


Barry doing spin, one more time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I thought it was funny to hear a black woman slam the Pres!

2087 days ago

Kathy I get the "it was just a joke" defense Ms Etta's putting out there now

Only because the Obamas are upset over her tantrum

There's that scary pic of her again though...

2087 days ago


So the Obamas were "stunned," huh? Were they also "stunned" by the racist venom spewed by "Mr. Beyonce" at the Obama-sanctioned inaugural party? If they want to comment on something, let them comment on the impression left on black children and on C IVILIZED people around the world when two of the STREET THUGS (Jay-Z and Young Jeezy) that Obama seems to idolize showed a complete lack of respect for the occasion and for this country by using the word "n*gger" (self respect is a foreign concept to these cretins), cursing the outgoing president and using unmasked racist taunts. Were Obama and the Missus "stunned' by that as well?

Harvey, why don't you try exercising a little JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY and stop allowing this one-sided a**-kissing that now passes for reporting. Anyone who dares to criticize Obama or BLACK RACIST THUGS has their post removed. WHY? Is your staff so afraid of the truth? I thought this was still America! In another year there will be NOTHING to distinguish us from any other THIRD WORLD DICTATORSHIP.

2087 days ago

Carolyn D.    

"How can you make a joke saying the President had "big ears & he is not my President", I do not think anyone should find that funny." Oh, Please! How many jokes have we heard about the Bush Family, Cheneys, Reagans, Sarah Palin?
Suck it up! Not everyone worships at the feet of Barack Obama!

2087 days ago


Thank you Edumacted!!!! I normally don't agree with you however, on this one, YES.

2087 days ago


as a black woman and a human being i was skocked to hear of her behaviour , time came and go , things change all the time so ette get over yourself , don't you want to make room for the new generation ?beyonce and barack are the next generation, i thought that's what you and all the other civil rights advocates worked hard for for us the next generation , being black ,white , aisan etc.and i did'nt even know she was alive ,first of all i have never heard of hear , yes i heard the song but i never knew who sang it until beyonce stepped in. so i am 100% behind beyonce and barack. god bless us all, amen.

2087 days ago
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