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Simpson's Excuse -- I Had an Off Night

2/6/2009 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson is already explaining her reportedly bizarre, calamity-filled, lyric-forgetting performance in Michigan last night -- chalking the whole thing up to an "off night."

Her rep tells TMZ, "Jessica had an off night. She's a perfectionist and wanted to start some songs over. She always wants to give the best performance for her fans."

Jess' recent wave of bad press continued this morning when a Grand Rapids Press editor who attended the show claimed the singer forgot her lyrics, struggled with her ear monitors, mumbled through songs, fought back tears and asked her band to re-start a song.

At one point in the show, Simpson mouthed the words "I'm sorry" to the crowd.

FYI -- no apology has been issued for the years of the other shows she's done.


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Just to clarify, this post is not about talent or really about the article itself, but about comments posted calling Jessica Simpson fat. It infuriates me that the media as well as most of you can be so cruel. I was at the show last night and Jessica Simpson is not fat by any means. After all the hype from the media I was expecting a chubby girl to walk out on stage, and was surprised to see a fit and healthy woman. All it took was one unflattering outfit/photo and now she is “fat”? Seriously, no wonder why all of the young women in this country suffer from eating disorders and body image issues.

2084 days ago


Ginny, If you are jealous of a fat, horrible singer, you must look REALLY bad!

2084 days ago


Leave Jessica alone. You don't have to pay money to see her sing, so what do you care? Her fans will pay money. I'm not a fan, but I can't stand all you mean-spirited people who just know how to put people down oh so well. She's human and made a few mistakes, so kill her with your words. She's a young girl, very sweet, and not fat by any means, and has more money than most of you people on here. And she doesn't have to go away and crawl into a hole to please some of you people on this post. How many of you people screw up on your job??? Or are you perfect human beings..... Just ask TMZ, they screw up all the time.

2084 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Cry us a river, why dont you!
Please by all means continue with your babble..........

2084 days ago

Dr. Adams    

PEACE......(babble) Babbling (also called twaddling) is a stage in child language acquisition, during which an infant appears to be experimenting with uttering sounds of language, but not yet producing any recognizable words, which best describes you, retard.

2084 days ago


OK ! TMZ enough is enough !!! Time you got of Jessica's back !! Go find someone else to pick on for God sake . So she not the best singer in the world but compared to most of those other Supposed great singers you"re always hyping she just as good . As for her supposed weight gain. I wish I looked that good. I'm so sick of all those Hollywood pen-thin stick people you praise as glamerious I could croak. !! TMZ used to be kind of entertaining but lately it has turn into just a plain old freak show !!! with a very dirty mouth. that needs to be washed out. !! Try reporting something nice once and a while bet you can do it cause you have forgotten how to nice !!!

2084 days ago


8. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who thinks this girl is overweight has a serious issue. Leave her alone! There is not one person who doesn't have a bad at work... I think people are so rude about her. Give her a break and move onto something else already!!!

Posted at 2:02PM on Feb 6th 2009 by Amy


Jessica has spent many years trash talking other celebs. She deserves what she gets.

2084 days ago


Bad Bill Bo are crackin me up! And yes people, she is fat and we are not going to leave her alone. So shut your faces and quit demanding people do as you say, doorknobs.

2084 days ago

allen antrim    

Ease up on the poor girl--they use to shout out the lyrics to that 'over the rainbow' lady when she was drunk or stoned on stage and she was always popular.

2084 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Her weight isn't off.

Her career is totally off track now.

No job (recording contract).. but the drive thru's do see her regularly.

Size 8? Don't think so... More like size 14... stretch.

2084 days ago


If she gets any fatter, even her own daddy won't want to do her anymore!

2084 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Thank you really pisses me off when thses idiots look up to this no-talent has been that never was in the first place....I just wish that the tart would repay me all the concert cash that I'm out of....At least I can use her cd's as coasters at my next party....LOL

2084 days ago

She is rediculous    

wow tmz is sometimes funny but sometimes in-humane. I think the latter this time. Geez, shes alright, leave her alone. I can't figure if the people who blog here are just trying to sound like major douche bags or if they really are douch bags. It's makes me angry to see how mean people are....just to be mean. You all must be in bad shape to sink to a level of making fun of someone who is obviously struggling.

2084 days ago


If she was auditiong for American Idol, she would have already been kicked off the show. She constantly forgets her lyrics. Simpson is not a "professional" singer. Jessica find another career path.

2084 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Your poor Mom must be beside herself by now....

2084 days ago
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