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Simpson's Excuse -- I Had an Off Night

2/6/2009 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson is already explaining her reportedly bizarre, calamity-filled, lyric-forgetting performance in Michigan last night -- chalking the whole thing up to an "off night."

Her rep tells TMZ, "Jessica had an off night. She's a perfectionist and wanted to start some songs over. She always wants to give the best performance for her fans."

Jess' recent wave of bad press continued this morning when a Grand Rapids Press editor who attended the show claimed the singer forgot her lyrics, struggled with her ear monitors, mumbled through songs, fought back tears and asked her band to re-start a song.

At one point in the show, Simpson mouthed the words "I'm sorry" to the crowd.

FYI -- no apology has been issued for the years of the other shows she's done.


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Told ya so! SHUT THE HELL UP! OMG! Im first! YOU'RE SECOND. Idiot.

2082 days ago


She really is becoming like Britney Spears! Fat, can't sing and losing it mentally. Thank God she doesn't have any kids to abandon!

2082 days ago

Born Again...Amen    

She has no talent, and she's ditzy!!! I so wish Tony Romo would go back to the gorgeous and awesomly talented Carrie Underwood already...what are you thinking Tony! Carrie is so much more beautiful and together!!!!!!!

2082 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This is called "karma" Jessica.

You had a 3-way with Johnny Knoxville and Bam Magara while married to a guy who loved you. Then you dumped him because you were a bigger star. Well, "bigger" is the right word, for sure. But now, you only want to know the name of the girl Tony Romo banged in your bed.

What comes around goes around...

2082 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Prince Von A Hole
Cant you come up with anything else to say, you've made that statement'on "your grace'...put that brain to use......or could it be that you are from the same planet as Kane and Jessica...."Nod"????

2082 days ago


Factcheckbeforeyoupost......yeahhhhh, you a fatty. Bitter, much?

2082 days ago


I guess everyone on this site is perfect and has never had an off day & I guess everyone is beautiful as well and doesn't have to work at anything..............must be nice!

2082 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She finally realised her 15 minutes is over

2082 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Like so many of these DING BATS she has no talent. At some time they all come tumbling down.

Sad thing is even if they have no talent they still survive. Talent doesn’t mean much these days.

But she did know how to screw up Romero Romo.

2082 days ago

nira k    

Someone,... make this bitch go away already! Find her a trailer in some backwoods town where she can eat fried pork rinds to her hearts content. That way she will never have to remember any of those nasty old lyric, just the number of the fast food meal she likes best. Sooooooey!

2082 days ago


14. She's a 1st class loser. She dumped her first husband because he wasn't goo enough for her. She's a fame whore and will do anything to keep in the limelight. She's a diva who wants everything done for and she spends as much money as she can get her hands on. She thought she'd be the next Dolly Parton, what a laugh. She was supposed to be a christian girl who saved herself for her wedding night, she wouldn't even go for couseling it was beyound her. Nick Lachey has done so much better for himself. He's happy in his own skin. Jessica can't live normally because she doesn't know what it's like to be humble she just expects everything to work out for her. What goes around comes around and she's getting what she deserves!!!!
Posted at 2:13PM on Feb 6th 2009 by TORI

Tori, you got it right! She listened to daddy who thought she could do better than Nick. Her career went downhill so, viola, suddenly she becomes "country music" singer. She is not wanted in "country music" either. When will she get the message?

2082 days ago


ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE GET A LIFE it is so true what they say that those who say mean and cruel things about another have nothing better going on in their life and are unhappy that is why they have the need to put somone down. She is a young beautiful girl with many talents more talent than any of you out there and more beautiful inside and out than the rest of you HATERS. Why dont you try acting all normal and perfect infront of 100s and 1000s of people after reading all these stupid headlines that do nothing but bring you are a bunch of losers who need to learn to be happy because when you are happy you will be more sympathetic and more understanding and more human. Jessica you are a gorgeous girl with so much to offer all these people just want the life that you have and the fame and the heart that you keep being who you are and doing what you love and perform for the people that love you and support you. As for the rest of you I hope that God brings you happiness and peace and than maybe you will not be so cruel this is why the world is at war because people are so cruel and mean and have so much hatred.

2082 days ago

I love trash...    

OMG! Bad Bill Bo Baggins are you still on here trying to make your point? You have been at this ALL DAY! Get a JOB already! I think we all got the picture hate Jessica Sinpson and everyone on here who defends her. Are you done yet or can I check back in say maybe 5 hours to see you still pathetically pounding out the most insightful comments the world has ever seen? Gimme a break!

2082 days ago


WOW...her career really is in the toilet!

2082 days ago


Probably one of the most talented females of this you Jessy!

2082 days ago
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