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Jessica Simpson -- Unplugged and Unglued

2/7/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While trying to convince the world she's a country singer in Grand Rapids, MI last Thursday, Jessica Simpson made a fatal error -- no lip-synching!

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch!
Seen in this video from, nearly every song was a disaster while Simpson fought with her earpiece monitor, mumbled through most of her lyrics, and at one point talked through tears. On a brighter note, she didn't look fat!


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NOt FAT lol she looks like a beached whale come on now harvey you idiot

2081 days ago


She didn't look fat?!!? Then my eyes ARE SHOT!! I was going to write that at last I had proof that this woman HAS GAINED A TON OF WEIGHT; not only gained weight, but she looks like a common, fat, common, low-class, common, FAT girl one finds at...the dollar store! God in heaven! She's NOT FAT?!!? Are you serious?! What a lazy cow about her appearance and about her singing! It's a wonder they didn't all (concert-goers) ask for their money back! What a lazy, irresponsible cow! LOSE WEIGHT AND GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!!!

2081 days ago


damn jessica looking good, nice legz and boobs!!! the hell with her singing, she can get it!!!

2081 days ago

chitown lady    

She had a ,meltdown because she HAS NO TALENT....Who is she kidding...She is a typical TALENTLESS DUMB BLONDE
ONLY GOOD FOR TWO THINGS...SEX and ARM CANDY. but then she is getting fat so sex and arm candy might be out......Tony will dump her butt if she can t control herself and her weight. Like he does not need her as a dirtraction. When did she ever have a singing career. thats why she married Lachey......Even he woke up and divorced her stuipd self.

2080 days ago


I would just like to add this comment without any response, but why don't all you backstabbin people leave others alone...
they made something out of theirselves, what are you? a backstabber, do you get paid for that?
oh and by the i see you up on idon't think so...stop hatin..this country has enough and one less will do us a whole lot better.

2080 days ago


I think Jessica Simpson is just not herself lately. Her dress if frumpy. I don't think she is fat. I think she has lost care in what her personal appearance should look. She is not dressing right, and that is causing her to just look plain sloppy. There is nothing wrong with Jessica Simposon but the way she is putting her outfits together. She feels she doesn't look good, and therefore, is not performing good.

She just needs to come that hair and pull her cloths together. Come on, Jessica you sell know this is the problem.

2080 days ago

Julie from Québec    

I am not a "fan" per say of Jessica Simpson but when I look at thevideo I see a proportionnate person not a skinny one as she looked afew years ago. She looks healthy and it is a more realistic model forwomen than most celebrities. We should appreciate to see women like her, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet and others who are not starving themselves to the point of being just skin and bones. Also, good for you Tony if you appreciate her the way she is. Isn't it suppose to be that way when you love someone???

2080 days ago


Jessica was on TV this morning being interviewed by a CBS morning show on the east coast via satellite from Nashville where she was announcing the country music award nominees. She is definitely not fat. The women was absolutely gorgeous and is no more than a size 4. Her stylist recently told TMZ that Jessica is a size 2 to 4 and one of the reporters for TMZ said no way. Well yes way. The lady this morning live in Nshville was no more than a size 4 and looked fabulous. Jessica is a beautiful lady, with a hot boyfriend, a thriving business designing ladies shoes and handbags and a lovely voice. God bless her.

2079 days ago


is she preggers? she looks 20-30lbs heavier.... well either she is pregnant or chubby. but she isn't fat. i love jessica simpson. who cares if she messes up? she is human.. count how many times you have messed up on something. and if you were up there on stage don't you think you would mess up?

2078 days ago


Now days with money tight, I wouldnt want to pay the price of a concert ticket to see someone have a "rough week". She is paid a hell of a lot of money to allegedly sing. Rehersal would do her good. If one of us "regular joes " did our job like that we would definitely be in trouble at work, and no one would care if we were having a rough week or not . P.S. to Jess back away from the table now porkchop

2077 days ago
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