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Britney Will Tour With Kiddies

2/9/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears, K-fedIt's official... Britney Spears will go on tour -- for a price.

We've learned Jamie Spears and K-Fed have now both signed the document we told you about last week, which clears the path for Brit taking her kids on the road for her upcoming concert tour. What, you ask, is in it for Federline?? How bout $5,000 a week.

As we first reported, the way the deal goes is Jayden James and Sean Preston will follow Britney to three hubs -- New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Britney will commute back and forth from each hub during the tour. She's also renting houses in New Jersey and New Orleans for Kevin if he wants to come along for the ride. But K-Fed gets the $5,000 a week, whether he shows up or not.

But wait, there's more. We've learned the deal Jamie and K-Fed signed memorializes the custody arrangement they've all been following since last year. Britney gets the kids 3 days and nights a week, according to the new agreement, which will remain in effect after the tour is over. We're also told many weeks, Britney has the kids more than Kevin. So in effect it's 50/50 custody.

Score another victory for Brit's lawyer, Laura Wasser, who sealed the deal.


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KFED is a piece of crap! Like why does he need the money? He is a money hungry a-hole who has no talent. He needed Brit to get where he is right now. If it wasnt for her, no one would know who he was.
This whole thing is stupid. Poor Brit had this breakdown and its only a big issue because she is famous and always in the spotlight. Lots of young mothers or women in general have these meltdowns. Especially when dealing with piece of crap BOYS like KFED. She is gettting the help she needs. The custody should remain a 50/50 thing and NO ONE should get money for these kids. Put the money into a trust fund or something for them. You know this ugly loser is just spending the money he gets. He isnt even worthy of any of it. Stupid sperm donor. He doesnt care about the well being of his kids. He cares about the money and the fame....

2033 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Nobody really cares, one way or another......

2047 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Sure after she made sure she could bill a few hrs at some astronomical fee. Lawyers are the 3rd lowest form of life on the planet right above gossip columnists and Paparazzi.

2047 days ago


lol, what the hell does he get an additional $5k a week for????

2047 days ago


jackasses all...

2047 days ago

tuna marie    

britney and kevin are wastes of life, go the f away, douchbags.

2047 days ago


The least he could do is dance for that 5k. "just like a circus". Get it get it!

2047 days ago


So Kevin is using his kids as a tool for money. Yeah big surprise there. Someday his boys will know they were nothing more than a paycheck to him.

2047 days ago


is anyone surprised? Everyone knows he doesn't want to have those kids any more often than he has to

2047 days ago

snow white    

Now will the money stop to K Fed when this is all over? I sure and hell hope so. It should be 50/50 and no money exchanging hands. K Fed is all about the money and always was he is a party boy and she had a breakdown like so many child stars get over it people she is still there mother he there father but there should be no money be passed back and forth and he should get a real job so his sons know people don't take care of you you take care of yourself and family. This has just gone on way to long let it be over.

2047 days ago


Brit has to PAY to see her kids.....oh that's real nice...why do the courts continuously side with that FREE LOADER.....

2047 days ago


Britney is jealous because KFed's new honey is getting more time with her kids than she is. I guess she figures it's better to drag them around on tour than leave them at home. The girl is a headcase.

2047 days ago


I hope she doesn't flip out again and go crazy. I still say the kids need to broke pimp Federline, full time.

2047 days ago


KF is still such a sleeze! He's got around 15 more years he can sponge off Britney. I wonder what he'll do once the kids turn 18?

2047 days ago


I'm sure she doesn't care about the money, she gets her little boys back!

2047 days ago
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