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Brown's Rented Lambo -- $2,000-a-Day

2/9/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That ridiculously awesome piece of evidence sitting in a police impound lot is running Chris Brown a cool $2k-per-day.

Chris Brown

Chris rented the silver Lamborghini (in which he allegedly fought with Rihanna) from an exotic car boutique in L.A. called Platinum Motorsport -- and until he can get the car back to the business, Chris is gonna have to foot the bill.

Currently, the car is behind a chain-link fence with no official ETA on when it will be released.


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Okay...first things first - there are some CRAZY posts on this story all over the internet - some for attention, some racist, some attempting to be funny but just being in poor taste, etc...Second - there are still sooo many loopholes in this case that both their PR teams are probably eager to fill - Shaft covered pretty much everything I was thinking of. Third, with the slight (really slight) exception of Rihanna, both of these 'artists' are PRODUCT...yes, they're fun+accomplished R&B, but they're both still at the career stage of here; a situation this serious is unfortunately muddled when its made public, i.e., just a 'slap-on-the-wrist', and bolstered 'street cred' for their 'career' (its not my place to try and 'define' that concept when I haven't grown up in that environment). Before you know it, media hype will blur this horrific assault into a 'necessary incident for the development of the artists "persona" - oh GREAT - a new album concept. Everyone needs to keep a steady mind the next few months while (just like Britney) this DOMINATES (the disgusting truth of the industry) the entertainment blogosphere/airwaves/etc...[tween screams "but but...his album's so "fly" and its cover was so 'squeaky clean']......WAKE UP PEOPLE!

2051 days ago

Hugh Ghass    

Who the FLI ck is Chris Brown? And who cares what he does ?

2051 days ago

BIG E    

Settle down everyone...damn. Have any of you considered the fact that maybe since he doesn't live on the West Coast, he just rented one for while he was out there? He's just trying roll like he does when he's back home. Geez...

2051 days ago


Maybe he can get Obama to pay his court costs and fines with the "stimulus package."

2051 days ago


Maybe he can get the morally bankrupt Republican's (the ones that diddle and creep on the down low) to tell him everything is going to be o.k. and that everything he did was normal.

2051 days ago

Mr. Brown    

The reason he rented a Lamborghini 1. Major Award show. 2. I don't think CB lives in L.A. 3. Lamborghini's have a waiting list. Somtimes 1-3 years. ... You guy's remember that punked episode when they got OUTKAST... they rented a Maybach for the award show... they are extremely hard cars to obtain......

2051 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Then how would rhey have gotten yo mammy to the old folks home, you dim-whit!!!!!

2051 days ago


Whoa, money to burn! I'm thinking that will change for a while.
He's a Douche if he did hit a woman.

2051 days ago


Stop hatin'! The only reason he had to rent is because he's not from Cali! He's from the East coast, so it would be dumb to ship his Lambo to the west coast for a couple of days. If you think $2,000 a day on a rental is NOT ballin', then something is wrong with your head!


2051 days ago


That's cheap. I get a Bentley Arnage from Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car for $2,000 a day, and it's a much sweeter ride.

2051 days ago

Just Wait and C what happen    

I think people need to wait and see what happened. From what I heard that trick gave him an STD. What would you do? I will still buy a Chris Brown CD.

2050 days ago

brian fuerte    

I think chris brizzy is sleezy for beating down rhianna. Maybe she should go with jay or t.I.p

2050 days ago

brian fuerte    

I love them both let's pray for them but more for chris.I dated him in junior high. He was small

2050 days ago

Couponing Diva    

Glad to see that this failing economy is not failing HIM.

My God, that's sickening.

2050 days ago


That's what he gets for renting a Lamborghini. If he had an Enzo, he could smack an entirely higher class of bitches.

2050 days ago
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