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Chris and Rihanna -- Prelude to Arrest

2/9/2009 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna 30 minutes before he allegedly fought with her in this car.

Chris Brown And Rihanna
This shot was taken as the couple left Clive Davis' Grammy party in Beverly Hills just after midnight on Sunday morning.

One interesting thing -- they overshot their hotel by miles, ending up in Hancock Park, miles east of their West Hollywood hotel. We don't know where they were heading.


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Dionne H.    

Well if you notice Chris doesn't look too happy about something, he is very reserved like he has a lot on his mind and he seems to be agitated by something. He is clearly thinking about some bad stuff. While on the other hand Rihanna looks very happy and talking to other people. She seems very clueless to his behavior. I wonder what she did to get him so mad??? But that still gives him no right to hit anyone male or female.

2034 days ago


Chris Brown is a coward...I am so disappointed...I can't say I'm surprised though...I had heard that he would yell at her and try to control her....I dont believe this is the first time he has hit her....I believe that this is the first time he is cornered to admit it because she could not hide her bruises this time. It is unfortunate that a beautiful, successful, and young celebrity like our Rihanna should fall prey to such a coward.

I will never listen to his music again and I hope they never play it again.

Rihanna needs all the support she can get from us and that bastard deserves to be stripped of celebrity status and be put in jail. Maybe now his only friend is Ike Turner. What a jerk!!

2034 days ago


Ummmm.....I am wondering why this picture was taken around 30 minutes before they fought...just after midnight...when the article with his arrest docket says he was arrested at 18:30, that's 6:30 pm...there are a lot of hours unaccounted for....i'm just saying

2032 days ago


I'm not one to pay much attention to celebrity gossip or here say; however, this story has peeked my interest. It is so sad that this occurred no matter who it is. If this young man did this he should be tried and locked up immediately. I hope for his sake he is in jail right now. Little Boy Brown didn't you accompany Rihanna to Barbados on vacation recently? If you did you must be crazy! If you didn't you should have. You hit a Bajan woman "A Caribbean Queen"! Pray to God for protection. Rihanna; you are beautiful and quite talented. I wish I were there with you as a friend. I am a Caribbean Queen with an abusive past. Listen to me "you will be ridiculed by many even some of us, (Island peeps) but you hold your ground and do not protect your abuser, heal your heart instead". I came all the way from Montserrat to allow myself to be abused. That was then, this is now. I pity the next person that crosses me. Your track "Rehab" made me suspicious about your relationship. Incidently it was the first song I have ever downloaded! Listen to those words girl. Stay strong! We got you sis! BTW he looks disturbed in the photo like he could not wait to get you alone; it's ironic that so many of us noticed that. Young man we just elected a well educated man as our President. What a horrible message you have just sent to his two daughters as well as all the other young girls and women. Try to get better educated while you are locked up. What a disgrace. Way to go! "Gonna take a "Miracle to bring you back!"

2032 days ago


Everyone is jumping to conclusion and we did not get the full story yet. If you all read some of the blog sites Rihanna has been trying to house him for a while. He had a party and she barred some of the women on the guest list from coming. She was very jealous and sort of like a fatal attraction. I don't condone him hitting her but hey he had to defend himself. This world the way they put men and women in these different categories is crazy. Why should a man not hit a woman if the woman is all up in his face, hitting him, spitting on him or anything derogatory you mean to tell me that he is not to defend himself. Bullllllll. If you all had been reading if I am not mistaking did they not say that they had a car accident while fighting. So some of the injuries came from that. I believe so. Jay Z, Kanye and all of the others who threatened him was wrong. His mother should have stepped in long ago because Chris is only 19 and too young to be so serious. Rihanna if the story is true that she started the fight, well she got what the hell she deserved. Everybody is so quick to jump on the womans side but ladies you know how we can get in the heat of the moment, the lip service can be real serious. Besides we are talking about children, not adults. I hope that Chris can make a come back from this. She has just about ruined his career. When are these men going to learn from these chicks who has that possessive spirit about them. The truth is for sure going to come out. But in the future men need to stay away from women like her.

2031 days ago


i think that it is ashaim on both parts you have two very taleted artist and now they will never live this down. I don't think any women should have a man putting their hands on them at all. A real man would have walked away from the situation even if she did do something to him dont get me wrong i love chris but its just not right and i feel bad for them young people in the spot light

2030 days ago


Well, now we all know who the "unidentified female" was

2045 days ago


This is so sad, it appeared, they had EVERYTHING going for them !

2045 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Any man that hits a woman, is no man at all, they are spineless jelly
fish that in reality have homosexual tendencies and an underlying
hatred for women, There are no racial boundaries on
this matter it happens with all races, (black, white,
doesn't matter, you idiot)...These spineless jelly fish, are 91.3%
undercover homosexual's who have had a homosexual encounter in the
past, present or even thinking of having one in the near
future....Given an encounter with a real "man"...they would leave
skid marks in they're boxer's or briefs

2045 days ago


so sad

2045 days ago


Harvey; I'm currently working and living in Texas, however, I would consider relocating to the Los Angeles area to become TMZ's official "Proof Reader". You obviously need one since apparently no one checks their work before they click "publish"!

2045 days ago

Lil Momma    

What a beautiful couple. Hopefully they can rebuild and move on and work it out. I can only imagine what they feel right now. Complete embarassment!

2045 days ago


They were going to a pubic park for Chris Brown to pick up some guys, obviously. Gay and angry is no way to go through life.

2045 days ago


sounds like Chris was looking for some funny pills to make the 'ceremony' more interesting...otherwise, he got lost and his woman got b*tchslapped for asking him over and over again to ask for directions...

2045 days ago
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