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Jodie Sweetin

From Separation to Divorce

2/9/2009 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209_sweetin_tmz-1She's stood what she can stand ... but Jodie Sweetin' can't stand her husband anymore -- 'cause now the "Full House" star is pulling the trigger on her marriage.

Lawyers for former star/meth addict Jodie Sweetin filed a motion today to change her separation to a full-out divorce from hubby, Cody Herpin.

Both sides were in court today as part of their infamously bitter custody battle -- they each submitted clean drug tests to the court. The two sides are also debating over whether or not proceedings should be open to the public -- she wants it private, he does not.

Sweetin filed for separation back in November. In December, a judge ruled she is not allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision.


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JODI is NOT the problem & yes while she has HAD some drug problems in the PAST - she is clean now & trying to get her life together - the problem is her piece of crap husband - he should have his ass stomped & lose all rights to thier kid, just as he tried to do with JODI - for me I personally hope all works out for her & she can get a decent gig OR show again & rub that bastards face in it

2079 days ago


#2 - when are you going to learn?


2079 days ago

Triple Play    


2079 days ago

Geez Louise    

Look at little jodis friends commenting on her sorry behalf. So linda and sweetinfan you are basically like the odds of beating meth, 2 out of a thousand. Maybe it's because idiots like you, that keep commenting on her behalf is why he is wanting this to be public. Maybe he wants the truth to come out for everyone to see since there are morons out there, like you, that believe her bs. Ever think of that one? So keep running your dumb ass mouths about how the chick that smokes crack and drinks and drives with her kid in the car, that can't stay sober long enough for this court case to go through is a great role model and a perfect mother. About how she can work again and blah blah blah..... Wait what do you have on him again? He didn't work, was that it? I rather have a lazy dad that loves me and will do anything for me then some crack head mom sucking dk in the other room trying to get the next fix. I pray she does not get custody just for the sake of that poor child. She's already going to get teased about her crack head mom. I say 6 months max and this trashy, has been, No talent having girl is pregnant again and this child gets passed to the dad.

2079 days ago

Carrys F.    

Geez Louise I don't think you read my post very carefully because I said nothing of the sort in my post. Furthermore, I really don't care about your opinion but thank you for your objective comments.

2079 days ago


Did people who posted not read the full article? They both submitted CLEAN drug tests. She wants private proceedings and he does not. She's finally got life cleaned up, and a beautiful baby, good for her for getting rid of the Kevin Federline wanna be. What I don't understand is why her visitations have to be supervised yet. His things for getting full custody was that she was back on the drugs. Since she submitted a clean test, it doesn't make sense of why the judge hasn't overturned the ruling.

2079 days ago

Geez Louise    

Admit she's hot, ummmmmmmm NOPE! Who are you looking at???? Look into it they didn't show drug test today people all they did was reschedule there court date. You guys make up some crazy things. Linda when you fell what did you bump your head on? When you leave a comment you get commented on, I agree with geez! She's gross! She looks like she is going to make some crack head an unlucky guy some day!

2079 days ago


What a great decision to have a child together. I'm sure they're both wonderful parents in spite of their personality and addiction problems!

2079 days ago


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2078 days ago

Geez Louise    

She submitted a 72hr urine test, he submitted a year and a half hair follicle. Anyone by 13 yrs of age knows how to pass a piss test WOW, she's sober for 3 days, Yikes! Oh believe he wants an open courtroom case this way everyone can see exactly what a bad mom she is and what poor decisions she makes about her own safety and well being. Do you honestly think he's told everything? Why don't you think she wants the case open to the public? Her actions in their relationship prove what damage she can cause to their infant. Also I'm sure he wants to clear the air about the slander she has written about him in her exclusive interviews. Oh to the idiot jay
. I love how the one famous person (the guy) is the one that doesnt want the preceedings to be private. Someone is looking to start up his own movie career off of her fate.
The guy is not the famous one and her actions made her own fate. Do you know about the 12 step program do you know what it means to be accountable for your actions? Of course you don't! She's been making her fate her whole life as well as everyone in the world has. She wants it closed so everyone doesn't know her dirty ass business. I am a very good friend of cody's and he has changed a lot since his marriage and his daughters birth. Things she did to him and their daughter can never be forgiven and will never be forgot. Being close to both of them and being there for a lot of the marriage I can honestly say this girl is trash and should never be allowed to be alone with their daughter with out being monitored. I hope someday she can change and not be so dependent on a ton of yes men she surrounds herself with.I pray that in time she can grow up and make decisions for herself and make the appropriate ones at that. With that sad I can't wait to see the look on all her friends and people she lied to about him and about her actions and what really happened, when they see and hear the truth. She wants this case to be private just so she can put it in her lame book that will never sell, good luck with that hunk of crap, I'd rather read a 9th grade science book, then to read about a 28 year old baby. Poor me!

2078 days ago


To Linda & the one sweetin fan., You have a few facts backwords. You want the media to hear your story if you are telling the truth. If you are lying, you want a closed court. Why do you think Jodie refused a hair follicle test & only took a urine test? Her husband took a hair folicle test not a 72 hour urine test that she learned how to pass when she was 13. There is a babyz life at stake. She needs to start telling the truth because it will come out eventually.

2076 days ago


Hey Jodie's friends & fan, Use your head!! She is playing you, her daugher & her parents. Who is the sef proclaimed meth addict & alcoholic? Who is selling her autobiography? Who is telling all? Isn't it funny that she left her husband right after she signed the book deal? I'm pretty sure that is one of the reasons she left him but she is such an air head she doesn't realize that she's not the one that's gonna get the money. The attorneys will... dah She sold you all out & you're letting her... What does it take for you to wake up? We'll see how you feel after you've read her bookt because you are the only ones that will buy it.

2076 days ago
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