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Rihanna/Chris Brown -- No Weapon

2/9/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna, Chris BrownLaw enforcement sources tell us even though the police report in the Chris Brown arrest refers to assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.

The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 -- Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we're told there was no weapon involved.

We had been hearing there was an umbrella in the car -- which would have been the most ironic thing ever -- but again... no weapon is alleged. By the way, a persons foot or other body part can be considered a deadly weapon depending on the circumstances.

One law enforcement source who has been dead-on so far claims Rihanna suffered contusions and bite marks.

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Lord Xenu    

To be fair to Chris, she did say to him BITE ME !!!

2027 days ago


Lovely example for the youth of America, who possibly look up to these two performers (although I think I've only heard one of her songs one time and I have no idea who he is).

2027 days ago


TMZ, maybe if you'd wait a freaking second to CONFIRM something, maybe you wouldn't have to post things like this! Stop trying to scoop everyone! What's the rush to judgement? If memory serves, Harvey is a lawyer, so all parties are innocent until proven guilty.

Stop baiting everyone.

2027 days ago

major nonsense vs general stupidity    

I don't care who started what, you don't hit a woman!! Go punch a wall or something instead, JackAss!! I hate how some peoples comments say Rhianna "actually deserved" it. No woman actually deserves to be hit by a man, unless he was fighting a big girl, like Queen Latifah or somethin'. (Kidding) No, but for real, he's a pus*y! Sounds like she fought back like Tina Turner did (Tina Turner movie w/ Angela Bassett), in that Limo Scene, against Ike! She better wake up!!!!

2027 days ago

Obama is Gay    

Yep place the blame on George Bush

2027 days ago


I think Rihanna is so pretty that Chris Brown hit her so that they look the same.

2027 days ago


So Chris may not get prison time. Just 2 years of Probation.

2027 days ago


#33 is a RETARD! Rihanna is not possesive-chris brown is just whoreish and a male slut!All he did is cheat on RiRi and dog her out.The same way men mistreated his mom!You sound stupid.He must have abused rihanna pretty bad for her to be admitted into the hospital-u moron!You don't defend yourself from a woman by beating her in her face and biting her-wtf!Chris brown is a fool.He had the baddest chic in the game who can have any man she wants-and he BLEW it!He's up $hit creek now and I hope some guy pounds his face and puts him in the hospital.What goes around-comes a round! Now everyone knows he's a COWARD that beats on women and then RUNS before the cops arrive!You have to be pretty STUPID with NO SELF ESTEEM-to defend a woman beater!Rihanna we love you and pray for your speedy recovery!You still the BEST!Chris sleazy is a male whore who beats on women!He's just like the guys that beat on his mom and mistreated her! No excuse for this!

2027 days ago


There is no reason why Chris should be hittin a woman n e way. If he felt like he wanted to hit her he should have left cuz he put on quite a show and he needs to take a bow.

2027 days ago


i dunno... bite marks? lol I agree with the whole good sex gone bad

2027 days ago


i really don't think he made it!! She is very jalous but ... i mean ... NOo he didn't make it that is absolutly unbelievable!!
He can't do that Somebody has eventing all that just stop his carrer or something like that, He didn't make it ( I hope ) I can't believe iiiit !!!!!!!!!!! _ _"
( I'm french so, i'm sorry if i made some mistakes and i hope you'll understand what i wanted to say guys) ++

2027 days ago


Meet the new Ike Turner.

2027 days ago


i love youguys i watch your show everyday i love the guy wuth the curly hair to

2027 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Maybe Chris Brown is a Klingon? They bite during sex - alot. Maybe he was just auditioning for the next Star Trek movie?

2027 days ago


Jay Z was going to cancel to be with Rhiana last night but Beyonce yelled at him not to go.

Beyonce is such a ho bag. She is just mad that Jay Z had a Fling with Rhiana and secretly wants to be married to her

2027 days ago
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