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Kim K: Backhanded Compliment

2/10/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's gonna take more than one hand to cover up Kim Kardashian's best asset.

If you've got it, flaunt it.


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LOL It looks like she has a friggin hand coming out of her butt. Here let me give you a hand.

2025 days ago

Joe Black    

Why is this fat ass trying to cover it up today? Every other day she's showing it off!!!!!! She'll never be famous or known for anything other than a sex tape & a fat ass!!!!!!!!

2025 days ago


LOL! I can't say I'm surprised that you people on this site think that big butts are gross. I'm not going to say what I'm really thinking, but that should sum it up in a nice way. No REAL man wants a woman with a flat ass! But then again, we need more of you people who like those GEICO GECKO-built women! (Women that are built like that lizard. Picture the lizard with low-riding jeans and a halter top on...with a pierced naval! HORRIBLE!) You can have your flat-ass women -- less competition for me! Kim K. is HOT!

For the rest of you...Enjoy sippin your Starbucks coffee while looking at stick-figure women chewing lettuce!

2025 days ago


Kim has an amazing body and a sultry look that is very sexy. She seems built for sex. I realize that she won’t age well but for now, she’s a Disneyland major double ticket ride. I’d rather have her once than a dozen of those Hollywood skinny chicks with boob jobs. She gets major points for realizing that she’s built for sex. And as her movies show, all areas of her playground are available for engagement in recreation.

2025 days ago


sad the the public has made something as ugly as a fat ass famous...there is no way that butt on anyone else would be considered attractive..she has a pretty face but her body sucks. her butt is to big and it just isn't attractive.

2025 days ago


I agree with differences! Kim is a beautiful lady with everything in the right place. I'm a chick n I'm not funny but I'm also not a hater. Girlfriend got it goin' on! Every time I see her dressed up in pics and on TV she wears it well and takes beautiful pics. Who cares if she made a f'n flick, most of u on here have either made one or watched one so whatever...shes human! Keep doin' ya thang Kim! You are beautiful and have much style n class! Luv the myspace page n pics....F all the haters! Most men like a woman with an azz so they got a lil somethin to grab on! Who would want a flat booty??? I like a lil azz on my man so I know men should want a juicy booty on a woman too!

2025 days ago


Kim looks like she has the worse shape. I have always seen her in dresses and she looks better. Not everyone can pass off on skin tights and pants perios. I think she's just wide and that is something some guys like. She is a very pretty girl. Kinda reminds me of Beyonce in that pic from the back.

2025 days ago

Me oh My    

Kimmie is a pretty women but after that she doesnt have much to offer. I mean beauty comes a dime a dozen in Hollywood. What's wrong with her ass it looks kinda of deformed, doesnt look like she has her butt pads on. In general ppl lose a lot of respect for Kim because she is not consistent. one day she has her butt pads the next day she doesnt, one day she hasnt made a sex tape, the next day she has. She is such a horrible liar and she's a dumber than she realizes. She's no Jlo, no Paris, just plain dumb.

2024 days ago
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