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Offered $25k to

Blaze It Up

2/10/2009 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps might have a way to get back some of that serious endorsement cash he's losing from that bong smoking scandal -- and all he's gotta do is switch up his smoking device.

Smokey McSpeedo's "extracurricular activities" have perked the interest of a Gurkha Cigars, who just offered Phelps a cool $25,000 to be their official "smokesperson."

In a letter to Phelps, Gurkha said, "We would like to provide you with the opportunity to do what you do best - smoke and swim. And while we can't help you with your swimming skills, we can definitely offer you the best of the best when it comes to the cigar world."

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No Avatar


he'd be stupid if he took that deal......lol

2082 days ago


How utterly embarrassing ... a SWIMMER to promote a nicotine addiction?? ooouuuuuch.

Lungs are a PRIMARY function in swimming... it's bad enough to breathe our already poluted air,..but to intentionally add directly to that? I'm sure Mr. Phelps will probably turn this deal down. Truly not in his best interest as an Olympic swimmer.

2082 days ago


Truly not in his best interest as an Olympic swimmer.

2082 days ago


LMAO! This is funny and this cigar company should come better with the endorsement money. Phelps gets MILLIONS of dollars for his endorsements so I doubt he would further ruin his image for a few thousand dollars.

2082 days ago


Wow you people are naive, this is free publicity for the cigar company (thanks TMZ), not a serious sponsorship offer

2082 days ago


What a shock, the guy's a pothead. That just explains his reasons for looking like some retarded Ogre. Michael Phelps is a GREAT example that females will go after any retard who has bling regardless of how retarded looking he is.

2082 days ago


Smoking and physical activity don't mix! Those poor lungs! Phelps would have to be crazy to do this.

2082 days ago


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2082 days ago


OOOOH, WOW...a whole $25,000...I'm sure that'd make it feel like all of his troubles were behind him. Now he can afford the used Hyundai he's always dreamed of.

2082 days ago

biologist at large    

@ 1 & 7-
You don't inhale cigar smoke, it's too harsh. Absorption is via oral mucous membranes, sometimes (rarely) nasal. Nicotine addiction is seldom a factor with cigar smokers. It's something typically done sparingly, not compulsively like cigarette smoking. Many pro-athletes are cigar fans. Probably not so much with Olympic Athletes, because it's an expensive social behavior. Most Olympic athletes don't have the $$ or the need to show off like Pro's. While I wouldn't condone it for minors because of the cancer risk- the guy has the right to do what he wants with his body. If he's no longer the good-boy of sports according to sponsors because he took a toke, maybe this is where he needs to go. I am disappointed with Gurkhas lowball offer. For the cigarmaker to the Sultan of Brunai, I think 25k a year is pretty chinsy.

2082 days ago


HIGH TIMES should be calling!

2081 days ago


Oh yeah, and smoking cigars is just sooooooo much healthier than smoking a bong - especially for a world class athlete. We'll see how money hungry Phelps may be if he jumps at the endorsement.

2081 days ago


biologist-at-large: Thank you for setting this straight, everyone seems to think that cigars give people lung cancer.. I don't know how many people I've had to break it to that you DON'T INHALE CIGAR SMOKE.. at least it's not intended for that. That stuff'll rip you up.

2081 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

$25,000? Lame. Michael Phelps is worth more than that!

2081 days ago


Cigars will kill you Mike. Stick to smoking the bud.

2081 days ago
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