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Best In Show

2/11/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 133rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show brought the cutest canines to NY. Check out these pampered pooches.

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2024 days ago


#1- you are a freak. Did you even WATCH the show???? I did. Stump is a BEAUTIFUL dog who almost died 5 yrs ago. Why dont you get a life? Oops, Im sorry... You're jealous of the dog- he has more of a life than you do!

2024 days ago


I almost died when I saw that I WON!.

2024 days ago


#2, I watched the show the first night instead of Obama's speech. I loved the dogs and hearing the people cheer, very uplifting!

2024 days ago



2024 days ago


I'd hit that.

2024 days ago


Awwwwww pretty pooches :)

2024 days ago

Big E    

Who cares about a 10 year old dog winning a show? Show me a 70 year old woman winning a bikini contest and I'm interested!

2024 days ago


#4, Lucy:
I completely agree with you! What a nice change! Watching beautiful animals instead of listening to how bad our economy, country, world, etc. is! And for all of you ignorant, immature posters: The dog, Stump, is the oldest dog in the history of the Westminster dog show to ever win 1st in show. That is a TRUE accomplishment, unlike posting stupid remarks that you think detract from your own lack of accomplishments in your pathetic lives. Instead of trying to demean what this dog and his owner have accomplished, by posting tasteless, crude comments, why not sign up for an english/language arts class? Especially #1- it is spelled MUTT, not MUT. Idiot.

2024 days ago


#s 6 & 9: GROW UP
# 10: If you were paying attention, the dog is not judged on how cute he/she is- the dog is judged on his/her form, body, stance, etc, I agree that Uno is very cute and has personality. As is Stump. Jealous much?

2024 days ago


STUMP is a beautiful dog and very lucky to be alive. Several years ago,he spent 19 days at Texas A & M recovering from an illness.
He was retired from showing for 5 years and came out of retirement just a few weeks ago to do Westminister. All these dogs are champions, and all are beautiful.

To all you haters, remember DOG spelled backwards is GOD !!!!!

2024 days ago


These dog shows are all paid for with puppy mill blood money

Puppy mill registrations are the biggest income for the AKC.

The AKC is built on cruelty to dogs

Look up "akc puppy mills" on google.

The AKC is a fraud

2024 days ago


The maltese are the best!!!!

2024 days ago


#14 you are absolutely right! The AKC has done more to harm dogs than help them. I shudder each time a new breed is recognized by them. They will paper any 2 dogs of the same breed no matter how badly bred they are, how many bad genes are passed along in the breeding. They have been known to paper dogs that don't even exist. Backyard breeders are also primarily guilty of the same thing. Anytime a movie showcasing a dog is shown, all the backyard breeders are anxious to get bucks by breeding that particular breed.
Puppy mills are so popular because they are the only ones that can supply the pet stores with the amount of dogs they require to make their customers happy, even though these customers have no clue as to what they're getting. It's the public that must be educated to the horrific things that go on in the name of puppy love, both at the puppy mill and at the pet store also.
Any breed the public is looking for is available to be rescued. Go into and answer the questions asked and you will be connected to the shelter and/or rescue groups near you that has the kind of dog you're looking for.

2024 days ago

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