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Chris Brown

Dumped on Valentine's Day

2/11/2009 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems nobody wants to spend Valentine's Day with Chris Brown -- 'cause dude just got the boot from a party he was supposed to host that night.

Chris Brown

Brown was set to host two separate parties in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend for the NBA All-Star festivities -- "was" being the key word -- because Brown was just officially replaced with rapper Nelly.


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i support him.. i left comments at his support page @ Hope everyone else shares comments, advice, and support at this site...

Dont ban his music

2066 days ago


Not like he'd be able to show anyway, what an ass hole.

2081 days ago



2081 days ago


i would not show up in any gathering these days if i were him.

2081 days ago


Lets see, woman beater vs child molester...PASS either way. Rock city must be full to capacity, they just keep crawling out non stop.

2081 days ago


I don't see Chris Brown coming back from this...I mean, I can see him doing DON'T BEATUP ON WOMAN plugs...but
honestly??? who's going to accept him in this industry again? My daughter is 8 years old, and she LOVES RHIANNA AND CHRIS as a couple... She saw the coverage on the news, and she was so sad, she can he hit her beautiful face? why would he do that? I think we are ALL SHOCKED at this news, but if you really stop and think of it? THIS CRAP HAS BEEN GOING ON BETWEEN THEM FOR A WHILE! you don't just one day, beat the flippin' dayz out of someone, and that be the first time ever they actually had an fight or arguement...I THINK THAT THERE IS WAAAAAY MORE TO THE STORY, and THIS was NOT the first time these two have come to blows! hummm..... I can't wait for the full story!

2081 days ago


Poor punk baby... when it rains it pours and you lost your Umbrella ella ella, eh eh eh

lol punk

2081 days ago

Democrats are evil    

What a man. Likes to hit women with his fist. But don't we all know that there are always a flock of loser women out there who are willing to take an occasional beating for the privilege of being his girl. Rihanna must be one of those ho's. I mean wouldn't any normal human look at his tattoos and figure out that peaceful men don't use their body as a gang billboard the way this waste of life does. I have no sympathy for either of them. As a matter of fact, if she was so stupid not to see this coming, then someone should tell her to expect this to happen again and again and again. Because dumb broads like this never learn.

2081 days ago


Can't fault that place for cancelling. It would look bad for them to promote someone that's under suspicion of beating his girlfriend.

2081 days ago



2081 days ago


What he did was wrong, period. No one has the right to put their hands on anyone. What is so shocking is that people are actually trying to justify his actions. The first thing they want to do is try to question the character of the victim as if they are some how deserving of the abuse. People are so sure that it is because the individual either sleeping around or provoked the attacker in some other way. The fact is that she is no more of a "ho" than he is and sometimes the only provocation necessary is disagreeing with someone or God forbid even existing. He comes from a family situation that included domestic violence and he has become the very person he hates the most (his stepfather). He knows what he did was wrong because he felt that his stepfather's actions were wrong. He could have simply chosen to walk away, but because he did not he will have to face the consequences. He needs to get help, because this is not something you just stop doing.

2081 days ago


Chris Brown is a fool. I had a question for the TMZ community. I am a single girl traveling to NYC for the first time, any recommendations?

2081 days ago


Totally agree, CB is a total FOOL. As for traveling to NYC, since you are a girl. I would recommend a) to be careful and b) to check out a site called Girls Guide to the World before you go. It has some totally awesome info on different cities around the world. Check it out,

2081 days ago



2081 days ago


There are consequences for your screwups. Period.

2081 days ago
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