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Rihanna Rocks Out Before Alleged Attack

2/11/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The night before she was allegedly assaulted after discovering a text message from another woman on Chris Brown's phone, Rihanna performed -- ironically -- at a Verizon & BlackBerry party.

Rihanna: Click to watch
This energetic performance would be her last before the attack.


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You guys are ALL F***ed!!!!!!! You all make me sick! A man or should i say BOY that places their hands on a women definately was NOT raised right, probably abused as a child themselves or witnessed their wife-beating fathers place their dirty hands on their mothers! Anyone that thinks its okay for a man to physically hurt a women should go talk to a psychiatrice NOW before you end up being the next blogue to write about!

2073 days ago


Every time I hear a Chris Brown song singing about love and happiness, I will remember the beating he gave Rihanna. Every song he sings will never have the same meaning again from the point he hit Rihanna.
Rihanna, are you stupid or what?? what are you thinking taking this bully back?? Love shouldn't hurt and it doesn't leave any bruises!!! Think about it.

2060 days ago


am i 1st?

2082 days ago


yay i was 1st but i can watch the video my computer wont let me ....

2082 days ago


whats up with these idiots that post that thier first ? do they win a prize or something ? makes you wonder...

2082 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Who is the person in this film? Is it a boy or a girl?

Oh, I get it... it's Pat from Saturday Night Live.

2082 days ago


I hope she is as strong as I think she that she can bounce back on her feet and move on with her career. Sh*t happens Rih and that sh*t I am referring to is Chris Brown! Pick them wisely next time Rih.

2082 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Forget Chris Brown clown, come to Fresno and let ME put it down.

Holla at me, Rihanna.
Let me hit it. Long and strong.

2082 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Rihanna is a big person. Maybe Chris Brown needed to defend himself. Poor Chris Brown, he's such a victim. Wait a minute, Rihanna is the victim too! Oh, how sad. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

2082 days ago

Fed Up    

Julius Erving III, son of the legendary Dr. Jay, too is a WOMAN BEATER….I know personally and I’m fed up with these so called celebrities especially, who get away with things because of who they think they are.

They all need to be exposed and their careers ruined because they portray a certain image for the public than they do behind closed doors. When no one is watching he loves to give his girlfriend black eyes.

2082 days ago

Read a book!    

We all know she got physically abused but you douche bags are making it seem like she got killed in the "This energetic performance would be her last before the attack"......You guys are retards and need to quit making this out to be like its never happened with hollywood stars before. They don't live in a perfect one does but people like Chris need to be put in jail and need years of therapy.

2082 days ago


There is never any excuse for violence but like Carolyn Bessett, caught on camera kicking and punching JFK in Central Park, females often get physical too, something that many of them live to regret. Why the rush to lynch Chris Brown? It sounds as if both, Chris and Rihanna, need not simply support but professional help.

One thing is clear, Rihanna's PR trumps Chris'. Look at the spin.

2082 days ago


Am I the only one who notice Rhianna's horrible lip synching job? The microphone wasn't even near her mouth half the time one stopped the music to let her sing. God...she is like the black Britney Spears. Crappy voice, crappy life, nice body.

2082 days ago


Peace and Blessings,

This looks to be a bad situation all the way around - for Chris and R. I don't know what the start was - but we all know how it finished, It finished with R being beat up and that is not a good thing - at all.

There are many lesons to be learned from this.

For Chris - Learn to control your temper and learn when to walk away.

For R - Learn to stay away from violence proned men and learn to not assist madness, and learn to stay way from some one who abuses you - mentally, emotionally or physically.

And my 0ld school lessons say to R - learn to be in an open space and not be pinned in when you feel at risk so that
you can RUN AWAY or beat that a** when they come at you crazy!!!

No one deserves a beating,,, I don't care who did what.

2082 days ago

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