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Lakers Legend Claims Clippers Steered by Racist

2/12/2009 3:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elgin BaylorFormer legendary L.A. Laker Elgin Baylor has just filed a lawsuit against the L.A. Clippers and the NBA, claiming he's the victim of rampant racial discrimination.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Baylor -- who was unceremoniously dismissed as VP and General Manager last October -- claims the team has "egregious salary disparities" based on race. Baylor claims he was told to "induce African American players to join the Clippers, despite the Clippers' reputation of being unwilling to fairly treat and compensate African American players." Baylor says the owner, Donald Sterling, has a "pervasive and ongoing racist attitude."

Baylor cites the case of NBA player Danny Manning, where Sterling allegedly said, "I'm offering a lot of money for a poor Black kid." The suit claims Sterling repeatedly referred to the team as "poor Black kids" and "he wanted a White coach directing the Clippers." Sterling is being sued as well.

Baylor says he personally got stiffed, only being paid $350,000 a year since 2003, when a "Caucasian head coach was given a 4 year, 22 million dollar contract."

Here's the best part. The suit says, "At all relevant times mentioned here, Mr. Baylor was an African American male over the age of 40."

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About a year ago i tried leasing an apartment in one of his many buildings in L.A.
I was told all were already sold. I was very suspicious so i had my white friend call
and see if any apartments were open for lease and they said YES!!!
I'm mexican, my friend is white, you do the math. When you call they always
ask for your race.

2088 days ago


sorry number 11,I wont rent to blacks or mexican because thier nasty and dont like to pay on times so I stick to whites and never have a problem!

2088 days ago



2088 days ago


I forgot to add number 12....I hope your trailer park gets blown away....trailer park trash!!!

2088 days ago


Yes Number 11 if you were a property owner and made investments in that property you would be leery too of who and what you would rent to---do the math than get back to us. Or do you really believe your "liberal love everybody" nonsense along the lines of everybody else too loving your property and will want to take care of it? When its your money and sweat equity you look at things differently...and thats where you learn to be prejudice based on experience, being ripped and learning some folks just dont care about other folks...

sorry...I didnt make the rules. Just trying to protect our investments. If you want to love everyone else, dont own property...right now gold and platinum are easy to own and dont involve saying no to others. Than you can make money and still live in make believe land about everyone else of your own race respecting your property.

2088 days ago


I didnt know there were any white people left in LA number 11. We keep getting told they all left because the minorities are killing each other, robbing everyone, and not paying any taxes and now the whole State is broke. Do you know of any white people still living in LA that have jobs, pay taxes and havent been robbed or killed yet?

LA died as we once knew it about 2 decades ago. Let La Raza have it back now. If the Bloods and C's will let them. Governator was a funny idea to elect, but not so funny now that your State is bankrupt.

2088 days ago


The Clippers should sue Elgin Baylor for being the worst GM in history and assembling a crap team year after year.

2088 days ago

Black Man    

I am a BLACK man that works for Donald Sterling. I'm paid well, treated fairly, complimented for my great work ethic (because I am damn good at what I do) and it never goes unrecognized. I was hearing that Elgin was just LAZY and takes too many vacations. In my opinion, this is not a race issue it is an issue of Elgin not bringing anything to the table. Everyone is so "sue happy" with Sterling because of a previous law suit filed against him at one of his properties. Now, everyone tries to make a bunch of crap up and use the "race card" to try to get money out of the man. If Elgin had such an issue with Sterling why the hell did he wait so long to do something about it? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

To the dude that commented on how they don't rent apartments cuz of his race, that is BS! Donald himself and his wife, (who is a sweetheart) strictly enforces "Fair Housing" at each one of his properties. I WOULD KNOW! There is absolutely no great conspiracy against blacks. That is ridiculous! We only have issues with people who don't pay their rent on time or who cause disturbances towards the other tenants, no matter what race they are! PERIOD.

Being a black man, I have been treated unfairly by previous employers and I know first hand what it is like. That is NOT the case with Sterling. I have never had any issues with him personally. Nothing but pleasant encounters.

2088 days ago


It mentions that "at all relevant times he is African American over the age of 40" because you have to be over the age of 40 to claim an age discrimination suit.

2088 days ago


LMAO! The NBA is like what.....90% black and he's claiming racial discrimination? Right. Unless his former employers were suggesting he shut his trap with some fried chicken or a piece of watermelon...he's got no case...

2088 days ago


See what happens! Miley Cyrus is sued by an idiot who just wants to sue anything for a fast buck and now we get copycat sue me this and sue me that going on.

2088 days ago


TMZ, you need new lawyers.

The 'best part' of the story is actually something that is required by law. Otherwise the complain will not plead enough facts and the case will be dismissed for failure to state a cause of action (because all of the relevant facts weren't pled).

2088 days ago

big joe    

stop already w/ this.

2088 days ago


What do you call a brother in a courtroom in a 3 piece suit?
The defendant.

2087 days ago


#18 "Black Man" ????

I'd be more convinced if you had said you knew Mr. Baylor and/or worked with him at your job. But no! You tell us that you "hear" that he is LAZY and "takes too many vacations". Hmmph! If you don't know him then just stop with the character assassination, because frankly you are bringing nothing of value to this discussion.

I seriously doubt that you are what you pretend to be...."A Black Man". If you were, you wuldn't hide behind your anonimity and would stand up for the truth of what you are saying.

Any Lessor who rejects prospective tenants on the basis of a 8x10 photo is a racist bigot who has no respect for the laws we all operate under. Enuf said.

2087 days ago
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